The Variety of Perks in Various Online Casinos

May 10th, 2010  |  Published in Casino Tips

Online casinos, much like land based casinos, all offer special promotions to their regular customers as well as first time visitors. These special promotions can vary widely from online casino to online casino. There are several common special promotions, perks, and other benefits that you can find in online casinos. Do your homework, research your options, and find one that suits you best before you sign up to your next virtual gaming experience.

The Different Benefits of Online Casinos

Free Game Play

Free game play is a very common reward given out by both land based and online casinos. With free game play, you are given a limited monetary amount that you can spend in the casino for free. Any winnings you collect are yours to keep. Free game play can apply to either slot machines, the tables, or both depending on the casino’s policy. Casinos offer free game play as a way to entice new players into their establishment, or as a promotional tool for their long standing players.

No Deposit Play

Some online casinos require you to put down a deposit before you can play for money in their casino. This is done to protect the casino as scammers have become incredibly popular in online gaming in recent years. However, there are casinos that offer no deposit sign ups. If you are playing on a limit budget, this option may be for you. However, be careful of any online casino offering too much for free.

Free Poker Tournaments

Another popular form of promotion is for a casino to host a free poker tournament. These tournaments do not require the player to buy-in to the tournament, however, there is often a limited amount to how much the player can spend and how long they can play. No-buy in tournaments can be very fun, however, and should be considered by anyone looking to try out an online poker tournament.

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The Differences Between a Poker Professional and an Amateur

April 19th, 2010  |  Published in Inrodution

You can always spot the poker professionals at the poker tournaments. Even if you do not know them by name or face, there is just something about a poker professional. They give off a level of knowledge and confidence that is impossible not to notice, but there are other differences between the pros and the amateurs that are harder to spot. These differences are what keep amateurs, amateurs.

The Key Characteristics of a Poker Professional

A Professional Plays Poker Slowly

Poker professionals are quick thinking, but often move slower then an amateur while during hands. The reason for this is simple, the professional is taking his time to hedge his bet and gauge his hand. Poker professionals understand the importance of studying each hand and every bet. Acting quickly may be more exciting, but it will cost you in the long run.

A Professional Stays Calm

While this doesn’t hold true of all poker professionals, as there are a few wild characters on the tournament lists, most poker professionals are calm. They sit quietly at the table, make ideal chit chat, and do not overreact when they loose a hand. There is a good reason for this. By remaining calm you give off an appearance of confidence that can be intimidating to your opponent. Calmness also helps to hide an poker tells you may have. An easy way to spot a weak player is by their loud or aggressive behavior.

A Professional Changes Their Strategy

A lot of players learn a strategy and stick with it through out every poker game they play. While having a good strategy is important, a poker professional knows that going with the flow is just as important. If your strategy stops working mid game, then you need to switch it up. If you frequently play against the same opponents, shock them out of their bets by playing a new way. Chances are your opponents are aware of your strategy by now and have learned to use it against you.

A  Professional Does Not Bet the Same in Every Hand

Most amateur players can be divided in to loose or aggressive betters. Either they hardly ever raise a bet, or they throw money around the table through the whole game. A professional knows that sticking to one betting strategy is not the way to win big. Most professionals bet modestly throughout the game, but then aggressively go after the pot when they hit a good hand.

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Top Three Razz Poker Tips

April 5th, 2010  |  Published in Gambling Games

Razz poker got its popularity in poker tournaments, frustrating professional poker players left and right. Since then, Razz poker has quickly become a requested game at poker tournaments and casinos alike. Razz is a lot like other poker games, the player pays an Ante to be in the round and the dealer hands out the cards. Razz has one noticeable exception to the rules, however. In Razz, the player holding the lowest card hand at the end of the game wins the round. It is more challenging then it sounds and players could use a few strategies to help them in this game.

Top Three Razz Poker Tips

1. Look for the dead cards. In most poker games, such as Seven Card Stud, the player is on the look out for live cards- those cards that let him know a good hand is on its way. In Razz poker, any good player would know to look for the dead cards- or rather those cards that guarantee his hand is not going to start showing pairs. If you have an Ace, four, and six card and you see two Aces, to fours, and two sixes- chances are you are holding a good hand. After all, the likelihood of you drawing any of those cards while three are already present on the table is slim.

2. Play your hand quickly. Razz poker is best played on the aggressive side. If you are holding a good hand, or rather a bad hand in this game, you want to jam the betting at each opportunity. The goal is to have a high pot on third street so by the time you get to fourth street you can call that terrible hand of yours. It may be tempting to play slow bets in Razz, since there are so many betting opportunities. However, by shooting up the betting you will force other players out of the game early and raise the pot. Words to the wise though, do not play too aggressively or you may wind up spending your entire bankroll before you realize it.

3. Know when to fold your hand. Like any game of poker, it is vital that you know when to play and when to fold. Learn to read the table and your opponents. If you are holding a questionable hand, and it seems like your opponents are not, then it may be best to fold.

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Poker Academy to be hosted by Hooters in Hollywood, California

February 24th, 2010  |  Published in Casino News

Pretty soon, Hooters won’t just be famous for wings, they’ll be famous for education. Hooters is launching a free poker academy in February, in conjunction with AbsolutePoker.Net. The academy will be held in Hollywood, California, promises to bring in some big names in poker, and best of all- it is free.

The AbsolutePoker.Net Hollywood Poker Academy

The Poker Academy is scheduled to take place in February. Hosted by Matt Vengrin, one of the youngest poker professionals, the Poker Academy will feature table games where players can test their skills live, as well as gaming terminals, where players can play against other online players at Matt Vengrin will be offering free poker playing advice to every player. Trishelle Cannatella and Lacey Jones will be in attendance, and everyone will get free beer and chicken wings courtesy of Hooters.

About is a branch of Tokwiro Enterprises Enrg, based out of Canada. The website features an online poker room, tournaments, and a place to learn popular poker games. Games played at’s poker rooms include Texas Hold ‘Em, Omaha, Stud, Stud High Low, and classic poker games.

Poker tournaments include single table tournaments, multiple table tournaments, and’s special tournament- the free roll tournament. In a free roll tournament, no buy-in chips are required.’s “Learn to Play” area teaches poker newcomers the ropes of several popular poker games include Texas Hold ‘Em, Omaha, and Stud. The site goes over everything a beginner needs to know- the rules of the game, poker etiquette, tutorials, and video lessons on learning poker games.

How to Participate in the Hollywood Poker Academy

The Hollywood Poker Academy is by invite only, but interested parties can still join in. First, a player needs to sign up for an account at using the promotional code, HOOTERS. After their account has been activated, all the player has to do is email the first and last name, and screen name, to An employee of will send the player an invitation with instructions on how to participate in the Poker Academy.

Signing up for and participating in the Hollywood Poker Academy is free. Food and drinks (those famous chicken wings and beer) will also be provided by Hooters for free. Popular poker games, like Texas Hold ‘Em and Stud, will be covered at the academy.

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What is a Slot Tournament?

February 22nd, 2010  |  Published in Inrodution

Tournaments are a popular event at any casino. They offer a chance for players to compete against each other, test their skills, and win prizes. When people think of tournaments inside a casino, they typically think of the popular poker tournaments but slot machines have made their way to the tournament ranks as well.

What is a Slot Tournament?

A slot tournament is similar to a poker tournament. A player will sign up for the slot tournament of their choice and pay a small entry fee. When the tournament starts, each player is given a set slot machine and a limited amount of casino credit. The goal of the slot tournament is to win as much money as possible in the amount of time given. A slot tournament is based more on luck, unlike a poker tournament, which is heavily based on skill.

How to Enter a Slot Tournament

Entering a slot tournament is simple. Casinos will often set up special booths before a slot tournament event; participants can sign up at one of those booths or with the casino concierge. Typically, there is a minimum fee to enter and the tournaments take a limited number of slot players. However, most casinos host slot tournaments often so there is a chance for everyone to join in. Some casinos also offer an online sign-up. Players can register for the slot tournament on the casino website.

How to Play in a Slot Tournament

Once a participant has entered in to a slot tournament, they will be given a slot machine and a set start time. After their start time, the player sits at their machine, which comes preloaded with the maximum amount of credits given in the tournament. The player’s job is to then play the slot machine as quickly as they can until the time runs out. The player that has the highest winnings at the end of the allotted time wins that round. Typically, slot tournaments have several rounds and the highest players from each will advance to the next round until a winner is decided.

Slot tournaments often pay more then one winner. Typically, the first place player receives the highest prize followed by three or more players who receive a smaller prize. Other top players are often given casino perks such as free meals or hotel stays.

Slot tournaments are a fun way to win prizes at the casino for any patron who likes to play the slots. Since they require very little skill, anyone can play.

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Follow the Poker Professionals on Twitter

February 3rd, 2010  |  Published in Casino Tips

If you are not following the poker pros’ Twitter accounts, you are missing out. Some of the pros post a dozen twitter updates a day, and most of them are informative and/or humorous.  In addition, these Twitter accounts can give you the inside scoop on the biggest poker tournaments around the globe as the pros Tweet updates from the inside. Occasionally, you will also find a poker tip or two coming across the social networking wires.

What is Twitter?

Twitter is a combination of micro blogging and social networking website. A user signs up for an account at and then posts short blogs about their daily life. Twitter allows users to post their own micro blogs as often as they want as well as follow other people’s Tweets so they can see them right on their Twitter feed.

Millions of people have a Twitter account, including poker websites, casinos, and professional poker players. You can follow any of these people by signing up for your own Twitter account and adding them to your followers list.

Who You Should Follow on Twitter

1. @TexDolly- Run by Doyle Brunson, famous poker player and owner of, @TexDolly is one of the most frequently updated professional poker player Twitter accounts. Brunson updates six to twelve times a day, typically political information, and blonde jokes.

2. @Erik_Seidel- Erik Siedel is an eight-time WSOP gold bracelet winner. Siedel likes to post Tweets about poker tournaments he is attending.

3. @JoeSebok- Joe Sebok has the largest amount of followers (over one million) of any professional poker player. While you will not find much information about poker, (Joe is fond of posting quotes and other tidbits,) he is still worth following.

4. @RealKidPoker- Run by Daniel Negreanu, @RealKidPoker is one of the most frequently updated Twitter accounts by a professional poker player. Daniel Negreanu also hosts a blog about poker.

5. @basebaldy- Eric Baldwin updates his Twitter account with insider information on Poker Tournaments across the globe. Eric Baldwin is Card Player Magazine’s Poker Player of the Year for 2009, and his Twitter account is worth following if you want to learn what the biggest poker tournaments are really like.

6. @RoothlusUncut- Run by Adam Levy, @RoothlusUncut is not a Twitter account about poker. Instead, Levy posts pieces of conversations he overhears throughout the day. The Twitter updates are usually pretty interesting and worth reading.

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Discover the Types of Online Poker Tournaments

November 26th, 2009  |  Published in Inrodution

Poker has emerged to become one of the most popular casino games in the world.  While there are several variants available, many agree that the most exciting atmosphere is experienced in the intense tournament environment.

When it comes to online poker tournaments, interested players have a vast selection to choose from.  These versions offer numerous advantages over their live counterparts.  For one, they can be played in the comfort of your own home, sparing you the expense of driving to a crowded casino.  Tournaments online also draw considerably more players, which means there are bigger prize pools up for grabs.

Perhaps the best thing about poker tournaments is that they are running every single minute in popular poker rooms all throughout the web.  There are many types of online poker tournaments, and we have listed just a few of the many options available to you.

Multi-Table Tournaments

Most online poker tournaments are of the multi-table variety.  With these variations, all players begin the game with a predetermined amount of chips.  Players are eliminated from the table as winning hands progress.  While the number of players at each table is reduced, the remaining players are rotated to keep the tables active.  This keeps up until the last few players find themselves battling it out at the final poker table.

There are also multi-table tournaments constructed in a shootout format where players remain at their tables until only one as left.  The winners at their respective tables then battle it out amongst themselves.

Satellite Tournaments

Satellite tournaments are very popular because they give you the opportunity to win your way into a bigger online tournament without paying the full entry fee.  Thus, instead of receiving cash, your prize is entry into another tournament, one where an even bigger purse is on the line.  Satellites are not only good for buying your way into online poker tournaments, but also winning seats for poplar live tournaments such as those hosted by the WPT or WSOP.

Most of these tournaments conclude after a certain number of players are left, and the remaining players gain entry to whatever event is on the line.  Therefore, the goal isn’t always to stack up the most chips, but to outlast the number of players determined by the tournament rules.

Rebuy Tournaments

Rebuy tournaments are very much like multi-table online poker tournaments.  There is however, one major difference.  These tournaments give you the opportunity to rebuy more chips at the table before the hand begins, which could give you a tremendous advantage over players who do not take up on this option.

Furthermore, any time you fall below a certain number of chips, you have the option to rebuy up to your initial starting stack.  You often see a lot of loose and sloppy play in the early stages of rebuy tournaments.  This is attributed to the fact that because players know they can rebuy, they are often a lot more daring.

Free-Roll Tournaments

These online tournaments make a great way for the novice player to gain experience without risking any real money.  Hence the name, they are free to enter but often pay the winners and top finishers in cash.  Because they are free, these tournaments are commonly compromised of thousands of inexperienced and bad players.  For this reason, free to roll tournaments usually are not attractive to experienced players.  However, they could be worth trying simply because there is the possibility of winning a cash price without having to pay anything to enter.

Tips for Online Tournament Play

When playing any online poker tournament, it is important to keep in mind that you must truly be on top of your game if you expect to come out a winner.  You have to remember that many of your opponents will be seasoned professional players who enter these tournaments to earn a living.  Therefore, you need to be very cautious of type of tournament you decide to enter.

If you are a beginner, you may want to consider participating in smaller tournament and then working your way up as you gain experience.  Once you get the hang of things, it could be you who wins a big online poker tournament and takes home an even bigger prize.

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