Virgin Casino Steps up With A new Promotion

March 30th, 2011  |  Published in Casino News

Virgin Casino recently announced their newest promotion among many in the month of March. This week the casino released a promotion that is an out of world experience. Since the new Star Trek game went live on Wednesday, Match 23rd, 2011, Virgin Casino is celebrating.

First Prize

The first prize includes round-trip airfare from London to Las Vegas, 4 night’s accommodation at the Rio, a Strip helicopter tour, a luxury 4×4 adventure tour to the crest of Area 51 and a 5 course dinner at the Stratosphere Top of the World Restaurant. While dining at this location, you will practically feel like you are in space.

Area 51 is allegedly a hotspot for those interested in paranormal, extraterrestrial activity. The 4×4 tour features a ride past ancient Indian petroglyphs, a dry lake bed that is a hotspot for UFO activity, a drive along a section of the Extraterrestrial Highway, lunch at the A’le’ Inn, a trip through the Joshua Tree forest and a ride up to the gates of Area 51.

The winner will be drawn from a random number generator. To be eligible, players must bet at least 20 Pounds per day for 10 days at the new Star Trek slot game. The wagering must begin Wednesday, Match 23rd and continue until Friday, April 1st. The drawing will be made from the qualifying participants on April 2nd with winners being contact via email. To receive the prize, winners must acknowledge notification by providing a variety of details by April 30th.

Additional Bonuses

There are other bonuses associated with this promotion. For instance, players who deposit 10 Pounds and continue to wager up to 100 Pounds on the Star Trek slot game will receive 5 Pounds free. Of those who wager 50 Pounds on the game, ten will receive the Star Trek Sci-Fi package which consists of the Star Trek movies box set, the board game and SS Enterprise action figures.

Special VIP Promotion

Additionally, there is a special VIP promotion for those players that wager between March 25th and 27th. A prize pool of 2,000 Pounds will be proportionally shared based on the amounts wagered by each player. Therefore, the more you wager the more credits you could receive back from the casino.

These are some of the biggest promotions currently available in the industry. During the month of March, Virgin Casino has continued to roll out new games and promotions. It will be interesting to see what they have in store for April.

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