Basic Tips for Poker Table Etiquette

March 22nd, 2010  |  Published in Gambling Games

A poker table is an exciting place. The dealer is personable, the other players are often lively, and a lot of money is being passed around. It can be easy to forget to mind your manners at the poker table, especially when you are up in the game, but poker table etiquette is something everyone should follow. No matter if you are new to the game or an old pro, following poker table etiquette is simple.

Five Tips for Basic Poker Table Etiquette

1. Know when you can join the game. Just because there is an empty seat, it does not necessarily mean there is room in the game. There are different rules for joining different poker games. In craps, there must be an empty space along the rail for a new player to join. In Blackjack, there must be an empty betting square because players often play more then one hand and an open chair does not always signify an open slot.

2. Know the table limit. Every table has a set limit ranging in denominations. These table limits are either marked by a color-coded card or listed near the table. Make sure you know the table limit before you join in on the game.

3. Know how to buy in. When you come to a new table, you will have to convert your cash for chips. Do not try to hand cash to the dealer they cannot accept it. Instead, lay your money on the table and wait patiently for your chips to be dealt.

4. Keep your emotions in check. It is not the dealer or other player’s fault if you are doing badly. Do not take your anger or anxiety out on the people around you. It is bad form.

5. Know how to signal your bet. In Blackjack, it is customary to raise your hand to signify you wish to bet. In other games, it is customary to call all of your bets aloud. Know which way you are supposed to bet for the game you are playing.

A poker table can be a fun and exciting place. Make your experience at the table go smoothly by following the laws of common courtsey and poker table etiquette. Displaying proper etiquette will make you seem like a more advanced player and make the gaming experience enjoyable to you, the dealer, and the other players.

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