The Essential Strategy for Video Poker

August 19th, 2010  |  Published in Gambling Games

Video poker is an extremely popular casino game because of the payouts. Some pay a return of over 100 percent while others pay close to 100 percent. When playing correct poker, over the long run, Video Poker has the potential to be profitable to many players. However, a few simple mistakes can take away the slight advantage you may have. Therefore it is vital to utilize strategy and play hands correctly throughout the course of each session.

Each video poker game has its own strategy in order to be successful. At a casino or online, it is beneficial to utilize a strategy card. It is similar to a cheat sheet, displaying the correct method of play for each hand. Utilizing this card will help you maximize your return. Practice at a play money table in an online casino using the strategy card prior to entering into a live game.

Once prepared for a live game, head to a real-money game with your strategy card. While utilizing the card, the main tactic to implement is the basic strategy. This is primarily used by beginners but is relevant to all players. The basic strategy can be used for three common Video Poker games including:

  • Jacks or Better
  • Deuces Wild
  • Double Bonus Poker

The strategy is based on the odds given on the chart. To use it, simply glance at the hand you are dealt. Next start from the top of the strategy chart and move down the list until you reach your hand. The hand nearest the top is the correct hand to play. Many charts come color-coded to make it easy to find the correct hand. Also, lower-case letters such as “s” indicate cards of the same suit. For example, QJs indicates Queen-Jack suited (of any suit).

Strategy cards are an invaluable tool in Video Poker. They can give you an edge which results in maximized profits with the correct playing technique. It is always beneficial to have handy at a casino or at an online casino in the case there is a hand which you do not know how to play.

Video Poker can be a simple game if you are familiar with the rules and hand-rankings in poker. Strategy cards will help you a considerable amount. There are other Video Poker strategies available, but for beginners, focus on the basic strategy. Once mastered, move on to the advanced strategy which is more complicated but can slightly further improve your edge.

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A Beginner’s Guide to Playing Online Video Poker

May 12th, 2010  |  Published in Inrodution

If you were born before the latest generation of Texas Hold’em players, then chances are the first poker game you played was Five Card Draw. If this is true, then early experiences will serve you well when learning to play online video poker. That’s because the vast majority of video poker variations are designed around a Five Card Draw format.

Even if you’re totally new to the game of poker, understanding the basic objectives of online video poker is easy, and a relatively simple strategy can yield surprisingly good results at video poker games. Unlike live poker, video poker pits you not against other players but against the game itself, so there is no reward for cleverness or deception in video poker just for common sense and straightforward strategy.

To play a video poker hand, you must first make a wager. Players have the option of betting anywhere from one to five credits per hand. Most online video poker games let you change the denomination of your credits without switching screens. Once you’ve made your first bet, click the Play/Draw button and five cards will appear center screen. Click the cards you wish to hold, then click the Play/Draw button again and the remainder of your cards will be replaced.

Video poker wins are calculated automatically based on your final five-card hand. The obvious object of the game then is to hold cards that give you the best odds of achieving a winning hand. While the paytable for the most basic video poker game – Jacks or Better – starts the pay scale at a pair of Jacks or better (hence the name), some other variations that include wild cards may have higher starting hands. For example, many Deuces Wild games have a minimum qualifying hand of two pairs or even three of a kind. It’s important to know the minimum hand, so you’re not unwittingly pursuing non-paying combinations.

There are literally dozens of online video poker variations, but not all of these games were created equal. Sometimes games with exactly the same rules have different paytables. The end result is that some games are significantly more generous than others. The generosity of any given game is demonstrated by a number called its “payout percentage” Payout percentage tells you how much of what you bet you can expect to get back long-term (assuming you don’t always play until your money is gone). There are even a rare handful of video poker machines that – when played with the perfect strategy – offer more than 100% payback.

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Four Steps for Developing Your Own Video Poker Strategy

March 31st, 2010  |  Published in Gambling Games

Video poker is quickly taking over the casinos. Many land-based and online casinos are clearing out some of their poker tables to make way for more of these popular machines. If you have never tried a video poker machine, or only played one a few times, you may want to consider developing a technique and playing these games more often. Video poker offers a variety of games; many not found at the poker tables, and can bring in big winnings if you play smart.

Develop Your Video Poker Strategy: Step by Step

Step One- Learn the Video Poker Games

There are a wide variety of games on video poker machines, such as Deuces Wild or Double Barrel Bonus. You should learn the basic rules of each of these games. If you are able to play all of the games, you can find the best paying machines by playing different games.

Step Two- Learn the Betting Structure

Unlike traditional poker games where a player must have the highest hand at the table to win, video poker players win every time they get a qualifying hand. The winnings are paid out according to a pay scale. These pay scales may vary by the casino but they all pay according to a ratio using the type of hand and the amount the player bet. You can find the pay out scale listed near the video poker machine or on the machine itself. Take the time to familiarize yourself with these scales.

Step Three- Find Your Favorite Games

You will have more enthusiasm, and a better chance of winning, if you play the games you enjoy. Find your favorite games by playing each video poker game offered in the casino. Play three to five hands on each game and move on when you get the ropes down.

Step Four- Practice

Like any game of poker, developing a strategy takes practice. Play video poker games as often as you can, focusing on developing your skills. You can brush up on your technique without leaving your house- most online casinos have video poker games, and some even let you join a practice area for free. These practice areas offer the same games. Players can test their skills on many of the popular video poker games without having to spend any money. This is a great benefit to someone looking to develop their skills before breaking in to their bankroll.

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