A Review of Bee Land Online Slot Game

July 27th, 2011  |  Published in Gambling Games

Top Game recently released “Bee Land”, an online slot game that takes a look at the various activities of bees. The graphics are comically crafted with the reels being set in a garden and operating buttons set in flowers. Bee Land is highly-detailed with a comical spin on bee life.

Wild Symbol

The symbols are appropriate for the game type with the queen bee’s crown acting as the wild icon. When substituted for other symbols during a winning combination, the queen bee sits on her thrown with two worker bees fluttering around. This symbol also delivers the highest jackpot of 5,000 coins when five appear on a single payline. The next highest payout is awarded by the hive symbol which equates to 1,000 coins.

Other High Paying Symbols

Other high paying symbols include the lamp, traffic signal and sunflower. Furthermore, instead of using high value card symbols like most other slot games, Bee Land utilizes several bees performing various jobs including, a guitarist, dancer, policeman, artist and janitor.

Honey Maker Symbol

The free spins symbol is represented by the honey maker. Therefore, when three or more of these icons appear anywhere on the reels, the free spins round is triggered. During this bonus round, players are given 12 free spins with a payout multiplied that is dependent on the number of honey maker symbols that have appeared. Three symbols equate to a 3x multiplier, four equals a 5x multiplier and five offers a 10x multiplier.

The Honey Queen Bonus Game

The most exciting aspect of Bee Land is the Honey Queen Bonus Game which is activated by at least three wild flower symbols on a single payline. The game features three rounds with incredible animations. The first stage requires the player to select a flower from a garden and the bee collects pollen from it. During this round, random bonus credits are given.

Next, the bee takes the pollen to convert it to honey by one of the three honey makers selected by the player. Once again, random bonus credits are awarded. The player finally selects one of the hives and the bee transports the honey to the queen where it receives a kiss and the player is awarded a bonus. However, the honey makers in the second level and hives in the third can contain a booby trap. The sum of the three rounds is added to the player’s account.

Bee Land is a well-crafted online slot game with plenty of chances to succeed. Also, the game boasts a theme that has not yet been presented to the online gambling industry. As a result of the creativity and excitement, this game is likely to become extremely popular

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Introduction to Online Slots Tournaments

December 12th, 2009  |  Published in Inrodution

Poker may arguably be the most popular of all casino games today, but it isn’t the only one that can deliver the thrill of tournament competition.  Online slots tournaments have grown alongside the internet gambling industry.  And with gambling slowly becoming legal in more states, the popularity of these tournaments is likely to enjoy continuous growth.

Reasons to Enter Online Slots Tournaments

Online slots tournaments are not like tournaments for casino games, such as poker and blackjack.  Instead of competing against one another, players enjoy the slot machines all at once with the same budget and under the same rules.  The player that has the highest number of coins or credits at the end the event takes home the prize.

Some casinos offer freeroll online tournaments, which means that you to not have to pay to enter.  The advantage here is quite obvious.  However, the disadvantages, mainly the fact the freerolls tend to have a considerably larger number of players, make the competition much more fierce.  The prizes are usually smaller as well.

On the bright side, winning even a small prize is a profit, since you did not pay anything to participate.  In addition, the prize for many freerolls is free entry into bigger and higher paying tournaments.

How to Play

As you probably know, there isn’t much strategy to apply when approaching slots machines.  This factor makes participating in an online tournament a piece of cake.

However, in order to get in on the action, you must find an online casino that offers tournaments.  Most casinos will publish schedules for these events and make the information available to interested players on their website.  A schedule will usually let you know the time and date, the type of slots game and tournament, the prize and bonuses.

Once you register, the casino provides you with a certain amount of coins or credits and assigns you to a certain machine.  If you are playing at a tournament in a brick and mortar casino, your machine may be labeled with a large number to ensure you have no trouble identify your spot.

While the rules of an online slots tournament vary depending on the casino, most follow the same basic structure.  You can play one or multiple credits at a time, but cannot wager with your winnings.  Once the allotted time expires, the player with the highest winning balance wins the tournament and the prize.

Prize Structure

Most online slots tournaments give prizes to both the first and second place player.  Larger tournaments that have more players typically have a greater number of prizes on the line.  As we mentioned above, the prize for some tournaments, mainly freerolls, is free entry to a higher level tournament with bigger prizes.  There are also tournaments that allow rebuys; if you run out of coins or credits, you can purchase more during the game.

Some online slots tournaments even allow players to wager with the credits they win.  However, this is not common, as it makes the simple game a little more complex in terms of managing your bankroll.  If this is the type of event you want to enter, be sure to read the rules carefully before you sign up.


Online slots tournaments offer an excellent way to indulge in slot play with little risk and a decent chance of coming out a winner.  If you are someone who plays the slots frequently, the online tournament environment should be something you can easily master.

In traditional games, you sit down at a machine, feed it your money, win a little, play with those winnings, and more than likely, leave the chair with nothing to show for your efforts.  Despite all the fun, slots are an easy way to lose a lot of money quickly.

In contrast, online slots tournaments are different, making them a great solution the traditional dilemma.  When entering the event, you receive a predetermined number of coins or credits, which is a factor that guarantees you will play at for a certain amount of time.  Furthermore, slots tournaments both on and offline produce at least one winner.  Some produce several, and you could be one of them!

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