The Grand Slam of Slots II Tournament

April 12th, 2011  |  Published in Casino Tips

Microgaming, an industry-leading online gaming software developer, recently announced the Grand Slam of Slots II mega-tournament which will occur from May 27th, 2011 to June 6th, 2011 with the popular slot game, Thunderstruck II. Until May 27th, all Microgaming-powered online casinos will conduct qualifiers. This has caused quite a stir at many casinos as players are excited about a chance for winning direct entry into the event.

The Freeroll Tournament Option

One such casino that has announced their qualifier is All Slots online casino. All pertinent information and schedules are available on the All Slots website as well as from the desktop client. There are two variants of qualifying tournaments; a freeroll and real-money entry fee. In the freeroll tournament, two players can win a seat in the main event. The entry fee to the Grand Slam of Slots II tournament is set at $200.

Each freeroll qualifying tournament will begin and end in a single day. The structure of the competition is similar to other single-round tournaments featured by All Slots casino. Players begin with 10,000 coins with a playing time of 6 minutes. Those who are knocked out can Continue Play five times at $5 each providing a stack of 9,000 coins and 5 minutes of play time.

Also, players are given the opportunity to rebuy five times at $5 each time giving them 10,000 coins and 6 minutes of playing time. Two of the more popular games designated for the freeroll qualifier are Spring Break and Tom Raider.

The Paid Qualifier Tournament Option

The paid qualifier tournament option boast an entrance fee of only $5 which is significantly less than the Grand Slam of Slots II entrance fee. The top fifteen winners in the paid qualifier competition will be awarded a seat in the main event. Therefore, the prize pool divided by the top fifteen players equates to $3,000. The structure of the paid tournament is similar to the freeroll qualifier. The difference being that this event runs for 6 days and 14 hours.

Since fifteen seats are being awarded, there is a high demand for these low-entry fee tournaments. For $5 participants will receive 16,000 chips and have a playing time of 15 minutes. There are five Continued Play options available for an additional $5, awarding players 8,000 coins and 10 minutes of play time. Rebuys also cost $5 and provide 16,000 coins and 15 minutes of play time.

Mega-tournaments and subsequent qualifiers are some of the most exciting types of tournaments in the online gaming industry. Act fast before the winners claim their seats at the Grand Slam of Slots II tournament.

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Online Slots Tournament Strategies

April 27th, 2010  |  Published in Inrodution

Online slot tournaments are one of the best gambling values on the web. Why? Because for little or nothing you can get a significant amount of slots play plus a good shot at a big prize. Many live slots fans have missed out on slots tournaments for any number of reasons; maybe they’re self-conscious, don’t want to wait for their qualifying round, or simply don’t have access to slots tournaments at their local casino. Online slots tournaments address all of these gripes by giving online slots players the opportunity to compete instantly and anonymously.

Preparing for Online Slots Tournaments

Since most online slot tournaments are free or rarely cost more than a dollar or two, they’re a fun option for players of every budget, but your small investment shouldn’t deter you from taking the competition seriously. If you come to a slots tournament without a good strategy or at the very least a basic understanding of the competition then you’re pretty much asking to lose.

Slots Strategies

As with regular slot machines, a big part of winning slot tournaments is luck, but focus and speed could make the difference between doing well and finishing in the money. Many first-timers neglect to read the tournament rules and then make obvious mistakes like not playing all of their credits within the allotted time. Since any remaining credits are forfeited, there’s no point in playing conservatively. The same goes for the size of your bet. When playing a multi-line machine, you have equal odds on all lines, so you might as well make good use of your limited time by playing them all at once. Likewise playing max credits per line ensures that you’re eligible for the biggest jackpot.

Once you’re more accustomed to the tournament scene, another good strategy is to scout out and familiarize yourself with the games each casino uses for their tournaments. You want to know which bonuses or combinations you are pursuing, and you want to be able to navigate the game quickly and efficiently.

To give yourself every opportunity of winning your tournament, all you have to do is play fast and hard. Keep your clicker positioned over the spin button, and when you get a big win hit it to credit your game automatically instead of wasting time letting the machine tally. This is one time when you don’t want to be multi-tasking, so close all other game windows and keep hitting that clicker until your time or credits run out.

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