Land-Based Casinos Gripe about Online Casinos

February 1st, 2011  |  Published in Casino News

With the recent start-up of online casinos, more people are saying farewell to land-based casinos and going online. Of course, the atmosphere of the land-based casinos will always be better than online, but many prefer the convenience of gambling online. It has been proven that online casinos pay out better than land-based, when you gamble online, you don’t have to fight crowds and gambling online is cheaper because you don’t have to pay travel expenses. Gamblers aren’t the only ones that are seeing the benefits to online gambling. The more talk about legalization and regulation of online gambling, the more concerned land-based casinos become.

Why has Online Gambling Not Been Legalized?

One of the main reasons that the US still has not legalized online gambling is because of the effects it will have on land-based casinos. The biggest gambling city in the US, Las Vegas, is even concerned with losing business if it became legal for consumers to gamble in online casinos. The race tracks are also becoming more and more concerned with more competition. Atlantic City also expresses concern because they have already suffered a great loss during the recession.

The New Internet

Just about anything you can think of can be purchased online these days. Take music for example. Now, we no longer have to go to a music store to get the albums we want. We can simply buy them through iTunes or order the album and have it shipped right to our door. The great thing about purchasing music online through iTunes is that you don’t have to purchase the whole album; you can purchase only the songs that you like. Even though it seems easier to buy music over the internet now, music stores do still exist. Yes, they may have taken a big hit when iTunes was developed, but no one is alone in that.

The same thing goes for land-based casinos. Yes, they may lose some consumers to online casinos, but is it enough to not legalize online casinos? If there never were online casinos, would the online gamblers go to a land-based casino? Land-based casinos might lose a few of their gamblers to the online world, but with the rising cost of travel, it is more likely that online gamblers would not have been able to afford a trip to a land-based casino anyway.


Even though land-based casinos might lose some business to online casinos, this does not make them any more special than any other industry that has lost business to online services. Making purchases and gambling at online casinos are more convenient, it saves time and it saves money. This should not be a reason to not legalize online casinos in the US.

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The Variety of Perks in Various Online Casinos

May 10th, 2010  |  Published in Casino Tips

Online casinos, much like land based casinos, all offer special promotions to their regular customers as well as first time visitors. These special promotions can vary widely from online casino to online casino. There are several common special promotions, perks, and other benefits that you can find in online casinos. Do your homework, research your options, and find one that suits you best before you sign up to your next virtual gaming experience.

The Different Benefits of Online Casinos

Free Game Play

Free game play is a very common reward given out by both land based and online casinos. With free game play, you are given a limited monetary amount that you can spend in the casino for free. Any winnings you collect are yours to keep. Free game play can apply to either slot machines, the tables, or both depending on the casino’s policy. Casinos offer free game play as a way to entice new players into their establishment, or as a promotional tool for their long standing players.

No Deposit Play

Some online casinos require you to put down a deposit before you can play for money in their casino. This is done to protect the casino as scammers have become incredibly popular in online gaming in recent years. However, there are casinos that offer no deposit sign ups. If you are playing on a limit budget, this option may be for you. However, be careful of any online casino offering too much for free.

Free Poker Tournaments

Another popular form of promotion is for a casino to host a free poker tournament. These tournaments do not require the player to buy-in to the tournament, however, there is often a limited amount to how much the player can spend and how long they can play. No-buy in tournaments can be very fun, however, and should be considered by anyone looking to try out an online poker tournament.

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Why Free Online Casino Games Are Worth Your Time

May 3rd, 2010  |  Published in Casino Tips

Many real money casino players just sit in frustration and boredom once their bankroll runs out. Obviously live casinos are no fun if you don’t have the money necessary to play your favorite games, but online casinos offer an exciting alternative – fun-only versions of their games. If you’re the type of player that draws all your enjoyment from the possibility of winning big, then fun-only games may seem like a waste of time, but below are a few reasons we think they’re not. In fact, in an online world swamped with cheapies and freebies we honestly believe that free casino games represent one of the best values on the web.

The Same Experience for Less

Many players automatically assume that the free versions of their favorite games are somehow not as good, but the truth is that virtually all online casinos that offer fun versions of their site and games are offering up the exact same software, graphics, etc. In other words, the only difference between the free games and the cash games are that you can’t get a check for your balance at the end of a good session.

Risk-Free Practice

If you’ve been aching to try something new but are afraid that your inexperience will cost you, then free online casino games give you the ideal opportunity to branch out without breaking your bankroll. Free casino games are also a good way to get an idea of how generous a specific slot machine is or to test the effectiveness of a new system or strategy.

Something for Nothing

If you know where to look then you can actually turn free online gameplay into prizes or money. Some online casinos actually offer instant cash bonuses called “no deposit bonuses” to new members. The idea of such bonuses is to attract new members to the site by giving them a real-money trial. Other sites offer free slots or table game tournaments with cash prizes, and still others offer complimentary cash poker tournaments called “freerolls.”

Cost-Free Evaluations

If you’ve got limited funds and are trying to decide which online casino to deposit them with, then playing a site’s fun-only games can be a great way to test everything from game selection and speed to overall software performance and customer service. You can also test new titles in their free modes before taking the leap and making a cash wager.

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Prioritizing Your Online Casino Want List

April 28th, 2010  |  Published in Casino Tips

With literally hundreds of online casinos to choose from, many first-time online gamers can be overwhelmed by their seemingly endless playing options. Some newbies wrongly assume that every online casino is going to offer the same quality experience and make a deposit at the first site they land on. The end result is that many new online players are so disappointed by their first experience that they never play again. Don’t let yourself be a bad casino casualty; the world of online casinos has much to offer if you know where to look. Below we outline a brief guide of what to look for in a good online casino.

Fair and Safe Operations

The most important thing to look for in your future online casino is what’s going on behind the scenes. To protect yourself and your money, you want to choose an online casino that’s got a good reputation with both industry professionals and everyday players. Licensing and auditing information should be openly posted on the site along with affiliations with gambling watchdog groups like eCOGRA.

Good Software

Though casino software gets very little credit among non-technical online gamblers, the truth is that a site’s software controls virtually everything you’ll do and experience at an online casino from the look of the site to the speed of the games.

Satisfying Game Selection

Speaking of games, you want to pick a site that offers what you’re looking for. That seems obvious enough, but if, say, video poker is your preferred game chances are you’re not going to be excited or interested long if the site you choose only has one video poker title. Check out a site’s game selection on their game preview page or in free mode prior to depositing to ensure that they have enough variety and action to keep you happy long-term.

A Site Design You Like

While site design shouldn’t be your first priority, it can greatly affect how much you enjoy and appreciate your selected casino long-term. Before you even play, you want to find an online casino that you can navigate comfortably and whose site offers you all the information that you need. You also want to choose a casino with game tables that you’d be happy to look at through the many hours included in your future sessions.

Promotions That Keep You Coming Back

Many beginners make bonus size their key criteria, and the end result is that they have a big bankroll at a casino they don’t even want to play at. Bonuses are important, but they shouldn’t be key in determining where you play if you plan to play regularly. If you find a casino that fills all the other above criteria and also has a bonus that excites you, then that’s just the icing on the cake.

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How to Earn an Online Casino Bonus

April 20th, 2010  |  Published in Casino Tips

Many avid gamblers are drawn to online casinos by the promise of a big cash bonus. Live casinos don’t offer anything comparable to these sign-up promotions; at best you would be lucky to get $5 in free play from your local casino. What many people can’t help but wonder, though, is if these big bonuses are too good to be true. The answer to that question isn’t a simple one since the bonus each player gets ultimately depends on them and how and when they play.

Types of Casino Bonuses

There are three basic types of casino bonuses: deposit bonuses, no deposit bonuses and comps/cashback. Each of these bonuses are earned in different ways. As the largest bonuses, deposit bonuses – and especially sign-up bonuses – are the crown jewel in any online casino’s promotions package. That’s because these bonuses are generally worth hundreds or even thousands of dollars. No deposit bonuses are designed to offer new or undecided players a quick glimpse of what the site has to offer via a small amount of free play. Comps and cashback are an earned privilege that only established players and VIP club members are generally privy to.

Some casinos require players to earn their bonuses in increments, though once they’re in their account they’re the player’s to use as they please. This requirement is called rollover or play through; for every set amount that you wager at approved games you’ll release more of your bonus. Even if you get an instant bonus (like a no deposit bonus), you’ll have to meet play through requirements before you can cash it out. Also, some online casinos require players to enter special codes when signing up or depositing in order to confirm eligibility for their bonuses.

Though comps can often be used to buy either matching bonuses or instant bonuses, the comping system works in a totally different way than up-front bonus offers. Frequent player points, VIP points, loyalty points – no matter what you call them they all add up in the same way.

Points Per Dollar Ratio

Virtually every online casino and poker room offers something similar to the classic live slots club – an automatic comps program that rewards regular players for their daily, weekly or monthly wagers. Though most of these clubs work in the same way, some are by far more generous than others. The better a casino’s points per dollar ratio is, the more rewards you’ll earn through their comp program.

If bonuses are an important part of your online gambling experience, then be sure to check the promotions page of every casino you’re considering to see how their bonus packages measure up.

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Top Five Reasons You Should Try an Online Casino

March 4th, 2010  |  Published in Casino Tips

Online casinos have become extremely popular in the last few years. So popular in fact, that a few casinos have even developed mobile applications so casino enthusiasts can play from anywhere in the world. If you have not tried out an online casino yet, maybe you should. After all, online casinos offer a few benefits over traditional casinos.

Why Should You Try an Online Casino?

1. Online Casinos Are Convenient. Some people are lucky enough to live within driving distance of a casino, however, most of us are not. Most of us have to plan a vacation just to play our favorite poker games or slot machines. However, playing at an online casino means playing any time you want. No more need to take off work, plan a vacation, and limit your gambling.

2. Online Casinos Are Cheaper. Along the lines of being more convenient, online casinos can also save you money. By eliminating the need to travel to a casino, you are eliminating airfare, hotel costs, and travel expenses. If you spend less getting to the casino, you will have more of a bankroll to play with.

3. Online Casinos Have Unique Incentives. Every casino offers their own special incentives and bonuses to their players. Online casinos are no different. Most online casinos offer incentives several times a year, with special deals for new joiners. Since you are visiting the casino online, you have more options then on the Las Vegas strip, meaning you can hunt around for the best promotions.

4. Online Casinos Have More Games. Brick and mortar casinos are limited to the space inside their casino. For this reason, most casinos will opt to only include the most popular slot machines and poker games. Online casinos use flash-based programs which require little space. This means they can afford to have dozens of casino games on their site, maybe even some of your favorites the casino did away with.

5. Online Casinos Give You a Chance to Test Your Skills. Like traditional casinos, several online casinos offer poker lessons for free to their players. These lessons can teach you a new game, or help you improve your skills on an old one. However, unlike traditional casinos, online casinos often include free playing areas. Players are allowed to play unlimited amounts of the game of their choice without breaking in to their bankroll. This is great for player’s testing out their techniques.

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Five Reasons Why Playing Poker Online Will Improve Your Game

February 9th, 2010  |  Published in Casino Tips

Whether you are new to the poker world, or an experienced pro, playing poker at online casinos can improve your game, help you polish your technique, and give you a chance to learn new skills.

Online Casinos Offer Free Practice Play

You can practice your poker craft at an online casino without breaking your bankroll. Several online casinos offer practice areas, or free play, including the hottest poker games so you can get log several hours of practice and still have a bankroll for your casino trip.

Online Casinos Offer Anonymous Play

Settling up to a poker table in a large casino can be daunting if you are a beginning poker player. Playing face-to-face with more experienced players can wreck havoc on your nerves and ruin your game. At an online casino, you still get the benefit of playing against skilled players, but the game play is anonymous meaning your nerves won’t get the best of you.

Online Casinos Have Training Rooms

A few online casinos offer training courses on the most popular casino games like No Limit Texas Hold ‘Em. If you want to learn a new game, you can visit these training rooms to pick up the skills you need and then take those skills to the live tables. Many training rooms offer a combination of tutorials and live play against other players at your skill level so you can practice what you learned.

Online Casinos Opens up a World of Players

When you frequent the same brick and mortar casino, you are limited to playing against other players who also frequent that casino. Online casinos bring in a large variety of players from all over the world. This will give you the chance to try out your technique on a wide range of players, and learn from people that you would not normally get the chance to play against.

Online Casinos Give You More Gaming Options

When you play at a brick and mortar casino you are limited to the table games that particular casino offers. When you play online, you can visit several casinos a night and find many different games. Almost every casino will offer the hottest poker games, but each casino will also have a different list of less popular games that they host. Playing these games in an online casino will give you a chance to broaden your gaming knowledge by learning a new game entirely or getting a chance to play a game you love but cannot find at your nearest brick and mortar casino.

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