Las Vegas Themed Slot Games

June 2nd, 2011  |  Published in Gambling Games

There are currently several online slot games that boast a Las Vegas-theme. The latest addition is the Hot Roller online slot game from Vegas Technology. Set with the Las Vegas Strip as the background, the title of the game is displayed with a neon sign. The symbols on the reels transport the player into the casino. These symbols include:

  • Stacks of chips
  • Welcome drink
  • Lady hot roller
  • Pair of dice
  • High value card symbols

Although a slot game, the represented table game is craps so the most important symbols are the lady hot roller and a pair of dice. The lad shooter represents the wild symbol which yields the highest payout of 10,000 coins. This character also doubles all payouts when it acts as a wild symbol. The animation of the lady hot roller is impressive as she kisses the dice for good luck prior to taking the shot.

The pair of dice feature hot flames and act as the scatter symbol. Aside from the lady hot roller icon, this is the only other symbol that showcases animation. When two of more scatter symbols appear on the reels, scatter payouts are given. These payouts are multiplied by the total bet to convert them to casino credits.

Three or more of these symbols activates the free spins bonus round. This game begins when the layer rolls a single white die and two red dice. The white die awards the free spins multiplier which ranges from 1x to 6x. The values on the red dice are then multiplied to give the total number of free spins which varies from 1 to 36. This round can be retriggered during play but the multiplier and number of free spins cannot be determined for a second time.

Vegas Technology also recently launched a slot game entitled, “Vegas Party”, which features the same Vegas-theme. The symbols on the reels are fairly similar to those in Hot Roller. Vegas Party also features a free spins bonus round but it is much easier.

Hot Roller went live at all Vegas Technology-powered online casinos simultaneously. The most popular include, Go Casino, Grand Vegas and Online Vegas. These two Vegas-style online slot games appear to be exciting and innovative additions to the Vegas Technology portfolio of games. Stop by any one of the large number of Vegas Technology online casinos to try your luck in a glamorous environment.

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New Multiway Slots from WagerWorks

May 20th, 2011  |  Published in Gambling Games

Almost all slot games (land-based and online) function with a single payout table. As a result, some slot games are more attractive to players than others. Leading online gaming software developer, WagerWorks, recently released several slot games which utilize two different payout tables for every spin. The name of this innovative feature is Multiway. Two popular slot games that have integrated this feature are Treasures of Troy and White Orchid.

Independent Spinning on the Reels

These games are uniquely structured in that they are five reel slot games with only four rows across each reel which spins as independent reels. In normal slot games, the reels spin simultaneously. Independent spinning allows for the same symbol to appear in many positions across the reel which results in frequent payouts.

The 40 Payline Payout table

The default setting in the game is a 40 payline payout table. Therefore, participants are able to wager up to 40 paylines and five coins per payline. WagerWorks has referred to this as the Bet Multiplier. When players wager in this mode, they are only able to use the default payout table which pays when three or more of the same symbols appear from left to right on the reels.

The Special Multiway Payout Table

Those who have activated all 40 paylines can double the bet which will trigger the special Multiway payout table. The game pays when 4 or 5 of the same symbols appear on any position on the reels. For instance, if, according to the payout table, 5 of the same symbols pays 100 and the same symbol appears twice on the first reel, three times on the third reel and once on all other reels, the Multiway payout would be 600 (2x3x100).

Seeing the Details

Payouts from the default and special tables are independent of one other then added together. For more complicated payouts, WagerWorks has added an area where the details are presented line-by-line. Furthermore, all Multiway slot games feature a free spins bonus round which uses the default table.

Multiway slot games are currently only available at Virgin Casino. However, due to the popularity of this feature, it is likely WagerWorks will expand and share the wealth. This is an extremely innovative idea that is sure to catch on at other online gamine software developers. Stop by Virgin Casino today to try your luck at multiple payout tables.

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A Series of Slot Games for February

January 27th, 2011  |  Published in Gambling Games

Microgaming has been a slot game producing machine in the recent months. At the end of November 2011, the software development company released popular slot game Retro Reels and the sequel, Diamond Glitz. Now it appears Microgaming is ready to release another series of slot games based on children’s nursery rhymes. The first release set for February is Rhyming Reels – Queen of Hearts.

The Queen of Hearts is a popular nursery rhyme featuring a Queen who bakes tarts, the Knave who steals them and the King that then punishes the Knave. As you may have guessed, each of these characters is a symbol on the reels in addition to a few more. Other symbols on the reels include the Queen of Hearts logo which is the wild symbol and the King’s Crown which is a scatter symbol. With the approaching Valentine’s Day in February, the release date is appropriate.

In addition to Rhyming Reels – Queen of Hearts, Microgaming is planning to release three other casino games including:

  • Planet Exotica
  • Ruby of the Nile
  • Multi Wheel Roulette

Planet Exotica features sexy nurses and he-men as strippers which take place at a galactic space strip club. The symbols that spin on the reels include large bouncers, handy barmen and gorgeous alien strippers. Also, four of the incredible strippers, Sooki, Asherah, Lumeena and Meduna can be found in the bonus game.

Ruby of the Nile is an Egyptian themed slot game. This theme has been tremendously successful at other online casinos. Almost every online gaming software developer has an Egyptian themed game. The typical Egyptian symbols make up the reel and accompany a plethora of digital sound effects and high quality graphics.

The final February release originates from the Microgaming Gold Series which guarantees an excellent audio and visual experience. The name of the game is Multi Wheel Roulette which is a variant of regular roulette. The most exciting feature of this game is players have the option to bet on up to eight wheels simultaneously.

Each of these four games is scheduled to go live at various points in February. Simply peruse the Microgaming website for more specific details. Also, these games will be available at all casinos powered by Microgaming. The release of these variants should draw in new customers while retaining the old. Look in the future for additional Rhyming Reels nursery rhyme slot games.

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Zodiac Supernova Online Slots

December 14th, 2010  |  Published in Inrodution

Adding to yet another plethora of online slot themes, Playtech recently launched its Zodiac line of slot games. Earlier this year, Playtech acquired gaming software developer Virtue Fusion Alderney. The company independently creates online casino games and releases them to Playtech casinos. The most recent release is Zodiac Supernova, a 5-reel 25 line video slot game. As of December 7th, 2010, the game is available at many sites.

The Various Payouts

Zodiac Supernova showcases a horoscope theme with the largest payout being 25,000 Euros which can be won by only wagering 5 Euros on a single line when five Leo symbols appear. If the player triggers all 25 paylines, the maximum bet is 125 Euros. For those with a smaller bankroll, the lowest betting amount is 0.01 Euros. The average return is 95 percent which is typical for online slot games.

Virtue Fusion Exploding Reels

The most innovative feature of the game is the Virtue Fusion Exploding Reels feature. All combinations are evaluated after each spin and those that win are displayed in the “won” cell. The subsequent animation is the explosion and disappearance of all winning combinations. This is quite a visual display. Vacant positions on the reel are then filled with a tumbling symbol sequence.

At this point the combinations are reevaluated and new win amounts are added to the running total. When no winning combinations occur, the final total is transferred to the player’s account. This aspect of the game creates more win lines with one wager while adding an amazing visual display that is sure to dazzle all players.

Availability of Zodiac Supernova

This game is available through numerous casinos that offer the Playtech’s Virtue Fusion network. Some of the most popular online casinos include, William Hill, Ladbrokes, Boyle Sports, Bet365 and Virgin Casino. Unfortunately many of these are not available to U.S.-based players. Critics agree the release of this experience features a graphically-rich environment that is an excellent addition to any gaming site.

This online slots game is an excellent addition to the Playtech portfolio. Many online gaming sites are excited to add this game to their casino. Although a simple game, the many appealing features mixed with excellent graphics is a winner. Due to the recent acquisition of Virtue Fusion, Playtech has become the industry-leader in online gaming development. This acquisition will help them grow a tremendous amount in the future.

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Slots Galore Online Casino

November 5th, 2010  |  Published in Casino News

Upon first logging in, you will notice Slots Galore has an elegant yet simple lobby. The lobby is set up to contain links to other areas of the casino in addition to pertinent information regarding customer support. Established in 2009, the casino is looking to build a strong customer base through trust. The casino prides itself on the quality of the experience and having some of the highest payouts available online.

There are a few advantages to playing at this casino including:

  • Accepts U.S. players
  • Large welcome bonus
  • Plenty of slot games
  • Consistent online tournaments

One of the biggest advantages is the acceptability of players from the United States. With many online casinos not allowing players from the U.S., this is a huge advantage to players and the casino alike. Another advantage is the availability of online tournaments. There is some type of competition offered almost daily. Also, at this time Slots Galore is offering a large welcome bonus of 100% match up to $1,000.

The final benefit is the abundance of slots games available. As expected, the bread-and-butter of this casino is the variety of their slot games. Slots Galore features 3-reel, 5-reel and even 7-reel games, many with progressive jackpots. The casino also has table games such as, blackjack, craps, video poker, roulette, Caribbean Stud, keno, war and baccarat. The software provider is Vegas Technology so you are sure to get an assortment of games.

Unfortunately, there are a few disadvantages to playing at this casino. These include:

  • Limited customer support hours
  • No game previews available
  • Total number of games is low

Most online casinos now provide customer support 24/7. However, Slots Galore does not have this service. Therefore, if you have a question or issue outside of their normal business hours you must wait until the following day. This is a major inconvenience to online gaming customers.

Another limitation is there are no game previews available. Therefore, you cannot view different games from the lobby. Finally, although Slots Galore has a diverse selection of games, the total number is low compared to many other casinos. This can hinder players from signing up due to the number of games available on other sites.

Slots Galore is a solid casino but does not bring anything new or interesting to the industry. The advantages it offers are pretty standard among many casinos while their disadvantages could become an issue. The casino is worth a try and may be more appealing to U.S. players.

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Understanding Paylines in Video Slot Games

October 19th, 2010  |  Published in Gambling Games

The most common video slot games have five reels that sequentially align when a button is pressed. Greater than 90 percent of all video slot games follow this specific format. A payline is a combination of symbols displaying on the reel that pays out an amount. For instance, a payline occurs when all the same symbol aligns in the second row of all five reels which would be a winning combination according to the payout table.

The largest category of games found in online casinos is video slots. Within any given game, the number of paylines varies from 5 to 1024. Therefore, the trend indicates the greater number of paylines, the increased frequency of wins. However, do more paylines equate to a greater amount of return to the player?

An example is in order to answer this question. Let’s take a video slot game with 15 paylines. Without changing the payout table of any rules, by increasing the number of paylines to 25, the average return increases considerably. It is possible to go beyond a 100% return and wipe out the finances of the casino. Unfortunately, this does not indicate that every video slot game with 25 paylines offers better return over 15 paylines.

Instead, paylines only represent one of many factors contributing to the average return. There are many other factors such as:

  • Payouts
  • The payout table
  • Number of bonus games offering payout
  • Frequency of symbols on different reels

Therefore, if you encounter a video slot game with a high number of paylines, chances are the other factors have been adjusted to make up for this large quantity. The average return will always linger around 95%. Therefore, choosing a video slot game with a high number of paylines to win more often is not a correct strategy.

The primary reason online gaming software developers increase the number of paylines is to differentiate their games from the competition as well as improve innovation to attract new players. For instance, most slot games have between 9 and 50 paylines. Microgaming always takes the lead with a large number of paylines to diversify from the norm.

Most players feel a large number of paylines means their frequency of winning will drastically increase. Although this adds to the excitement of the hunt, over the long-term, the casino will win and the expected return of around 95% will prove to be true.

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A Review of Realtime Gaming

September 20th, 2010  |  Published in Inrodution

Realtime Gaming was established in both Atlanta and Costa Rica in 1999, prior to the internet gaming boom. Due to over 10 years in the online gaming industry, they have built a reputation among owners and players as being one of the top online gaming casino providers in the industry. Realtime Gaming offers a wide variety of gambling options, with the most famous being their “Real Series” of slot games.

Since the passing of the UIGEA, the company is the industry leader in those accepting wagers from United States players. As a result, they have cornered this particular market segment.

There are many advantages of Realtime Gaming software including:

  • Small game sizes
  • High hit frequency
  • Easy navigation
  • Numerous game selection
  • Top video poker software
  • Great customization

One major advantage is the small game sizes within the downloadable client. Also, the frequency of winning the progressive jackpot is higher than other casinos. Additionally, the lobby and games offer easy navigation. Furthermore, there are over 100 games to play at those casinos utilizing this software with more added constantly. Also, Realtime Gaming offers some of the best video poker software in the industry.

Finally, Realtime Gaming software offers excellent customization options for the owners. For instance, operators have the luxury of selecting the limit of the payout percentages for each individual game. Most other gaming software providers only allow the operators to set a universal payout percentage.

There are only a few advantages to utilizing this software including:

  • Lackluster download client
  • Not the biggest global provider
  • Audio and visuals are average

One of the primary complaints is that the download client is sub par. It can be slow at times and has not received great reviews. Also, although they are a major provider for United States players, globally the company is on the small side. Furthermore, the sound and graphics are standard and on par with competitors, there is nothing that stands out.

Realtime Gaming has been around for a long time and has been able to tweak their software to cater to changing needs and business demands. They are a robust and solid online gaming provider that continues to show many advantages with little disadvantages. For online gaming operators (especially those looking to attract players from the United States), Realtime Gaming software should be at the top of the list.

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Grand Vegas Online Casino Review

August 19th, 2010  |  Published in Inrodution

Grand Vegas Casino is yet another online gaming entity that accepts players from the United States. Grand Vegas is powered by Vegas Technology software and is brought to you by the developers of GoCasino, Online Vegas Casino and Crazy Slots Casinos. The Casino is regulated in Curacao, a reputable gaming country.

There are a few advantages of playing at Grand Vegas Casino including:

  • Weekly bonuses
  • Well-rounded offering of casino games
  • Accepts United States players
  • Low wagering

The initial sign-up bonus for new players is 100% of their first deposit up to $555 with a minimum deposit of $25. Grand Vegas Casino offers reload bonuses every Tuesday and Friday with the option of a deposit bonus or cash back. Also, players can choose a prepaid gift card bonus.

Grand Vegas Casino also offers over 100 games categorized into four groups; Slot games, Table games, Video Poker games and Specialty games. The Slot games category is the largest and provides seven reel, five reel and three reel games in addition to progressive jackpots. Popular games like baccarat, blackjack, craps, roulette, poker and video poker are offered in addition to specialty games.

Another nice feature is the acceptance of players from the United States. This opens up a whole new market for Grand Vegas Casino while providing an additional gaming experience for U.S. players. Additionally, Grand Vegas Casino offers lower wagers for those new to the game or the online gaming experience.

Finally, the software and graphics are visually-rich and appealing to all players. The navigation around the site is easy due to the availability of the most important functions directly in the lobby. This adds to the ease of use of the site.

On the other hand, there are a few disadvantages to playing at Grand Vegas Casino. First, the VIP Club is by invitation only. Other online casinos allow all players to enter their VIP Club to accumulate points. Another limitation is that bets can only be made in U.S. dollars. Therefore those overseas will have to use a currency calculator prior to making a deposit or withdrawal.

Due to being in a large network of casinos, Grand Vegas has a lot to offer with minimal limitations. With excellent promotions and a signup bonus, a variety of games with progressive jackpots, low wagering amounts and excellent software and graphics, Grand Vegas Casino will become an industry leader in the near future.

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