A Closer Look at Unusual Video Poker Games

November 16th, 2010  |  Published in Gambling Games

Video poker is an excellent game to learn due to the many variants that continue to develop. Different online software developers offer video poker games that only differ slightly. These typically include:

  • Jacks or Better
  • Joker Poker
  • Deuces Wild

As a result, online gaming developers have created innovative variants of these classic versions to stand out from the competition. It is worthwhile playing these games occasionally to veer from the monotony that can occur from the standard games. Some of these games display minor differences from the traditional games while others are significantly different.

Playtech released a game called 2 Ways Royal which is the same video poker game with a different pay table. The Royal Flush is a straight-flush of the top five cards. In 2 Ways Royal this is known as a Hi Royal Flush while the bottom cards are a Lo Royal Flush. Both pay out 4,000 coins with 5 wagered.

Cryptologic has developed a series of video poker games that parallel the traditional standard. The first is known as Bonus Video Poker which has the same rules as the regular version except the discarded cards are placed back into the deck which is shuffled prior to dealing replacement cards. This is a disadvantage to players as they can potentially be dealt the same cards they just discarded.

To compensate for this disadvantage, Bonus Video Poker pays a bonus if the player receives the same card they rejected. The bonus payout is a percent of the total amount wagered. The percentage varies per casino but is typically between 15% and 21%.

Microgaming has also created a video poker variant called Level Up Poker. The game begins with the player placing four equal wagers for four hands. The cards in the first hand are distributed. If the player wins they proceed to the next level, if they lose, four more hands are dealt. As the player advances to the next round, the payouts double if they win. If the player wins all four hands, they win eight times the original payout.

These three video poker variants give players a new and exciting way to play the game and give the casino an advantage over the competition with regards to game selection. New games are introduced regularly to please the customer and improve the experience of the online gaming site.

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Four Steps for Developing Your Own Video Poker Strategy

March 31st, 2010  |  Published in Gambling Games

Video poker is quickly taking over the casinos. Many land-based and online casinos are clearing out some of their poker tables to make way for more of these popular machines. If you have never tried a video poker machine, or only played one a few times, you may want to consider developing a technique and playing these games more often. Video poker offers a variety of games; many not found at the poker tables, and can bring in big winnings if you play smart.

Develop Your Video Poker Strategy: Step by Step

Step One- Learn the Video Poker Games

There are a wide variety of games on video poker machines, such as Deuces Wild or Double Barrel Bonus. You should learn the basic rules of each of these games. If you are able to play all of the games, you can find the best paying machines by playing different games.

Step Two- Learn the Betting Structure

Unlike traditional poker games where a player must have the highest hand at the table to win, video poker players win every time they get a qualifying hand. The winnings are paid out according to a pay scale. These pay scales may vary by the casino but they all pay according to a ratio using the type of hand and the amount the player bet. You can find the pay out scale listed near the video poker machine or on the machine itself. Take the time to familiarize yourself with these scales.

Step Three- Find Your Favorite Games

You will have more enthusiasm, and a better chance of winning, if you play the games you enjoy. Find your favorite games by playing each video poker game offered in the casino. Play three to five hands on each game and move on when you get the ropes down.

Step Four- Practice

Like any game of poker, developing a strategy takes practice. Play video poker games as often as you can, focusing on developing your skills. You can brush up on your technique without leaving your house- most online casinos have video poker games, and some even let you join a practice area for free. These practice areas offer the same games. Players can test their skills on many of the popular video poker games without having to spend any money. This is a great benefit to someone looking to develop their skills before breaking in to their bankroll.

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