Black Friday Affecting Online Casinos

August 10th, 2011  |  Published in Inrodution

In April 2011, the United States Department of Justice forcibly closed several major online poker rooms on the grounds that their processing payments were conducted in an illegal manner. That event created a ripple which resulted in a major online casino group or software provider exiting the U.S. Internet gaming market on a weekly basis. This has continued for approximately the past four months.

The latest news is from Rival Gaming which has announced that its casinos will no longer accept U.S.-based players. This statement was confirmed by AffiliateWide, an affiliate program for the company. They stated, “We have received notification from our software provider, Rival that from 7th August we will no longer be able to accept new U.S. players. Please note your existing US players will still be able to deposit and you will continue to earn commission on player generated revenues.”

AffiliateWide currently has a large U.S. client base which is the reason the company has decided to switch to Top Game, another online game software developer. As of this moment, Top Game will continue to operate in the U.S. marketplace. Online casinos that are powered by Top Game include:

  • Box24 Casino
  • Spartan Slots
  • Black Diamond Casino

The message provided by AffiliateWide members detailed that the migration to Top Game will be completed by August 15th, 2011. Luckily, the switch will not cause any hiatus and the online gaming sites will provide Rival games until the migration is complete. This means that affiliates will be able to access Rival statistics on the AffiliateWide website. Once the changeover is complete, players will be able to bet on Top Game software and affiliates will login using the Top Game Affiliate system.

Furthermore, affiliates will be able to download new marketing tools and tracking codes. Unfortunately players who wish to continue betting on Rival games will be required to close down their accounts and find another Rival Gaming casino.

In addition to the news of Rival Gaming, another announcement was made as a result of Black Friday. Intertops online casino released a statement indicating that it will change its domain extension from .com to .eu. According to the company the reason for this change is to improve accessibility, reliability and the level of service. The real reason is due to American federal authorities who can easily act against .com’s.

Black Friday has and continues to have a significant impact on online casinos that operate within the United States market. If this trend continues, there will be no online casinos left to cater to the American client base.

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New Changes at Sloto’ Cash

August 9th, 2011  |  Published in Inrodution

Sloto Cash online casino recently announced that there will be some upcoming changes. The changes are a requirement due to the decision of Rival Gaming to stop accepting United States-based players. Associated affiliate marketing management programs of the software developer have had to make adjustments based on this decision. For instance, Affiliate Wide online casinos have completely switched providers to collaborate with Top Game software.

Members will Remain Active

Sloto Cash has reassured existing American players that their affiliate members will remain active without change and the casino will continue to provide Rival Gaming games. The email distributed to affiliates declaimed, “We invite you to subscribe to our revamped weekly newsletters so you can stay tuned to all retention and conversion campaigns we are running for your active players and new potential customers.”

Information from the Deck Media

The weekly newsletters titled, “The Deck Media”, have always provided affiliates and players with a valuable source of information during volatile times. Currently Sloto’ Cash has not yet detailed the upcoming changes. The only indication from the casino is that its new live support will soon be available. The newsletter did indicate that the changes will be extremely exciting and take effect in September 2011.

Bad News for Deck Media

On the other hand, there was bad news from the affiliate program Deck Media in early 2011. The affiliate management company lost GATM eCheck processor which processed all financial transactions for the company. Unfortunately when the eCheck company went under, Deck Media lost a significant amount of affiliate’s money. When affiliate programs lost eWalletXpress and MasterCard, the program absorbed the costs.

In the situation with eCheck, Deck Media was unable to absorb the losses. Therefore, those affiliates who generated earning from eCheck deposits had to surrender their earnings to the payment processor. Players and affiliates are hoping that the changes next month will settle down the activity at the casino and brands of Deck Media.

Sloto’ Cash Company Information

Licensed in the reputed gambling jurisdiction of Curacao, Sloto’ Cash online casino permits customers from the United Kingdom, South Africa, Australia, Japan and many other European countries.

Black Friday has played a significant toll on the online gambling industry. Almost every provider, affiliate or affiliate management company has been affected by the actions taken by the U.S. Department of Justice almost four months ago. Hopefully all online entities will be able to recover from this incident.

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An Overview of Summer Ease Slot Game

August 4th, 2011  |  Published in Gambling Games

Rival Gaming has developed a new slot game to capture the summer season and celebrate all the associated activities during those months. “Summer Ease” is an online slot game that features all summer vacationing activities during the introductory clip. These same activities are then presented in the game as symbols on the reels which include:

  • Grill
  • Picnic basket
  • Snorkel
  • Balls
  • Camp
  • Flowers Fishing reel
  • Sandcastle

Accompanying the well-crafted icons are plenty of animation with peppy music. For instance, a fish can be caught in the fishing reel and the grill is lifted to show that fish. Meanwhile the flower dance in the wind. The best animation in the game is the sandcastle which is demolished by ball.

In addition to the standard symbols are four special icons including the deck chair, bicycle, car and boat. The deck chair is the jackpot symbol awarding 8,888 coins. Typically jackpots offered by Rival Gaming slot games pay 5,000 coins. However, since the game celebrates the summer season, the company has decided to up the ante.

The bicycle is the scatter symbol which boasts two advantages. The first is the scatter payouts which are multiplied by the total bet which converts them to credits. If five bicycle icons appear on any of the reels, the player is awarded 100 coins. The other benefit is the scatter symbol activates the free spins round. Three bicycle symbols award 10 free spins, four equates to 20 free spins and five equals 75 free spins.

The car character represents the wild symbol which automatically replaces all other icons with the exception of the scatter and bonus figures. This character is only available on the first, third and fifth reels as a wild icon. When it appears, the entire reel is converted to help the player win.

Finally, the boat acts as the bonus symbol. Three or more triggers the bonus game which takes place in the high seas where the player must race the boat and avoid buoys. All bonus credits are awarded at the end of the round.

Summer Ease allows players to wager up to 10 coins per payline and features a total of 20 paylines. The betting denomination spans from $0.01 to $0.25. Summer Ease recently went live at all Rival Gaming-powered online casinos. This game is an excellent way to celebrate the activities summer has to offer while making a little extra money.

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Back Nine Looks to Capitalize on Prior Success of Hole in Won

July 11th, 2011  |  Published in Gambling Games

Developed by Rival Gaming, Back Nine is a golf-themed online slot game that is the sequel to the popular Hole in Won. The progress of software technology between the two installments of games is quite apparent. The symbols crafted in the Back nine are larger, more detailed and attractive. When the reels spin the symbols become translucent revealing a sand trap on a golf course in the background.

The introductory clip features a golfer hitting a hole-in-one which proceeds to introduce many of the symbols. All symbols boast some type of animation throughout the game.

As expected, the symbols are all representative of various aspects of golf. These include:

  • Trophy
  • Flag
  • Male golfer
  • Female golfer
  • Golf cart
  • Golf bag
  • Golf clubs
  • Back Nine logo

The symbol for the jackpot is a trophy which pays out 750 coins when five are aligned on an active payline. The flag represents the wild symbols which only appears on the second, third and fourth reels. The symbol then expands to fill an entire reel. After the expansion, the animation is depicted by a golfer driving the ball across a fairway.

The bonus symbol is represented by the male golfer. When three or more appear on the reels, the bonus game is activated. Unlike many other bonus rounds, this is a skill-based game. The first time the bonus game is activated the player is transported to the first hole. After, the software automatically takes the player to the next hole until nine are completed.

Also, a score sheet is maintained for all completed holes. The sheet displays the hole number, par, number of strokes taken and the amount above or below par. For every hole completed, players receive bonus credits based on the number of strokes taken to complete the hole. If the player hits a hole-in-one, the top payout is awarded. The amount of payouts is also reflected by the number of scatter symbols acquired in the spin.

Back Nine is a 15 payline i-slot game that allows players to wager a maximum of five coins per payline. The coin designation ranges from $0.01 to $1.00 for a total bet of $45. Back Nine is one of the best golf-themed online slot games currently available. Rival Gaming did not spare any detail to give players the golfing experience of their dreams.

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A Lull in Game Development for May 2011

June 7th, 2011  |  Published in Casino News

Experts have noticed a lull in online gaming software development during the month of May 2011. As the close of the month approaches, the number of new games released has been below the average compared with previous years. It has not yet been revealed whether this is a coincidence or the calm before the storm.


In the past, Microgaming has been the first provider to release new games each month. These games are typically launched toward the end of the first week or beginning of the second week. Also, new games are usually announced a month before release. Unfortunately there were no new announcements in April for May.

This is likely due to the Grand Slam of Slot II Tournament, hosted by Microgaming. The company does not want to divert attention away from the competition. Since the tournament ends in at the beginning of June, there may not be any additional slot games released for that month either.


Cryptologic has also not released any new games. However, the company has not gone live with any new slots for the past six months on account of its current financial rough patch. Cryptologic is beginning to turn around its finances as is evident by the announcement of a new super hero slot game with a time period that is to be determined.

Vegas Technology

On the other hand, Vegas Technology has been releasing games at a rate of one per month. The games usually go live in the third or fourth week of each month without an announcement. Therefore, it is unlikely the developer will skip a month for no reason so a game should be released soon.

Rival Gaming

Additionally, Rival Gaming has not yet released any games in May but March and April had several new games. In March, Rival Gaming released four new additions to their 3D series and April saw three new video slot games. Perhaps the company has decided to take a month off with releases and begin fresh in June.


Finally, WagerWorks is known to release one game per month but has been known to skip months. The developer’s last release was March 2011. Therefore, a new game should be in the works. WagerWorks has a reputation for releasing high quality games and is not known for quantity. With a lull in the action for May, it is likely June will bring many new games.

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Rival Gaming Fuses New Concept to Create a Bingo-Themed Slot Game

May 30th, 2011  |  Published in Gambling Games

Rival Gaming has developed a new concept of fusing two different gambling games into one; a bingo-themed online slot game. Although players are unable to actually play a competitive game of bingo, they will still be able to enjoy the atmosphere of a bingo hall in new slot game, Five Reel Bingo.

The introductory clip takes players through the experiences found at a bingo hall such as the casual chatter. The announcer then calls a number at which the clip shows an old man holding a bingo marker, anxiously awaiting the next number announcement. The announcer calls the next number prompting an elderly woman to stand up and yell “Bingo.”

The symbols on the reels in the slot game stem from the game of Bingo itself. These icons include:

  • Bingo market
  • Ball dispenser
  • Announcer
  • Squeak rubber doll
  • Bingo cards
  • The old lady
  • The old man
  • Star

The old lady from the introductory clip is representative of the jackpot symbol since she won. The highest paying jackpot in the game is 2,500 coins. The old man, also from the clip, acts as the scatter symbol. Three of these icons and the player is awarded five free spins, four and the player is given ten free spins and five will grant the player twenty free spins. Also, payouts during this round are tripled. The star is the wild symbol which only appears on reels 1, 3 and 5.

Five Reel Bingo also offers an unusual bonus game in which each reel is designated with a specific scatter symbol letter that spells BINGO. If the word BINGO appears across all five reels, the player can engage in a regular game of Bingo. In the bonus game version, numbers are called and marked off a standard bingo card. There are a variety of Bingo patterns, each with a different payout. The player will receive the payout of the pattern that initially forms.

All horizontal and vertical lines pay 3,000 coins while a diagonal line pays 5,000 coins, four corners equates to 7,000 coins and a horizontal/vertical combination equals 10,000 coins. The game is available for play at regular and accelerated speeds.

Five Reel Bingo is currently available at all Rival Gaming casinos like RubyRoyal and Sloto’ Cash. This game is an exciting and innovative take on the standard, popular game of Bingo. All aspects of the normal game are present to improve the experience.

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New Texas-themed Slot from Rival Gaming

April 8th, 2011  |  Published in Gambling Games

Rival Gaming recently released Gushers Gold, a Texas-themed slot game which went live March 30th, 2011. Gushers Gold is a name that refers to the amount of oil pumped from the ground across Texas. Due to the recent economy, oil is worth more than its weight in gold. The background in the game is set to the Texan desert while the symbols relate to the oil industry in addition to the vast wealth it generates. The symbols include:

  • Oil rig
  • Cigars
  • Luxury car
  • Map of Texas
  • Helmet
  • Wads of cash
  • Ownership deed
  • Trendy flask
  • Texan tycoon
  • Oil barrel
  • Tycoon’s girlfriend
  • Oil pump

The Texan tycoon icon is representative of the jackpot symbol thus delivering the highest payout in the game of 1,000 coins. This occurs when five or more tycoon’s appear on an active payline. The oil barrel is another special symbol that represents the wild icon which can be substituted for other symbols to make winning combinations. This symbol only appears in reels 1, 3 and 5. When it does appear, the character expands to all reels.

The tycoon’s girlfriend, wearing a tiara, grants the free spins round. To activate this bonus, players must hit three of these symbols anywhere on the reels which gives the player 3 free spins. When four symbols appear, 10 free spins are awarded and five symbols equates to 15 free spins. Payouts during this round are tripled.

Finally, the oil pump is the special symbol that triggers the bonus game. This occurs when three or more appear on any of the reels. The player is transported to an oil field where he must select one of the three oil rigs. Using the levers that appear, the player must then select from one of four depths to drill. The player must finally click to reveal his winnings. Depending on the result, the player can play the bonus game several times.

An additional feature in the game is random jackpot which is measured by the jackpot meter on the left side of the screen. After any spin, oil could flow into the meter. If the oil does not fill the meter, it will be dumped out. However, if it goes to the top, the player wins the jackpot.

With many extra games and features, Gushers Gold looks to be an exciting new addition to the Rival Gaming portfolio. To try the game, go to Ruby Royal online casino or Sloto’ Cash online casino.

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3D Slots Rolled Out by Rival Gaming

March 16th, 2011  |  Published in Gambling Games

The newest release from Rival Gaming, entitled “Beretta’s Vendetta”, is one of the best action-themed slot games ever released by any online gaming software provider due to the excellent sound and graphics. Beretta’s Vendetta is part of the newly launched Rival Gaming 3D slot line.

The plot begins 25 years in the past when Beretta was new on the police force. He was on patrol one day and decided to stop at a restaurant for lunch. Mr. Dynamite, who is sporting a rabbit mask, is shown detonating a device that blows up the police car with Beretta’s partner inside. Flash forward and Beretta is the top cop who is looking for personal revenge on Mr. Dynamite.

The game begins with Mr. Dynamite shacked up in a city building and Beretta moments away from storming the location. The left side of the reels shows a team of law enforcement officials waiting for the signal to enter the building while Beretta directs the operation on the right side of the reels. Beretta makes comments throughout the gameplay like, “Do you see any hostages?” and “Don’t let him get away this time.”

There are three primary symbols that control the game including:

  • Helicopter
  • Elite SWAT team
  • Mr. Dynamite

The helicopter is an expanding wild symbol. When hit, the rows of symbols combine to display a skyline of skyscrapers in the background. The scatter symbol is the elite SWAT team that produces scattered payouts when three or more appear on the screen.

The animation of this symbol shows a SWAT team conducting reconnaissance of the area. The Mr. Dynamite symbol is the trigger for a free spins bonus round. Three of these symbols equates to six free spins; four equals 12 spins and five awards 18 free spins.

The highlight of this slot variant is the bonus game in which the setting is an aerial view of the city with markings in seven locations representing banks. Mr. Dynamite has placed bombs at each of these locales. The number of bonus symbols on the screen determines the number of turns a player receives. For each round, the player selects one of the banks and the screen zooms in to show the SWAT team cutting the wire with 0.01 seconds left on the timer.

Beretta’s Vendetta is the seventh installment of the rapidly expanding 3D slot game series. The game is expected to be available at all Rival Gaming casinos in the near future. This is by-far one of the most exciting and visually pleasing online slot games ever released. Stop by one of the many Rival Gaming casinos to get in on the action.

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The Launch of a New Rival Gaming Casino

March 7th, 2011  |  Published in Inrodution

Rival Gaming recently launched a new online gaming site entitled, “Golden Cherry” which is promoted by the Affactive Affiliate Program. Within this affiliate program Affactive manages the administrative functions like 24 hour customer support, retention initiatives and in-hour processing. Other casinos that currently fall under the Affactive umbrella include:

  • Casino Titan
  • Mayflower Casino
  • Slots Jungle Casino
  • WinPalace Casino

Golden Cherry internet casino is licensed and in the gaming jurisdiction of Curacao. Also, since the casino is powered by Rival Gaming software, players from the United States are accepted and will be able to participate in real money games.

Golden Cherry will allow users to play all games in the downloadable and instant-play versions. There are over 80 games offered in groups such as craps, roulette, blackjack, slots and video poker. Additionally, the innovative Rival Gaming i-slots feature with interactive bonus rounds is available.

The casino is coming out swinging with regards to welcome bonuses. For slot players, the promotion is extremely attractive by offering a 300 percent matching bonus for the initial deposit to a maximum of $3,000. Those engaging in regular games will be offered a two-step bonus of 50 percent casino matching up to $444 for each round. Therefore, the total obtainable bonus is $888. Additionally, regular players are presented through email, weekly reload bonuses.

Since Golden Cherry is new to the industry, Realtime Gaming is anxious to promote the entity through its current members and word of mouth. As a result, current players are offered $50 for referring a friend to the site. All bonuses are subject to specific terms and conditions prior to release into the player’s account.

All financial transactions are conducted in U.S. dollars to remain consistent. Those who make deposits using other currencies will have that among converted. The casino offers the typical payment options such as, Moneybookers, ClickandBuy, NeTeller, Click2Pay, UseMyWallet, Ukash and Gold-Pay. However, all accounts are subject to verification to prevent any fraudulent activity. Most deposits require a minimum of $25 with a maximum of $1,000.

This casino looks promising due to its backing from an industry giant as well as extremely attractive welcome bonuses. Additionally, it appears as if the customer support is knowledgeable, fast and accessible. Therefore, if you are looking for a new place to play any casino game (especially slots), look no further because Golden Cherry has arrived.

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Rival Gaming Releases Opera-Themed Slot Game

February 22nd, 2011  |  Published in Gambling Games

Online casino developers continue to release many slot games with a variety of themes. Sports, cultures, cuisines, tattoos and now Opera? Not exactly a theme you would think fits well with gambling. However, Rival Gaming makes it work. The company is trying to fulfill the tastes of all different types of online players. With the introduction of Opera Night, they are moving one step closer to their goal.

The introductory clip begins in a comic fashion with a fat lady singer emitting a high pitched note that cracks the glasses of the conductor. The graphical reels are set on an opera stage. As the wheels on the reels spin, the experience is similar to watching the characters in the opera enter and exit the stage. The background scene is of varying colors like the lights at an opera and the soft music playing throughout the game is that of opera.

The dramatis personae list (symbols on the reels) can be found in the payout table and includes the following characters:

  • A Phantom of the Opera masked character
  • Spanish dancer
  • Male singer
  • Female singer
  • Medieval knight in armor
  • African queen
  • Sad joker
  • Japanese Geisha
  • American independence revolutionary
  • Conductor

Due to the interesting setting, there is a plethora of animations that occur throughout the game. For instance, all symbols become animated whenever a winning combination is hit. The Japanese Geisha waves her fan, the knight brandishes is sword, the American revolutionary signs the Declaration of Independence and much more.

Night Opera is a feature-rich online slot game with many opportunities to win. The Spanish dancer represents the wild symbol while the male singer is the jackpot offering 2,000 coins when hit. The conductor signifies the scatter symbol which equates to five free spins when the three symbols appear, ten free spins when four symbols appear and twenty free spins when five symbols appear. During the free spins round, payouts are tripled.

Additionally, three or more female singer symbols triggers the bonus game in which the singer is on the stage with three glasses in the foreground. The player is required to choose the pitch of the note and therefore is awarded a specific number of bonus credits based on the glass that is shattered. This game also presents a new feature called the Opera Drop. When triggered, the drop symbols (the masked man) fall and are replaced by random, new symbols.

Night Opera is currently live at all Rival Gaming-powered casinos. The game appears to be exciting and should be competitive with similar slot games. The new feature alone makes this game worth trying during your next visit to a Rival Gaming casino.

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