An Overview of Eagle’s Wings Online Slot Game

June 22nd, 2011  |  Published in Inrodution

Launched by Microgaming, Eagle’s Wings slot game is a visually appealing masterpiece. The game begins with an introductory clip that displays the flight of an eagle over snow capped mountains, coniferous forests and reflective lakes. The clip ends with a close up of the eagle. An underlying theme is the eagle’s relationship with nature and American Indians.

Important Symbols

There are two important eagle symbols in the game: a close up of the bird and the bird in flight. Other thematic symbols include eagle’s fledgling from their nest and the salmon symbol. Additionally, there are high value characters in the game from Ace to Jack; each of which carries an eagle wing feather in an Indian head dress style. The wild symbol is the Eagle’s Wings logo and the Lucky Eagle Coin is the scatter symbol.

Beautiful Animations

The animations continue throughout the game after the introductory clip. One incredible animation is when the flying eagle swoops down to the river and grabs a salmon in its claws. Also, salmon jump out of the lake at the base of a snow capped mountain. Throughout the game, the background music is inspiring and maintains consistent with the pride of the eagle.

Advantages of the Game

Eagle’s Wings has a variety of benefits for the player. First, the game allows for the stacking of wild symbols. The wild icon substitutes for all other symbols excluding the scatter character. Also, the Eagle’s Wing logo doubles payouts during a winning combination. A stack of three wild symbols across the first or second reel can lead to large payouts.

Second, the free spins bonus round offers a maximum of 60 free spins. The round can be triggered by three or more Lucky Eagle Coins anywhere on the reels. Players must select the coins to determine the number of free spins to be awarded. All payouts are three times the amount displayed in the payout table and winnings are capped at 15,000 coins.

Disadvantages of the Game

On the downside, there are two minor limitations to the game. First, Eagle’ Wings does not feature a progressive jackpot like most other online slot games. Second, the fixed jackpot payouts are low. However, this is balanced by the bonus rounds with large payouts. These two disadvantages are minor when compared with the many advantages.

Eagle’s Wings is an incredible game with large payouts, exciting bonus rounds and exquisite animations. This game is an instant classic and could be one of Microgaming’s best releases yet.

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Introducing Slide a Wild Online Casino

January 26th, 2011  |  Published in Inrodution

Wild symbols on the reels are substitutes for other symbols to create winning combinations. Over time, the standards evolved to the development of different types of wild symbols. Simultaneously, payout multipliers for wild symbols were increased. Then casinos added more than one wild symbol appearing on the same reel which was coined “stacked wilds.” This idea was further expanded to include a single icon per reel which became known as exploding wilds.

The Slide a Wild Feature

One of the most recent wild symbol innovations is the Slide a Wild slot feature. Wild symbols in this game engulf various characteristics. For instance, the wild symbol may appear only on a single reel but the player is given the option to select the reel. This indicates that if the wild symbol appears during a spin, it will appear on that specific reel.


One online slot game that features Slide a Wild is Crocodopolis which is available at Virgin Casino. The crocodile is the wild symbol that takes on the following characteristics. On the first reel, the payout doubles if the croc is substituted in a winning spin. On the second reel the payout is tripled if the croc is replaced during the winning combination. On the third and fourth reels, when the croc appears it is available for all three reels. The fourth reel has tripled payouts.

Selecting the Reel

To select the reel players wish to apply the croc, they must hover the cursor over the “Slide a Wild” bar and drag it above the desired reel. Once the bar is placed over the reel, it graphically displays the specific properties the wild symbol will take on in the reel. This assists players in that they do not need to check the rules to learn how to place a wild symbol.

Increasing Innovation

This feature makes the slot game much more interactive as it gives players another decision to make in a repetitive casino game. The feature does not require any skill but does have associated risk. Therefore, the Slide a Wild feature does require some amount of thinking to ensure the proper move is taken.

Slot game wild symbols continue to evolve and integrate the player more into the game in addition to the standard betting parameters. Slot games continue to find innovative ways to keep players interested in playing slots at online gaming sites.

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