A Rare Bonus Feast from Club World

May 17th, 2011  |  Published in Inrodution

Club World online casino recently announced a bonus feast of unlimited bonuses. This offer is only available for a short amount of time. The promotion began on Monday, May 16th and will end Wednesday, May 18th. The event is entitled, “Unlimited 24/7 Deposit Coupons and More.” Players should head over to Club World immediately to take advantage of this generous offer.

Unlimited Deposits

Each bonus is capped at $1,000 but players are able to claim as many bonus coupons as they choose during the promotional period. Those looking for bonuses greater than $1,000 can simply split their deposits. Furthermore, the bonuses are available 24/7 for the entire promotional period.

Types of Deposits

The terms of release each bonus depends on the games played. One option is to wager only on slots, keno and scratch cards. For these games, the casino will match 65 percent of deposits up to $1,000. Therefore the maximum each player can deposit per $1,000 coupon is $1,535. However, these bonuses have a reduced wagering limit for release set at 20 times the deposit amount.

Another set of bonuses is reserved for participants that play blackjack, video poker and other table games. Since these games feature a much lower house edge, the casino will match 55 percent of all deposits. Therefore, players must deposit $1,800 to receive a bonus of $1,000. The terms of release are 25 times the original deposit and bonus. Wagers placed on video poker, blackjack, craps, baccarat, roulette and Sic Bo only count 0.6 for every dollar bet.

Additional Free Money

The “More” in the title equates to $25 in free chips provided by Club World to players who claim five of the same coupons during the promotional period. To claim, players must contact the customer support team and the credit will be added within 24 hours.

About Club World

Powered by Realtime Gaming, Club World online casino is licensed and regulated by the trustworthy jurisdiction of Curacao. The unlimited bonus coupon promotion is extremely rare in the industry. Furthermore, the requirements for release are low compared to many competitors. Therefore, this is definitely a promotion that should not be missed.

Club World is an excellent online casino with many attractive games for new players. This promotion is sure to significantly increase the amount of traffic to the casino. Depending on the success of this event, Club World could feature this promotion in the future.

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An Introduction to Outer Space Slots

January 6th, 2011  |  Published in Gambling Games

Now that the holiday season has passed taking exciting bonuses and promotions along with it, online gaming software providers are looking for ways to entice new players to join their casino while retaining the regulars. One way to accomplish this task is by introducing exciting new games. In 2010, a plethora of themed-slot games were introduced. In 2011, online slot players expect even more exciting games with popular and recognizable themes.

Due to the popularity of science fiction movies and video games, one way to keep the attention of players is the introduction of slot games with an outer space theme. This allows online gaming developers to be tremendously creative by providing exquisite visuals and crisp audio. Add a unique bonus game and you have a winner. There have been many outer space-themed slot games produced by reputable software developers including:

  • Cosmic Quest 1 & 2
  • The Great Galaxy Grab
  • Outta Space Adventure
  • Outta this World

The first game was developed by Rival Gaming and is entitled Cosmic Quest 1 & 2 which is a popular outer space-theme slot game that features rockets, astronauts, ray-guns, space food, satellites and animals with space suits. The highlight of this game is the bonus round aptly named Asteroid-Blasteroid which includes five levels of destroying asteroids.

The second outer space game is the Great Galaxy Grab released by Microgaming in April 2009. As their 400th release, this was one of the first slot games to feature 3D styling. The best aspect is each time a bonus game is activated; the player is transported to a different location in space to complete the challenge. The six locations include a saloon, diner, mall, casino, bank and gas station.

The third game is Outta Space Adventure and was developed by Cryptologic. This is one of many themed games from the Movie Mayhem series that relates to the science fiction genre. The symbols on the reels include, an attractive female pilot, a male hero, a scientist, an asteroid, a spaceship and an alien. The sound and graphics are quite the spectacle.

Finally, Outta this World is an outer space-theme game produced by Realtime Gaming. The symbols on the reels showcase a spacecraft, telescope, laser gun, one-eyed green alien and an image of earth from space. The bonus game allows players to select from ten planets to discover prizes including bonus credits and free spins.

The four previously discussed outer space-theme slot games are all exciting and present different features. Each bonus game is a marvel in itself. Look for each of these games at a casino that using the various developers that create them.

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An Introduction to Progressive Bets

November 30th, 2010  |  Published in Casino Tips

Progressive jackpot payouts add an aspect of further excitement to those online casino games that offer this feature. Many players actually wager online specifically to hit the jackpot one day. Unfortunately progressive jackpot bets are not considered the most efficient way to spend you money. New players should understand what these bets entail prior to spending their whole bankroll on trying to hit one.

There are two explicit classifications for progressive jackpots that explain a different but specific aspect of that bet. These include:

  • Integrated bets
  • Standalone bets

An integrated progressive jackpot bet is one in which there is no need to place a separate bet for the jackpot as it is already integrated. The normal wager pays for the progressive jackpot bet if specific conditions are met. If these conditions are not met the wager is either lost or added to the overall jackpot pool. Either way the jackpot is independent from the regular game.

Almost all online progressive jackpot slot games feature the integrated type. In some games the jackpot is hit based on the symbols on the reel, in others it is a random pull not based on the reel.

A standalone bet is basically the opposite of an integrated bet in that a separate bet is required to win the progressive jackpot. This is only found in the Dollar Bill side game which is attached to many Playtech video slots. The side game requires a bet of $1 and has nothing to do with the main game. After placing the $1 wager, players must select five numbers. If those numbers are chosen the player wins the jackpot.

In addition to slot progressive bonuses, they can also be found as a part of video poker variants. These games utilize an integrated bet that can only be hit if the maximum number of credits is wagered. In video poker, hitting the best possible hand (a royal flush) triggers the jackpot. If this hand is not hit, the bet is accrued as per the payout table.

Progressive bets are a great way to add excitement to your online gaming experience. An integrated bet is much better than a side bet since you do not have to add money in order to win. Although certain conditions must be met, actually wagering additional credits to play greatly improves the house edge from that particular game.

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The Perfect Casino for Slots Players: All Slots

September 27th, 2010  |  Published in Casino Tips

There is yet another fantastic online casino powered by Microgaming software. Established in 2002, All Slots is a niche gambling site targeting those that enjoy the excitement of online slots. All Slots is a prestigious brand under the Jackpot Factory Group which was chosen for the “Best Casino Group in 2007.”

Jackpot Factory Group is known for branding their casinos by theme so All Slots has plenty of slot game options. Despite the name, All Slots does have other games including blackjack, baccarat, video poker, roulette and many additional well-known games.

There are a few primary advantages to playing at All Slots Casino. These include:

  • Reliability and company stability
  • Stream of live slot tournaments
  • Many new promotions
  • Loyalty programs and cash back bonuses
  • Many deposit methods
  • Excellent customer service

One of the most important advantages is the reliability of the site and overall company stability. Since Jackpot Factory Group has been around for over 8 years, they are a reputable, well-known and successful online gaming provider. Also, the site offers a steady stream of live slot tournaments. At almost any time of day you can find a slot tournament.

Another advantage is the number of new promotions offered by the provider. For instance, there are numerous signup deposit bonus options with 100 percent matching. Additionally, there are plenty of loyalty programs and cash back bonuses for the regular player. All Slots offers a cash back bonus of up to 10 percent for a maximum of 5,000 credits throughout the year.

Furthermore, there are a total of 14 ways to deposit, 10 of which are also a method for withdrawal. Finally, customer service is available 24/7 through email, live chat and phone support (from 8 countries).

There are a few disadvantages of the site including:

  • Don’t accept U.S. players
  • Some games credit less toward bonus award
  • No bonuses for specific payment options

One of the biggest drawbacks of this casino is they don’t accept U.S. players. All Slots is losing out on a huge market share. Also, some games do not credit as much toward bonuses and other promotions. Finally, there are no bonuses for using different payment options to deposit. Most competitors do offer some type of bonus.

All Slots online casino has many advantages compared to only a few disadvantages. Therefore, they are worth checking out especially if you enjoy slots. For them to be more competitive, they should improve their drawbacks to gain a higher market share.

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Tips for Placing Bonus Bets

September 23rd, 2010  |  Published in Gambling Games

Due to the selected coin size, number of paylines and number of coins entered, online slots allows players to place bets of different amounts. Higher wagers equate to higher payouts and in many cases an increase in the frequency of payouts. Luckily, those that wager lower amounts are still eligible for all the features offered by that particular game. A new trend in the online slot industry is the ability to gain access to additional features when wagering a bonus bet.

Cryptologic Leading the Charge

The most popular casino network offering these bonus bets is Cryptologic. When players choose all 50 paylines, they are granted an extra 10 credits free. For instance, a player that has selected 50 paylines with a coin size of $1.00 will be able to wager $60 total due to the free $10 bonus bet. This is a huge advantage as the sequence of symbols on the reel can trigger a bonus screen which cannot be activated without the bonus bet.

Name Differences

The bonus bet has different names depending on the casino where the game is played. For example, at the White Orchid slot game in WagerWorks, the additional wager is known as 1024 Ways which equates to the original bet. With the additional bet also come two payout tables: one for the regular bet and one for the 1024 line bet. A win in either still pays out.

Is the Bet Worth it?

One of the most common inquiries is whether the bet is worth it each spin. On the one hand, the additional bet gives the player a better opportunity to win. On the other, it is additional money that must be wagered. Overall, online slots do not readily provide this information for evaluation.

Scrutinizing the Cryptologic bonus bet, which asks for a wager of 20 percent more, may give us insight into the return on investment of this bet. Unfortunately this bet does not guarantee a bonus screen will be triggered. Players must hit the correct sequence of symbols. On the other hand, WagerWorks requests 100 percent of the extra amount with an improved chance of acquiring the bonus screen.

The Bottom Line

The key factor in determining if this bet is right for you is to analyze your bankroll. If you have enough, the added excitement may be worth the extra bet. If you do not, the bet really is not worth the potential for payout. This can be an attractive feature for those simply looking to enjoy their online betting experience. For those looking to make some type of profit, this is not the best path to take.

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Making Better Use of Idle Slot Machines

July 8th, 2010  |  Published in Casino Tips

Gambling and advertising have run hand and hand since the dawn of time. With tens of millions of patrons flocking to casinos each year, advertisements stimulate the senses and promote spending. With all the capitalism in sight at various casinos, it’s a profitable channel.

Advertising through Slot Machines

Since slot machines are the largest gaming profit center for most casinos, advertisers are looking at the actual machines to run ads. Since slots are such a cash cow, casinos are overprotective of these areas on the gaming floor. Slot machines were created to mesmerize with their lights, sounds, bells and whistles.

Reel-TV Tapping in to this Market

Henderson, Nevada based company Reel-TV has developed the technology to run television ads and other messages on idle slot machine screens. Not only are slot machines running ads, last month Bud Light commercials could be seen at the Palms on video poker screens when not in use. Alcoholic beverage advertisements at a business overflowing with it are an innovative and highly effective idea.

Reel-TV has convinced major beverage providers such as Coca-Cola, Budweiser, Miller, Dos Equis, Corona, Grey Goose, Absolut and Red Bull to advertise on slot machines in Las Vegas and other Nevada gaming sites. The only drawback to this type of advertising is a lack of sound. Reel-TV is simply waiting on regulatory approvals to expand this technology across the United States to other gaming sites.

How does this Technology Work?

The advertisements only play when the machine is not in use. Once the screen is touched, the gambling menu will instantly appear. Some casinos set timers to when the ads will appear. For instance, the Palms set their ads to play within 15 to 30 seconds of inactivity.

The Benefit to Advertisers

There are an estimated 25,000 people that walk through a casino each day. A 15 second ad could play 500,000 times in one month being viewed by millions of patrons. One of the biggest appeals to advertisers is visitors cannot skip through the ads like at home watching television.

This innovative promotional method could mark a new era in advertising. Big name brands already are beginning to fight to plaster their image on idle gaming machines. The benefits are limitless, with the casino making money off the ads, millions of patrons a month viewing the broadcasts and Reel-TV making a profit, everybody wins!

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The Rules of Slots Explained

June 14th, 2010  |  Published in Gambling Games

Slots are an exciting game played by many at different monetary levels. There are various types of slot themes that are created to appeal to many different kinds of players. Slots are a fairly simple game, with simple rules.


To play slots, scour the casino for a game that appeals to you, sit down, read the game’s instructions (as they may vary), put your money in, pull the reel and wait for the results. If you win, money will come out and you can play again or cash out. If you win a jackpot, a siren or bell will generally go off. If you lose, nothing will happen.

Different combinations of items on the reel will payout different amounts. Since there are so many different types of slots and combinations, it’s difficult to list all winners. Winning combinations generally have three, four or five reels that line up.

The Slot Machine

On a slot machine, there are often three or more reels that spin when a button is pushed or a lever is pulled. On the top or side of the machine, there is a list of the different combinations needed to win different payouts. There are two types of machines: traditional or video interactive.

The traditional machine often has only three reels that actually spin when a lever is pulled. The more modern video interactive machines have reels that are simulated on a video screen within the machine. Different machines require different amounts of money per credit.  The more credits bet (usually up to three), the higher the payout or a chance at the jackpot which can be monetary or a prize.

A Great Slot Tip

Although slots are an exciting way to pass the time, the most important tip to remember is that over the long term, the casino will win. Slots are not a profitable gambling method. Although routinely checked by gaming commissions and other regulatory bodies, slots are set at a certain percentage to lose so the casino can make money. In the short term, anyone can win, but it’s not profitable to play consistently.

Slots are an exhilarating way to gamble. The audio and visual equipment make them appealing to the senses. It’s a form of real-time advertising for those walking by. Even though the casino will always win of an extended period of time, it’s still an excited way to spend money.

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Why Some Casino Side Games Deserve Your Full Attention

May 6th, 2010  |  Published in Casino Tips

Multi-tasking is nothing new at the casino – for years poker players have swung by the sportsbook while waiting for a table or slots players have bought a keno ticket while having a coffee in the cafe – but online casinos have taken the concept of side games to a whole new level. These days you can play any number of games at once with one featured center screen and another minimized in the corner or with up to a dozen or more poker tables resized and going at once. Many games – like bingo and keno, for example – have consistently been side games at the casino, but these days their growing popularity is seeing them increasingly played front and center. Here are a few traditional casino side games that we believe deserve your full attention.

Lottery-style Games

Keno was first popularized in live American casinos as a diversion for players sitting in their rooms or killing time at the cafe. Alternately bingo has always had its own crowd of casual players outside the casino. These preconceived perceptions of the games are slowly changing thanks to the new exposure they’re receiving from online casinos. All the fun of bingo and keno is in seeing your numbers get drawn, plus these lottery-style games tend to attract a large and active crowd of live players, so why not get a bit more involved with your lottery-style game the next time you play?


The term “side bet” was probably coined at a sportsbook, and yet for some casino players all sportsbook bets are side bets. Half-hearted sports bettors are missing all the fun (not to mention losing lots of bets). What’s great about sportsbooks is that they give sports fanatics a new way to interact with the game. The next time you’re logging in to make a quick bet at your preferred sportsbook, take a little extra time to read about the odds, browse forum postings or peruse expert advice on your selected event – we guarantee the added knowledge will make your participation more exciting.


Any serious blackjack player would scoff at its being labeled as a side game, but the truth is that blackjack has become an increasingly popular diversion for slots and poker players. The irony of playing blackjack as a side game is that with the right strategy and the right blackjack table you could probably earn more at this game than any other offered in the casino. For this reason alone blackjack deserves your undivided attention. The game’s potentially high payback percentage relies entirely on your use of a perfect strategy, and that requires concentration.

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