A Review of Winners at Table Games Progressive Jackpots

June 6th, 2011  |  Published in Inrodution

Major hits on progressive jackpots at online gaming sites are always a big topic for discussion. However, it is rare to hear about progressive jackpot hits at table games and video poker. This is primarily because the hits are not as large or as glamorous as slot machines. Several table game progressive jackpots were recently hit.

Playtech Progressive Blackjack Jackpot

The most recent win of a progressive jackpot game occurred at an online game of Blackjack through a Playtech-powered casino. The hit occurred on May 22nd, 2011 for a total of $76, 787 and was the largest hit in six months. The player hit the progressive jackpot by being dealt four aces of the same suit. Also, to activate the jackpot, a side bet was required. The Playtech Progressive Blackjack is available at Casino Tropez and Omni Casino.

Vegas Technology Progressive Blackjack

An identical Progressive Blackjack is also provided by Vegas Technology. Similar to Playtech, the jackpot is hit when a player is dealt four aces of the same suit. A hit on this game also recently occurred on May 18th for $160,059. The Vegas Technology Progressive Blackjack is only available at Online Vegas Casino and Go Casino.

Let’em Ride Progressive Jackpot

Bodog online casino is powered by Realtime Gaming but the progressive jackpots are not linked into the Realtime Gaming Network. Instead, the casino has a stand-alone progressive jackpot. On May 20th, the Let’em Ride progressive was hit for the amount of $104, 397. Around the same time, the Realtime Gaming Network Let’em Ride progressive jackpot was hit for $172, 887.

Megajacks Jackpot

Megajacks, a popular video poker online game from Playtech, was also recently hit numerous times. Megajacks utilizes the Jacks or Better payout table which resulted in the jackpot being hit numerous times between $910 and $3,551. The jackpot is activated when a player draws a royal flush with all five coins wagered.

The Growth of the Cryptologic Progressive Blackjack

However, despite the many recent hits during the final weeks of May 2011, there are several jackpots that continue to grow. The Cryptologic Progressive Blackjack is at over $80,910 and is available at InterCasino and VIP Casino. The game holding this wealth is called Triple Sevens.

Progressive jackpots are an excellent method of increasing the amount of traffic at a casino. Although there were recently many hits on these progressives, they tend to build a large sum back up quickly. This proves that table game progressives can be just as profitable as slot game jackpots.

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New Texas-themed Slot from Rival Gaming

April 8th, 2011  |  Published in Gambling Games

Rival Gaming recently released Gushers Gold, a Texas-themed slot game which went live March 30th, 2011. Gushers Gold is a name that refers to the amount of oil pumped from the ground across Texas. Due to the recent economy, oil is worth more than its weight in gold. The background in the game is set to the Texan desert while the symbols relate to the oil industry in addition to the vast wealth it generates. The symbols include:

  • Oil rig
  • Cigars
  • Luxury car
  • Map of Texas
  • Helmet
  • Wads of cash
  • Ownership deed
  • Trendy flask
  • Texan tycoon
  • Oil barrel
  • Tycoon’s girlfriend
  • Oil pump

The Texan tycoon icon is representative of the jackpot symbol thus delivering the highest payout in the game of 1,000 coins. This occurs when five or more tycoon’s appear on an active payline. The oil barrel is another special symbol that represents the wild icon which can be substituted for other symbols to make winning combinations. This symbol only appears in reels 1, 3 and 5. When it does appear, the character expands to all reels.

The tycoon’s girlfriend, wearing a tiara, grants the free spins round. To activate this bonus, players must hit three of these symbols anywhere on the reels which gives the player 3 free spins. When four symbols appear, 10 free spins are awarded and five symbols equates to 15 free spins. Payouts during this round are tripled.

Finally, the oil pump is the special symbol that triggers the bonus game. This occurs when three or more appear on any of the reels. The player is transported to an oil field where he must select one of the three oil rigs. Using the levers that appear, the player must then select from one of four depths to drill. The player must finally click to reveal his winnings. Depending on the result, the player can play the bonus game several times.

An additional feature in the game is random jackpot which is measured by the jackpot meter on the left side of the screen. After any spin, oil could flow into the meter. If the oil does not fill the meter, it will be dumped out. However, if it goes to the top, the player wins the jackpot.

With many extra games and features, Gushers Gold looks to be an exciting new addition to the Rival Gaming portfolio. To try the game, go to Ruby Royal online casino or Sloto’ Cash online casino.

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Slot Machine Strategies

December 15th, 2010  |  Published in Gambling Games

These days, you don’t need Las Vegas, Reno or Biloxi to gamble and play casino games. Now, you can play and bet your money right from your own home with online casino games. Some of the benefits of playing at home include more game choices, not having to fight the crowds and you have a better chance of winning at an online casino than you do in a local casino. If you are a gambler or you love winning money, wouldn’t you want to play where the odds are in your favor? Let’s take a look at some strategies on playing the slots to even better your chances.

Types of Slot Machines

It doesn’t necessarily matter what slot machine you pick, contrary to most beliefs. Pick one that you can understand and that you wish to play. All slot machines have a Random Number Generator (RNG) computer chip that picks which symbols come up on each line on each spin. Because of the RNG, the machine is programmed to give back a certain percentage that has been collected to the players.

How much do They Pay Out?

Usually a slot machine will pay out anywhere between 80% and 98% of what it has collected. This all depends on how large or small the bet is and where the slot machine is located. Online slot machines can afford to pay out more because they do not have to pay for staff, location, bills, etc. Although slot machines do average around a 90% payout, this does not mean you are guaranteed to win 90% of what is in the machine. These slot machines are very random and could pay out the jackpot to one person, while the next might not win anything at all.


You, as the player, are responsible to know the rules that go with each slot machine. If you are unsure, contact customer service on the site and ask them to clarify whatever questions you may have. Some machines will require a larger deposit or more than just the jackpot symbols to line up. Every slot machine is different.

Do Some Math

Shop around when finding the correct slots to play. Some may offer a large bonus if you play the maximum amount of coins. You may not be willing to put all of your coins into one or just a few spins. Check out the quarter or nickel slots. Compare them. If a quarter machine pays out a $300 maximum for a .75 play and the nickel machine pays out a $300 maximum for a .50 play, it is obvious that the nickel machine will be the better deal.

Manage Your Money

Set your limit before you start betting. Know when to walk away when you either double your money or lose it all. Don’t ever try and win your money back. Chances are, you will only lose more than you had budgeted.

Other Tips

  • Progressives won’t payout the jackpot unless you play the maximum amount of coin.
  • Always play the maximum number of coins on a jackpot bonus.
  • If the slot machine you are playing on hits every four or five spins, keep playing it. If it is not hitting at all, move on.

When you join an online casino, they like to give you cash bonuses to welcome you. Make sure you know all of the restrictions associated with these bonuses before using your free money

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Making Better Use of Idle Slot Machines

July 8th, 2010  |  Published in Casino Tips

Gambling and advertising have run hand and hand since the dawn of time. With tens of millions of patrons flocking to casinos each year, advertisements stimulate the senses and promote spending. With all the capitalism in sight at various casinos, it’s a profitable channel.

Advertising through Slot Machines

Since slot machines are the largest gaming profit center for most casinos, advertisers are looking at the actual machines to run ads. Since slots are such a cash cow, casinos are overprotective of these areas on the gaming floor. Slot machines were created to mesmerize with their lights, sounds, bells and whistles.

Reel-TV Tapping in to this Market

Henderson, Nevada based company Reel-TV has developed the technology to run television ads and other messages on idle slot machine screens. Not only are slot machines running ads, last month Bud Light commercials could be seen at the Palms on video poker screens when not in use. Alcoholic beverage advertisements at a business overflowing with it are an innovative and highly effective idea.

Reel-TV has convinced major beverage providers such as Coca-Cola, Budweiser, Miller, Dos Equis, Corona, Grey Goose, Absolut and Red Bull to advertise on slot machines in Las Vegas and other Nevada gaming sites. The only drawback to this type of advertising is a lack of sound. Reel-TV is simply waiting on regulatory approvals to expand this technology across the United States to other gaming sites.

How does this Technology Work?

The advertisements only play when the machine is not in use. Once the screen is touched, the gambling menu will instantly appear. Some casinos set timers to when the ads will appear. For instance, the Palms set their ads to play within 15 to 30 seconds of inactivity.

The Benefit to Advertisers

There are an estimated 25,000 people that walk through a casino each day. A 15 second ad could play 500,000 times in one month being viewed by millions of patrons. One of the biggest appeals to advertisers is visitors cannot skip through the ads like at home watching television.

This innovative promotional method could mark a new era in advertising. Big name brands already are beginning to fight to plaster their image on idle gaming machines. The benefits are limitless, with the casino making money off the ads, millions of patrons a month viewing the broadcasts and Reel-TV making a profit, everybody wins!

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Should You use the Stop Spin Slot Machine Feature?

April 29th, 2010  |  Published in Gambling Games

Most computer based slot machines have a button on them that reads “Stop Spin.” When pushed this button stops the slot machine reels in their tracks. The round is then over and the payout is determined. A lot of avid slot machine players enjoy the stop spin feature. They feel it gives them a level of control over the game play, but is it really worth it to push that button? Very few people can actually process the icons on the reels quickly enough to stop the slot machine at just the right second. In fact, the disadvantages to the Stop Spin button far outweigh the advantages.

The Disadvantages of the Stop Spin Feature

Faster Play Does Not Always Mean More Wins

Some players believe that slot machines pay out according to how much they are played. There is some truth to this, slot machines are required by gaming laws to pay out a certain percentage. However, the law does not require a time frame in which this percent must be paid. So in reality, using the stop spin button to play faster doe not increase your odds of hitting a win. In fact, playing faster may only lead to going through your bankroll quicker then you intended.

Bonus Rounds Can Not Be Controlled

Some players believe that they can use the stop spin feature to hit the bonus round. Typically, it takes three to five matching characters on a reel to activate the bonus round. While some players have a natural talent for stopping the slot machine right at the last needed character, most people simply cannot act that fast. By stopping the slot machine in an attempt to activate a bonus you could be loosing out on what would have been a big win had you just let the reels do their thing.

You Take the Fun Out of the Slot Machine

Part of the fun of slot machine is watching those reels spin, waiting and hoping for a big win. When you are hitting the stop spin button, you take that anticipation out of the game, making it much less fun then it would have been otherwise. Instead, let the slot machine play out on its own. Since there is no real proof that the stop spin button leads to bigger wins or more bonuses, why not have fun with the game instead?

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How to Work with Any Size Bankroll

April 23rd, 2010  |  Published in Inrodution

Not everyone can walk in to a casino with thousands of dollars to gamble on. Truth be told, many casino patrons are spending around 500 dollars or less on their casino visits. The key is knowing how to spend that bankroll conservatively. The smarter you are with your money, the longer it will last, and the better chance you will have of walking away from the casino ahead of the game.

The Best Way to Spend Your Bankroll at the Slot Machines

Slot machines are a tricky business. Slot machine betting goes quickly, and people often loose most of their bankroll before they realize it. The best bankroll strategy at the slot machines is to play smart and keep a close eye on your funds. However, slot machines do offer a chance to beef up your bankroll. Start by playing smaller bets on machines with a high pay-out percentage. Do this until you have nearly doubled your bankroll. From there you can go on to playing table games, or up your betting limit at the slot machines. If you increase your bankroll before you bet it all, you will stay in the game a lot longer.

The Best Way to Spend Your Bankroll at the Poker Tables

Poker tables are a great way to win, if you are a great poker player. However, if you are not a poker pro, you need to be a little more careful with the money you have on hand. The best strategy for betting in poker is to bet modestly unless you are 90% sure of the hand in front of you. By betting modestly, and folding when you should, you have good odds of walking away from the table with winnings in hand.

The Best Way to Spend Your Bankroll at the Table Games

Table games are a lot like poker, the best strategy is a modest one. As long as you bet conservatively and use common sense, you have a good chance of winning. The most important aspect of betting at the table games is to not fall prey to a betting system. There are dozens of betting systems for all of the table games. While these systems may seem great on paper, in reality they have very little chance of actually working. It is better to ignore these systems all together and play the way you know how to play- modestly and intelligently.

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How to Develop a Slot Machine Strategy

April 9th, 2010  |  Published in Inrodution

Slot machines are not often considered high-stakes games where players develop their own winning strategies, but winning at a slot machine does take some skill. Even though slot machines are often seen as pure enjoyment in the casino, that does not mean you have to take them lightly. There are a few tricks you can employ to better your odds of winning.

Tips to Developing a Slot Machine Strategy

Find the Games You Enjoy Playing

One of the best ways to improve your gaming experience is to play the types of slot machines you enjoy playing. Slot machines games come in all shapes and sizes. There are traditional three-reel slot machines, interactive slot machines, and progressive bonus slots to name a few. While each type of game offers its own strengths and weaknesses, people who play the game because they enjoy it tend to do better over all.

Keep Track of Your Bankroll

A slot machine is one of the easiest places in the casino for people to drop their entire bankroll. Betting on slot machines goes by quickly and it can be hard for some people to keep track of where they stand. However, to come out ahead on the slots you cannot spend your entire bankroll. Develop a system that allows you to kept track of your money situation throughout the game.

Know When to Bet the Maximum

On some slot machines, like progressive slots, it only makes sense to play if you are betting the maximum allowed. On other machines, it does not matter how much you are betting. Look at the payout scale on each slot machine you play. If the payout is equal regardless of your bet, then you do not have to bet the maximum amount each time. If you have a smaller bankroll, it is better to play smartly with lower bets then to risk it all on larger maximum bets.

Never Play a Slot Machine You Do Not Understand

It is amazing how many people will sit down at a slot machine and just start pumping in bets without fully realizing what they are playing. To get the most out of a slot machine, and have the best chance of winning, take the time to read the slot machine instructions, pay out schedules, and bonus rules. The more you know, the better you will play.

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Charles Fey- The Man Who Invented the Slot Machine

March 29th, 2010  |  Published in Inrodution

Walk in to any casino today and you are  likely to see hundreds of slot machines, and for good reason. Slot machines are the single most profitable game for the casino industry- totaling up to eighty percent of a casinos profit. People love slot machines- they are easy to play, fun to use, and pay out. But do you know how the slot machine started?

The First Slot Machine

On April 15th, 1887, Charles Fey revealed a game he called the Liberty Bell to a select group of bar owners. The game featured three spinning reels with symbols on them- bells, hearts, diamonds, spades, and horseshoes. A player pulled a level on the side of the device, spinning the reels, and a combination appeared. If three bells showed up on the Liberty Bell, the player won a prize. Charles Fey leased out the Liberty Bell to bar owners for fifty percent of the profits and slot machines were born.

The Slot Machine Goes National

In 1907, Charles Fey collaborated with the Mills Novelty company. By 1910, a new slot machine was introduced- the Operators Bell. The Operators Bell weighed one hundred pounds and featured the same three reels, but now there were twenty symbols spinning around. This increased the house’s odds from the twenty-five percent seen on the original Liberty Bell. The Operators Bell also featured a few improvements like an easier coin inserter. Charles Fey and the Mills Novelty company produced 30,000 of these slot machines.

The Slot Machine Reaches Las Vegas

In the 1940’s the mobster, Bugsy Siegal had a dream. That dream was to make a stop over destination in the middle of the desert for Army G.I.s and travelers. This destination was to include hotels, swimming pools, restaurants, and most importantly- gambling. Bugsy saw his dream come to life when he built the Flamingo casino in the city of Las Vegas. He put the Operators Bell on the casino floor.

The Slot Machine Today

The slot machine has gone from a three-reel device found in the back corners of a local bar, to a filler game in Las Vegas, to the most profitable game on the casino floor. Slot machines are now technologically advanced, featuring bonuses, interactive game play, and even multiple players. Charles Fey’s invention will has a bright future, even a hundred years after it was born.

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