Rival Gaming Releases Opera-Themed Slot Game

February 22nd, 2011  |  Published in Gambling Games

Online casino developers continue to release many slot games with a variety of themes. Sports, cultures, cuisines, tattoos and now Opera? Not exactly a theme you would think fits well with gambling. However, Rival Gaming makes it work. The company is trying to fulfill the tastes of all different types of online players. With the introduction of Opera Night, they are moving one step closer to their goal.

The introductory clip begins in a comic fashion with a fat lady singer emitting a high pitched note that cracks the glasses of the conductor. The graphical reels are set on an opera stage. As the wheels on the reels spin, the experience is similar to watching the characters in the opera enter and exit the stage. The background scene is of varying colors like the lights at an opera and the soft music playing throughout the game is that of opera.

The dramatis personae list (symbols on the reels) can be found in the payout table and includes the following characters:

  • A Phantom of the Opera masked character
  • Spanish dancer
  • Male singer
  • Female singer
  • Medieval knight in armor
  • African queen
  • Sad joker
  • Japanese Geisha
  • American independence revolutionary
  • Conductor

Due to the interesting setting, there is a plethora of animations that occur throughout the game. For instance, all symbols become animated whenever a winning combination is hit. The Japanese Geisha waves her fan, the knight brandishes is sword, the American revolutionary signs the Declaration of Independence and much more.

Night Opera is a feature-rich online slot game with many opportunities to win. The Spanish dancer represents the wild symbol while the male singer is the jackpot offering 2,000 coins when hit. The conductor signifies the scatter symbol which equates to five free spins when the three symbols appear, ten free spins when four symbols appear and twenty free spins when five symbols appear. During the free spins round, payouts are tripled.

Additionally, three or more female singer symbols triggers the bonus game in which the singer is on the stage with three glasses in the foreground. The player is required to choose the pitch of the note and therefore is awarded a specific number of bonus credits based on the glass that is shattered. This game also presents a new feature called the Opera Drop. When triggered, the drop symbols (the masked man) fall and are replaced by random, new symbols.

Night Opera is currently live at all Rival Gaming-powered casinos. The game appears to be exciting and should be competitive with similar slot games. The new feature alone makes this game worth trying during your next visit to a Rival Gaming casino.

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