Tips for Placing Bonus Bets

September 23rd, 2010  |  Published in Gambling Games

Due to the selected coin size, number of paylines and number of coins entered, online slots allows players to place bets of different amounts. Higher wagers equate to higher payouts and in many cases an increase in the frequency of payouts. Luckily, those that wager lower amounts are still eligible for all the features offered by that particular game. A new trend in the online slot industry is the ability to gain access to additional features when wagering a bonus bet.

Cryptologic Leading the Charge

The most popular casino network offering these bonus bets is Cryptologic. When players choose all 50 paylines, they are granted an extra 10 credits free. For instance, a player that has selected 50 paylines with a coin size of $1.00 will be able to wager $60 total due to the free $10 bonus bet. This is a huge advantage as the sequence of symbols on the reel can trigger a bonus screen which cannot be activated without the bonus bet.

Name Differences

The bonus bet has different names depending on the casino where the game is played. For example, at the White Orchid slot game in WagerWorks, the additional wager is known as 1024 Ways which equates to the original bet. With the additional bet also come two payout tables: one for the regular bet and one for the 1024 line bet. A win in either still pays out.

Is the Bet Worth it?

One of the most common inquiries is whether the bet is worth it each spin. On the one hand, the additional bet gives the player a better opportunity to win. On the other, it is additional money that must be wagered. Overall, online slots do not readily provide this information for evaluation.

Scrutinizing the Cryptologic bonus bet, which asks for a wager of 20 percent more, may give us insight into the return on investment of this bet. Unfortunately this bet does not guarantee a bonus screen will be triggered. Players must hit the correct sequence of symbols. On the other hand, WagerWorks requests 100 percent of the extra amount with an improved chance of acquiring the bonus screen.

The Bottom Line

The key factor in determining if this bet is right for you is to analyze your bankroll. If you have enough, the added excitement may be worth the extra bet. If you do not, the bet really is not worth the potential for payout. This can be an attractive feature for those simply looking to enjoy their online betting experience. For those looking to make some type of profit, this is not the best path to take.

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