Payments Resume at QuickTender Payment Processor

July 28th, 2011  |  Published in Casino News

Owner and operator of UseMyWallet, QuickTender is an online financial payment solution provider that services the United States. QuickTender was significantly affected by the events that occurred on Black Friday because one of its primary financial payment processors, Chargestream, was indicated by the Department of Justice. As a result, the company stop payments for a short time and have moved the funds to European bank accounts.

Moving Funds to European Banks

QuickTender has contacted American players confirming that their funds are safe in European bank accounts that would pay in Euros. However, the company also stated that it will need some time to develop the mechanics of the system. Despite these assurances, many U.S. players continue to worry as to whether they will receive their money back. Luckily, the future is bright for these account-holders.

QuickTender Dispensing Funds to U.S., U.K and Canadian Players

There have been reports from a few online forums that QuickTender has begun paying customer balances. The company sent an email to its customers regarding repayments on June 23rd, 2011 indicating that players who wanted access to their accounts were required to wait until August 15th. However, those players with accounts in the United Kingdom, United States and Canada have already begun receiving funding.

Balance Scenarios

Currently, only the players that had balances held by the payment processor following Black Friday are being paid. Those with funds in transit continue to be held up. These specific transfers were released by QuickTender by remained in the accounts of Chargestream during the indictment process. Therefore, since Chargesteam was indicted by U.S. authorities, it is unlikely those players will receive their money.

Next Steps

Unfortunately players who withdrew their balances from online casinos are required to resend their banking details to the QuickTender electronic wallet through customer support. QuickTender asked customers to utilize a bank account that is in Euros in order to successfully receive their funds as U.S. Dollar transfer was not a viable option. Those balances in Dollars would be converted to Euros and transferred.

Online American players should appreciate the careful steps QuickTender has taken to retrieve their money. If the payment processor continued to dispense funds as a result of the continued pressure from its users, more funds would have become frozen. There is no doubt that players currently receiving their long-awaited funds feel it was well worth the wait.

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