Monopoly Slot game from WagerWorks

August 11th, 2011  |  Published in Gambling Games

Industry-leading online gaming software developer, WagerWorks, recently released another Monopoly slot game. This is the fifth installment of the brand entitled, “You’re in the Money or Monopoly.” The previous versions of the game include:

  • Monopoly with Pass GO Bonus
  • Monopoly Multiplier
  • Monopoly Here and Now
  • MegaJackpots Monopoly

With each new Monopoly variant comes innovative features and the newest version is no exception. For instance, the Mystery Wild Bonus can be randomly triggered following each spin. Also, Mr. Monopoly awards players with fully wild reels which can be maxed out at all five. Once the reels fully wild reels are activated, payouts will be given.

Any fan of Monopoly will enjoy the Board Bonus because it allows them to partake in the actual board game. When the game is activated, players are first given three chances to roll the dice. The coin begins at “Go” and moves based on the number of spaces per dice roll. The type of square will determine the payout. Landing on property will award the player a single spin on a mini slot machine.

The payouts on the mini slot machines increase with the value of the property on the board. Landing on a utility property grants the player another roll of the dice. Participants are paid based on the sum of the dice. Additionally, landing on Community Chest or Chance gives players the option to draw a random card from that deck, similar to the actual game.

Within each corresponding deck there are different benefits. For instance, the railroad advances the player to the next railroad square and gives him an additional roll of the dice. This allows for the opportunity to land on higher valued property and be given larger payouts. Those who pass GO are automatically given 200 times the original bet.

The graphics in the game are much improved over the previous versions. The wild symbol is represented by Mr. Monopoly. Other symbols include the green houses, red hotels, railroad icons, waterworks, electric company, hat, car and dog. The Board Bonus game can be triggered by the dice character.

The game is 30 paylines of pure fun. Those who are avid monopoly players or who grew up loving the game, you will thoroughly enjoy the newest version of Monopoly from WagerWorks who has really brought the game to life in this latest installment.

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