Tips for Blackjack Switch

November 3rd, 2010  |  Published in Gambling Games

Blackjack Switch is a new variant of blackjack invented by Playtech where the player initially places two equal wagers and is, in turn, dealt two hands. At this point the player can utilize the switch option which is to interchange the second dealt cards in their hands. Each hand is then played independently in a regular manner.

Through computer simulation of this game, it has been determined a larger positive value indicates a greater chance of winning while a negative value equals a greater chance of losing. All possible card combinations have been evaluated and assigned an expectation. On the table, the dealer’s face-up card shows within the columns while the player’s two cards are displayed in rows. Hands containing aces and pairs are presented separately.

There are two primary strategies for utilizing blackjack tables for Blackjack Switch including:

  • Deciding upon the switch
  • Playing the hands based on the decision

This table can be used to make the optimal decision in an instance. The player reads the expectation values presented on the chart for each hand and totals them. The player can then find the total in the case the switch is to be made. If the total following the switch is greater than the total prior to the switch, the player should take the switch option. Selecting the switch move is a huge advantage for the player.

To counterbalance the switch option, the rules of blackjack have been slightly modified. For instance, natural blackjack pays even money as opposed to 2 to 1. Also, it is a push if the dealer has 22 but the player will bust on 22. Due to these changes, the regular blackjack strategy card is useless so the player must use the Blackjack Switch card.

Another aspect of Blackjack Switch is the Super Match side bet. This is a bet based on the original four distributed cards and pays even money for a pair, 3-to-1 for three of a kind, 8-to-1 for two pairs and 40-to-1 for four of a kind. This wager is voluntary and offers a higher risk return. This bet is commonly placed for the more aggressive player.

Blackjack Switch drastically decreases the house edge and is therefore a profitable game. It is offered at most Playtech online gaming sites including, Play United Casino, Casino Tropez, Omni Casino and Casino Del Rio. This game combines the fun of blackjack with a low house edge.

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