A Rare Bonus Feast from Club World

May 17th, 2011  |  Published in Inrodution

Club World online casino recently announced a bonus feast of unlimited bonuses. This offer is only available for a short amount of time. The promotion began on Monday, May 16th and will end Wednesday, May 18th. The event is entitled, “Unlimited 24/7 Deposit Coupons and More.” Players should head over to Club World immediately to take advantage of this generous offer.

Unlimited Deposits

Each bonus is capped at $1,000 but players are able to claim as many bonus coupons as they choose during the promotional period. Those looking for bonuses greater than $1,000 can simply split their deposits. Furthermore, the bonuses are available 24/7 for the entire promotional period.

Types of Deposits

The terms of release each bonus depends on the games played. One option is to wager only on slots, keno and scratch cards. For these games, the casino will match 65 percent of deposits up to $1,000. Therefore the maximum each player can deposit per $1,000 coupon is $1,535. However, these bonuses have a reduced wagering limit for release set at 20 times the deposit amount.

Another set of bonuses is reserved for participants that play blackjack, video poker and other table games. Since these games feature a much lower house edge, the casino will match 55 percent of all deposits. Therefore, players must deposit $1,800 to receive a bonus of $1,000. The terms of release are 25 times the original deposit and bonus. Wagers placed on video poker, blackjack, craps, baccarat, roulette and Sic Bo only count 0.6 for every dollar bet.

Additional Free Money

The “More” in the title equates to $25 in free chips provided by Club World to players who claim five of the same coupons during the promotional period. To claim, players must contact the customer support team and the credit will be added within 24 hours.

About Club World

Powered by Realtime Gaming, Club World online casino is licensed and regulated by the trustworthy jurisdiction of Curacao. The unlimited bonus coupon promotion is extremely rare in the industry. Furthermore, the requirements for release are low compared to many competitors. Therefore, this is definitely a promotion that should not be missed.

Club World is an excellent online casino with many attractive games for new players. This promotion is sure to significantly increase the amount of traffic to the casino. Depending on the success of this event, Club World could feature this promotion in the future.

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The Decline in Number of Slot Machines at Casinos

September 2nd, 2010  |  Published in Inrodution

As the gaming industry continues to expand across the United States due to the openings of tribal and non-tribal casinos, the number of slot machines in Nevada is significantly decreasing. Luckily this decline relates to an improvement in the technology of gaming equipment, not a lack of demand.

As of 2010, there are 833,000 active slot machines in the United States. This is an increase of 233,000 machines from 2005, according to the American Gaming Association. Gamblers are currently spending only slightly more on slots when inflation is adjusted. This survey was conducted in well-established gaming states such as Nevada, New Jersey, Iowa and Illinois.

In 1992 Las Vegas, slot players wagered an average of $70 per session. In 2008, slot players bet an average of $80 per session after being adjusted for inflation. Players during this recession are wagering millions of dollars less than during the large growth years.

On June 30th, 2010, it was announced that there were 168,504 active slots in Nevada. This equals the number found in Nevada in 1997. This apparent decline contradicts the overall growth of the gaming industry.

This trend stems from a consolidation of games into one machine. In 1997, different slots had single wagering games in their system. In 2010, there are multiple games in one machine to add convenience and differentiation for the player. Multiple game machines include games such as:

  • Several varieties of poker
  • Keno
  • Slots

Each machine contains a user-menu to select which game you want to play. This new equipment helps all casinos cut costs drastically by not needing to have as many machines on the gaming floor. This cuts taxes and maintenance costs on unused machines. Large casinos like The Rio, MGM Grand and Circus Circus have eliminated 1,200 slots since 2001.

This is a major advancement for the gaming industry. As gaming technology improves, the selection of games will increase with the number of gaming machines decreasing. The areas where slot games once were could host newer, more profitable games or equipment. Therefore, these machines are not only great for cost savings, also for the generation of profit.

As more casinos across the country add these cost-saving, profit-generating machines to their gaming floor, the decline in gaming may turn-around and begin to see great improvement. All this due to an advancement in gaming equipment technology.

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A Detailed History of Keno

August 5th, 2010  |  Published in Gambling Games

Like many games, it’s difficult to pinpoint the origin of Keno. There are several different stories of its derivation. The most popular version among scholars is that it originated in ancient China. It’s rumored that during the Han Dynasty, Cheung Leung invented the game in 200 B.C. as a method of raising money during times of war when supplies were rationed. The game raised necessary money and food to support the army.

Keno Migration in China

As a result Keno became popular and spread through China. It has also been theorized that Keno helped raise money to build the Great Wall of China. The game even migrated onto the battlefield. With the help of pigeons, betting numbers and winnings were passed around to various players on the battlefield from different cities. Due to this evolution, the game became known as the White Pigeon Game.

Supporting Theories

Various ancient poems have stated that Keno derived from China. Despite being a betting activity, game helped children learn Chinese letters, numbers and other characters. The Keno boards in Chinese establishments continue to use the old language characters but have decreased the number from 120 to 80.

Migration out of China

With the invention of the railroad, Chinese labor was greatly utilized to help construct such a massive undertaking. With new connections via railroad to major cities around the world, Keno spread to other areas of Asia and into different continents. At this point, gambling became illegal in China. Those who were participants either took it underground or moved out of the country.

It has been theorized that because of gambling becoming illegal, many immigrants transported the game to San Francisco during the gold rush and building of railroads. Even today, there are remnants of traditional Keno. For instance, in the Chinatown district, there’s a popular lottery game mirrored from Keno.

Unfortunately during the 1800’s, the game wasn’t taken as seriously as today. Within the past 20 years, casinos have started offering the game. Almost every gaming establishment on the Las Vegas strip provides some form of Keno. In casinos today, the characters are replaced with numbers to appeal to a larger crowd. Depending on the property, there are different strategies and house edges.

Keno has survived wars, famine, depressions and rebirth over thousands of years. During this time, it has also evolved into the popular game we see today. Will it last another thousand years as it is now? Only time will tell.

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Online Keno – The Ultimate Numbers Game

May 26th, 2010  |  Published in Gambling Games

Online casinos have put many games that were once side diversions front and center. As lotteries around the world continue to draw a huge following, so too do lottery-style games like bingo, online scratch tickets, and keno. People love the element of luck, the superstition, the suspense, and the opportunity to bet small and still win big. If you’re a fan of such games but have never tried keno then you’re missing out!

One of the reasons that keno is the most underrated lottery-style game is that up until it was offered online it had very limited accessibility. Most of the casinos at major gambling destinations like Las Vegas and Atlantic City offered keno as a side game – something you’d play at the bar or while waiting for friends – but few of the smaller local casinos had the space or resources necessary to host the game. The internet has changed that, and now keno is finally getting the recognition and appreciation it deserves.

What Is Keno

At first glance, keno looks pretty similar to bingo. Players choose their numbers, get a card, and then watch a series of numbered balls get drawn to see if they win. There are actually some very notable differences between bingo and keno, though. For one, winning at bingo requires the construction of a certain combination. With keno, there are no lines to be filled or shapes to be made. It’s all about how many of your numbers are or are not drawn.

Each round of keno uses the same 80 numbered balls. At a live keno game these balls are drawn using a vacuum system attached to a viewing bubble. In an online keno game, this process may be mimicked using real-time animation, but in actuality randomization software picks the numbers. Twenty numbers are drawn every round. In live keno, players must manually check their tickets against the results of every round, but in online keno wins are awarded automatically.

How to Play Keno

Playing online keno is easy. To get instant access to a keno game, simply log into your casino account and then select keno from their game menu. Choose how much you want to wager per ticket. Then you must decide how many numbers you want to pick (from 1 to 10), and what those numbers are. If you don’t want to change your numbers between rounds, then you can buy a book of tickets with the same numbers. The site will announce when bets are closed and when the next round of keno is ready to begin. You can then watch the drawing of the numbers. Wins are awarded depending on how many of your numbers are drawn.

It’s the objective of keno that makes it really unique. In most lottery-style games players only win if their numbers are drawn, but in keno players can also win by getting fewer matches.

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Three Reasons Why You Should Play Keno

May 11th, 2010  |  Published in Gambling Games

If you have ever been in a casino, chances are you have walked by the Keno booth. Keno is a game similar to the lottery. In Keno, you pick your lucky numbers from the Keno board. The Keno dealer then draws balls out of an automatic spinning machine. If the ball drawn has your number on it, you win. A lot of casino visitors walk by the Keno booth without every putting down a number, but maybe you should try your luck the next time you visit the casino.

Three Reasons Why You Should Play Keno

Keno is a Game of Luck, Not Skill

Keno is purely a form of entertainment. While there are a few moves you can employ to increase your chances, at its root form Keno is a game of luck. If you are new to the casino, or not really a strategist, then Keno may be your game. Almost everyone has a lucky number. All you have to do is pick it on the board and you are on your way to winning. Its simple, fast, and anyone can do it.

Keno is a Good Way to Pass the Time

At certain peak times, like weekends, holidays, during tournaments, or when there is a concert going on at the casino, the poker tables can become packed. Often, poker players will simply add their name to the waiting list and then hang around the casino, waiting to be called. This is a fine strategy, but it can be boring. Keno offers a way to pass the time while still giving you the chance of winning some money. Best of all, most casinos do not require you to be present at the Keno booth to win. This way, if your name is called for the poker table during a round of Keno, you do not have to worry about loosing your money.

You Can Win Money

The best reason to play Keno is you stand a chance to win some serious cash. As Keno is an easy and lighthearted game, people do not often see it as a casino money maker, but you can walk away from a Keno booth with cash. The odds are similar to slot machines, meaning they have a larger house advantage then the poker tables, but people have won big at Keno. It all depends on the luck of the draw.

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Why Some Casino Side Games Deserve Your Full Attention

May 6th, 2010  |  Published in Casino Tips

Multi-tasking is nothing new at the casino – for years poker players have swung by the sportsbook while waiting for a table or slots players have bought a keno ticket while having a coffee in the cafe – but online casinos have taken the concept of side games to a whole new level. These days you can play any number of games at once with one featured center screen and another minimized in the corner or with up to a dozen or more poker tables resized and going at once. Many games – like bingo and keno, for example – have consistently been side games at the casino, but these days their growing popularity is seeing them increasingly played front and center. Here are a few traditional casino side games that we believe deserve your full attention.

Lottery-style Games

Keno was first popularized in live American casinos as a diversion for players sitting in their rooms or killing time at the cafe. Alternately bingo has always had its own crowd of casual players outside the casino. These preconceived perceptions of the games are slowly changing thanks to the new exposure they’re receiving from online casinos. All the fun of bingo and keno is in seeing your numbers get drawn, plus these lottery-style games tend to attract a large and active crowd of live players, so why not get a bit more involved with your lottery-style game the next time you play?


The term “side bet” was probably coined at a sportsbook, and yet for some casino players all sportsbook bets are side bets. Half-hearted sports bettors are missing all the fun (not to mention losing lots of bets). What’s great about sportsbooks is that they give sports fanatics a new way to interact with the game. The next time you’re logging in to make a quick bet at your preferred sportsbook, take a little extra time to read about the odds, browse forum postings or peruse expert advice on your selected event – we guarantee the added knowledge will make your participation more exciting.


Any serious blackjack player would scoff at its being labeled as a side game, but the truth is that blackjack has become an increasingly popular diversion for slots and poker players. The irony of playing blackjack as a side game is that with the right strategy and the right blackjack table you could probably earn more at this game than any other offered in the casino. For this reason alone blackjack deserves your undivided attention. The game’s potentially high payback percentage relies entirely on your use of a perfect strategy, and that requires concentration.

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Key Techniques to Improve your Game of Keno

March 8th, 2010  |  Published in Gambling Games

If you ever find yourself waiting for a spot at a poker table and do not feel like playing the slot machines, you may want to consider Keno. Keno is a large board filled with numbers. The Keno dealer drops a ball on to the board, which lands on a number. The goal of Keno is to bet on the number the ball hits on the board. Keno is a largely based on luck, but there are a few techniques you can use to improve your chances.

Five Tips for Improving Your Keno Winnings

1. Bet on several numbers. One of the best ways to increase your odds of wining is to place more then one bet. Players are allowed to place bets on as many Keno numbers as they wish. Try splitting your bet in to two or more numbers on the board.

2. Place a bet on the top line. Every time you bet on the Keno board, be sure to place at least one bet on a number that falls in the top line. The top line of the board is hit five out of seven times on average.

3. Change your numbers when they pay off. Since the hits on the Keno board are random, you have a better chance of winning if you vary the numbers you play. After one of your numbers has won, switch to another number on the board.

4. Cover as much of the board as possible. Once the Keno ball is dropped, it can land any where on the board. Hedge your bets by covering as much of the board as possible. You do not have to place a bet on every number on the board, but try to separate your numbers so they cover the whole board, rather then betting on several numbers together.

5. Keep your numbers until they win. Once you have placed several bets covering a large area of the board, it is best to hold those bets until at least a few of them have paid off. The odds are the Keno ball will land on those numbers at some point in the game.

Remember that Keno is a game based on luck. While there is some strategy you can use to improve your odds of winning, Keno should really only be played for fun, or as a way to pass the time between poker matches.

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Common Types of Keno

November 23rd, 2009  |  Published in Inrodution

Whether online or offline, keno is one of the easiest casino games to play.  It is essentially a type of lottery game that originated in China where it was used to fund the military and government projects, such as the Great Wall of China.

Today keno is played in casinos around the world.  Similar to the modern lottery, keno offers generous payouts, which makes it a very attractive game for players from all walks of life. 

What’s Your Keno?

How do you play keno?  This answer depends on the variant you play.   There are many types of games, which mainly revolve around different types of tickets.  The ticket you select will allow you to pick the numbers you want to wager on in a unique way.

Straight Ticket

This is the most basic type of keno and the game most recommended for beginners.  It lets you pick as many numbers as you want to bet on, keeping in mind that you cannot go over twenty, and mark them off on the board.  During the draw, you check your ticket for matching numbers and visit the cashier to collect your winnings should you hit.

Way Ticket

The way ticket represents a type of keno game that allows you to play more than one set of numbers.  When using a way ticket, you are mainly playing with several keno boards.  The advantage to this type of game is that you can wager smaller amounts on each series of numbers by dividing the cost of the tickets among them.

For example, if you purchase a ticket for two bets worth $5, you only bet $2.50 on each ticket.  However, you can wager on a number more than one time, or use a different number per set if you choose to.

Combination Ticket

Hence the name, a combination ticket refers to a type of keno that allows you to use a ticket to combine sets of numbers.  If you have three sets of numbers, they can actually be combined in a variety of ways.  For example, you can combine three sets of three numbers to assemble a set of nine numbers.  A combination ticket and some other types of keno also let you use a king number, which is an extra number that can be marked off to add to the sets of number you have.

Types by Region

Keno types can also be classified by wagering on regions of the ticket instead of specific numbers.  For instance, with top/bottom cards, you can either pick the top 40 numbers on the card or the lower 40 numbers.  If you match 13 of the 20 numbers in the draw, you win.  The structure is similar to betting in the left/right regions of a ticket.

Edges however, refer to a type of keno game that requires you to wager on the outer numbers of the ticket.  In this variation, the numbers you must match up in order to win all depends on the hosting casino.

Spit Tickets

A split keno ticket allows you to play two games in one.  You get one ticket that is split between the numbers you are going to use for each game.  The major disadvantage to this type of game is that you can’t use the same number on both wagers.  While there are really no significant advantages to playing keno in this manner, it is rather convenient.  For example, you can split an online ticket as many times as you want as long as your numbers do not overlap.  Unfortunately, this also means that payouts become smaller.

Online Keno

Keno comes in a variety of forms in the world of online casinos, with the most common being Flash and video versions.  Flash games spare you of downloading the game to your computer by allowing you to play directly in your web browser.  The video versions generally offer the same number of odds players enjoy when playing in a live casino.

There you have it, just some of the many ways keno can be played.  Keep in mind that this is a game of chance that involves little to no skill.  With that said, if you have never played before, you might want to try online for free before putting up any real money.

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Pokeno: Poker and Keno with a Bingo Twist

November 21st, 2009  |  Published in Inrodution

What happens when you merge the popular games of poker and keno together?  You come out with an exciting and addictive hybrid game known as pokeno.  Often referred to as poker keno and spelled po-ke-no, pokeno is a board game that can be just as exciting whether it is played for money or just for fun.

While pokeno wraps the thrill of poker and suspense of keno into a single package, it actuality mimics bingo the most.  Although pokeno is currently only played sparingly online, pokeno is a big hit in the homes of families throughout the United States and beyond.

Important Game Elements

Whether the game is played online or offline, pokeno generally involves the following elements:

A variety of different game boards to accommodate 2 to 13 players

200 game (pokeno) game chips

A standard 52-deck of playing cards.

The Buy-in and Side Pots

Just like poker, the game of pokeno usually requires a predetermined buy-in.  Some players like to include additional side pots to enhance the intrigue of the game.  Two of the most common side pots are designated for 3-across and 4-corners.

In most cases, players are required to put up antes for these side pots in addition to the main buy-in in order to enter the game and qualify to win them.  After putting up your bets, you are provided with a certain amount of pokeno chips and can select the boards you want to play with.

Pokeno Rules

The game boards in pokeno feature pictures of various cards.  In the typical game, there are five squares across and five squares down, making a total of 25 squares per board.  A designated player acts as the dealer and flips the cards over one at a time, calling them out while doing so.

Each player with cards on their board that match the number places a pokeno chip over the appropriate square.  The first player with five squares in a row, either horizontal, vertical or diagonally wins the game, signaling their victory by chanting “pokeno!”  In a standard game, the winner is designated as the dealer for the next round.

Similar to bingo and poker, pokeno has its variants, with 4-corner and cover-all being among the most popular.  Another common element the game borrows from bingo is the implementation of rules that declare the winner as being the first player to forum a certain letter on the board or cover all 25 available squares.

Many groups of players choose to play other variations to add to the intrigue and excitement.  One of the most common involves incorporating poker rules into the game.  Therefore, instead of trying to cover five squares in a row to win the game, it can be played where all players wait until everyone have covered five squares and whoever has the best hand wins the round.

Likewise, players can also hide their cards on the board and then bet on the poker hands assembled by those cards.  Just like in a game of poker, players have the option to gamble with real money and can check, fold, call, and raise.

Online Pokeno

Although pokeno is a popular hybrid game mainly played in the home setting, there are also electronic versions that can be played online in a select few virtual casinos.  These variants allow you to play against computer generated hands and a larger number of players as well.  Some online casinos offer games that offer 12 additional boards that allows up to 24 players to play at one time.


Contrary to popular belief, pokeno is not a new game.  It has simply ascended into the mainstream like most things that revolve around poker these days.  Despite its fast growing popularity, you probably will not see this game being played in nationally televised tournaments any time soon.

While pokeno is incredibly fun to play, just like bingo, it is not exciting to watch other people compete.  This minor drawback aside, it would nice to see pokeno become more widespread in online casinos and even better if you could one day grab a few boards at a land-based facility.  Time will tell.

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