The Best Way to Play from Any Poker Table Position

March 9th, 2010  |  Published in Casino Tips

Where you are seated at the poker table makes a huge difference in most games. In a poker game like Texas Hold ‘Em, having a good spot at the table can lead you to making bigger bets and winning more hands. Unfortunately, you will not always get your choice of seats. Rather then hope for the best seat in the house, learn how to play each to your advantage.

The Best Way to Play According to your Poker Spot

Any good player knows the importance of strategy in a poker match, but a great poker player knows that you must be ready to adjust your strategy to suit the game. One of the best adjustments you can make in strategy is to play according to your position.

How to Play From an Early Position

An early position is often considered the worse seat in the house. When you are betting in the early position, you typically have nine players coming in after you. This serves as a huge disadvantage because you are not able to gauge the other players or control the pot raises as well as a player farther down the line. When you are playing in the early position the best strategy is to limit the hands you play. Only play the hands you feel confident about and fold on the others.

How to Play from a Middle Position

If you are seated in the middle position, you have the advantage of knowing what the players before you dead and the disadvantage of not knowing what the players after you will do. The best strategy for the middle position is to play a mixture of conservative and aggressive play depending on what the players before you did. For example, if the players in front of you fold, it is a good idea to raise since you only have a few players left to beat.

How to Play from a Late Position

The late position is often considered the best place to be in Texas Hold ‘Em. This position gives you a chance to see the actions of all of your opponents. The best strategy to use in the late position is to play aggressively after careful observation of your opponents. Watch what your opponents do carefully, they will show you how to hedge your bet and whether you should fold or call.

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