WagerWorks Releases a New Version of Roulette

March 8th, 2011  |  Published in Casino News

WagerWorks recently release a new variant of online roulette entitled, “Player’s Suite Triple Bonus Spin Roulette.” The game boasts a variety of advanced features found the Expert Roulette, another version released by WagerWorks in late 2010, as well as an intriguing bonus game. To activate the game, the ball must land in the yellow bonus well and players will have the opportunity to earn three free spins. If any of the free spins are hit, the player is awarded 12,000 times the original betting amount.

There are a few differences in this game compared to the standard variant. The first is the large yellow well that triggers the bonus game. The well is one and one third times as wide as all other wells. This gives the player a remarkable advantage so the software provider has adjusted the game accordingly by adding another “0” to the board. Therefore, the game has 0, 00 and 000 wells. Inside and outside bets do not payout if any zero is hit.

As a result, the net effect equates to an average return of 98.11 percent, according to WagerWorks. The good news is this is a greater average return than single zero European Roulette which typically features the highest winning percentage among roulette variants.

Another nice feature is if the player has a bet on the yellow well when it hits, they are awarded a bonus payout in addition to the free spins round. In the basic game, there are four bonus bets permitted including:

  • Straight Bonus Bet
  • Split Bonus Bet
  • Trio Bonus
  • Quad Bonus Bet

The Straight Bonus Bet pays 12 times the original amount and is available for only the yellow well. The Split Bonus Bet is available for the yellow well and a zero number. This pays out at 6 times the amount wagered. The Trio Bonus Bet is available for the yellow well in addition to two of the zeros and pays 4 times the bet. Finally, the Quad Bonus Bet covers the yellow well and all zeros. This bonus bet pays out at 3 times the wager.

Triple Bonus Spin Roulette is an exciting new game that takes the standard version of online roulette and adds a few new twists. This is sure to be a hit will veteran and novice roulette enthusiasts alike and increase the amount of traffic flowing to the many WagerWorks online casinos.

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Time to Play Roulette

January 17th, 2011  |  Published in Gambling Games

You’ve made it into a highly recommended and reputable online casino.  The graphics and visuals are very pleasing.  The account set up was relatively pain free and smooth.  They have even given you a handsome bonus for your patronage.  Now it’s time to play!  So where do you start?  Roulette is a game that has consistently been very popular and fun to play!

And Round and Round She Goes

The classic roulette wheel.  It’s hard not to think of a sharp looking, tuxedo dressed James Bond type rubbing elbows with the World’s wealthy in a plush casino in Monaco.   He steps up to the table, puts his gold chips down, and as the white ball falls into the RED 27 slot he smirks and walks away with villain’s money.  So whether you have your tux on or not, don’t be afraid to step up to the roulette wheel and feel the excitement.  The game is based on your choice of where you think the ball is going to land when it finally comes to rest.

It’s All in the Numbers

The American Roulette wheel has 36 numbers, a zero, and a double zero.  Of the 36 numbers, 18 are red and 18 are black, and the zeros are green.  As with most games the house of course has the edge, but if you place your bets strategically, that is, where the odds are better, you can play very a long time.  Now, there are several ways to lay down your money.  For example, you can bet your money straight up which means you are betting that the ball will land on one specific number.  This bet has the smallest odds but the biggest payout.  If you’re like agent 007 and you place your bet on RED 27 and the ball actually lands on RED 27 you get paid 35 times the amount of your bet!  You can bet on a group of four numbers called a square bet, you can bet simply that the ball will land in a red or black slot, and you can also bet whether the result will be odd or even, just to name a few.   Don’t forget about the two green slots, zero and double zero. These two have a tendency to pop up when you least expect it, one of the reasons the house holds the edge in this game!

Spread the Offense

Now remember you don’t have to bet just one of the previous examples at a time.  You can combine all types of bets for each spin if you want.  For example you can bet the ball will land on one of a group of four numbers and that it will be a red number and that that number is even.  This is where the excitement and anticipation build up as that ball spins around.  If your number, color, type of number, or group comes up, you’re a winner!  It is a game that can provide long periods of fun and excitement.

So go ahead and give the roulette wheel a try and remember when you are registering for the online casino be sure to spell your name correctly – Bond, James Bond!

reputable online casino!
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Premier Roulette Presented by Microgaming

December 27th, 2010  |  Published in Gambling Games

Roulette is one of the most difficult games to improve upon. Betting follows a standard format except in the case of strange side bets. Over the past few years, new features have been added to the online versions of the game. Microgaming is known as one of the largest and most innovative online casino software developers. Surprisingly, they recently released a new roulette game: Premier Roulette.

The layout and features are well-organized to give a pleasing appearance and convenient navigation. The highlight of the game is the Change Table customization option which allows the player to modify the table based on their personal preference. The wheel color can be swapped between black and brown and the felt can be changed to red, blue or green. In total there are six possible combinations.

The wheel appears in 3D which adds to the realism. However, most players prefer to have the camera view from above. The table and wheel layouts are side-by-side which can be used to place inside and outside bets. Also, the wheel layout can be utilized to place call and split bets.

The visual features can be found at the top left of the screen. This is where the Change Table function is located. Other functions include:

  • Video Zoom
  • Win Details
  • Game Speeds

In the top right hand corner is the statistical information which includes, the bet amount and the amount won. Also, the History section can be viewed and contains the last nine numbers called broken down by color; red is one column and black is in another. Additionally, the Cover % presents the percentage of numbers covered by the wager. A more detailed analysis is available for expert players within the Statistical button.

At the bottom right are the operating buttons like the toggle between Regular and Expert mode. Expert mode permits the auto play function based on the betting layout from being activated. Furthermore, there is a European version of Premier Roulette.

Premier Roulette is an interesting new version of roulette offering a few enhancements not commonly found in normal roulette games. For the roulette enthusiast, this game is a must-try. Luckily, since Microgaming has had such a strong impact on the online gaming community, this game can be found at a variety of casinos. If you’re searching for a new variant, this is a great one to begin with.

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The Primary Rules of Roulette

June 28th, 2010  |  Published in Gambling Games

Roulette is an exciting game involving the rolling of a ball across a spinning wheel. The object is to select a winning number that will appear on the wheel. Other options include betting combinations of numbers, choosing odd or even and choosing a color; black or red.

The Equipment

Roulette is played on one of two wheels: the European wheel or the American wheel. The European wheel has 37 niches which are numbered 0-36. The American wheel contains 38 numbers due to the 00 spot. Unfortunately the addition of the 00 increases the house edge by 5.26 percent.

The layout of the betting table contains an inside and outside betting area. The inside area includes the individual numbers. These numbers are positioned in a 12 row by 3 column configuration. The 0 and 00 sit at the top of these columns. The outside area contains boxes for red/black, odd/even, columns and various groups of numbers.

Roulette Betting

When you first sit down and play, there are special chips that must be purchased from the dealer. Each player receives different colored chips to avoid any type of confusion. The chips can only be used at that specific table. As with all games, there’s a minimum and maximum bet.

There are many different combinations of inside bets that can be made including straight bets or those that straddle many numbers. Straight bets pay 35 to 1, split bets pay 17 to 1, line bets (straddles the inside and outside betting areas) pays 11 to 1, corner bet (touches 4 numbers) pays 8 to 1, basket bet (five number bet on zero) pays 6 to 1 and double street bet (six numbers) pays 5 to 1.

With the outside bets, red/black and odd/even are even money bets, dozens bets (12 numbers) pays 2 to 1, and column bets (12 numbers) pays 2 to 1. The payouts are much better with the inside bets, but there’s more risk involved.

The Roulette Game

The dealer is required to keep the wheel moving at all times. After all bets are placed, the ball is spun in the opposite direction of the wheel causing the ball to jump and spin prior to landing on a number. The winning number is indicated by the placement of a marker on the betting table. Players cannot place their bets for the next spin until the marker is removed.

Roulette is a fun and excited game that is quite popular on the gaming floors. This is a game of luck, but involves the calculation of odds vs. payout. While the casino has the edge against the average player, it’s still an entertaining way to spend money.

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