Jackpot Pool Reaches $3 Million

April 19th, 2011  |  Published in Casino News

The jackpot pool of a single online gaming software provider is the total amount of all progressive jackpot games. However, when a player places a wager at a specific progressive jackpot game, they are playing for only the amount of that game, not the entire network. However, online casinos boast the total amount of the jackpot pool to draw in new players.

The Total Network Jackpot Pool

Currently, the total network jackpot pool of Playtech is over $3 million. The current largest jackpot is found in the Marvel-branded online slot games. The tiered jackpots known as, “Ultimate Power”, boasts a jackpot with the current value at $693,527 and growing. However, this is a networked amount among all Marvel-brand games like Iron Man and Blade.

Ultimate Power Jackpot

The jackpot features four independent levels with entry into the jackpot set randomly. Since Ultimate Power is the largest of the networked jackpots, it is hit the least often, being only hit twice since its creation. Of the two hits, the average amount was $843,403 so players are expecting this soon.

Older Jackpot Games

The second largest jackpot is Gold Rally, an older but popular online slot game. The jackpot is currently at $661,369 and growing. The highest the jackpot has reached during its three years in existence is $2 million. The last hit was two months ago for $1.6 million so players prefer to wait until the amount passes $1 million. Beach Life is another popular vintage game with a higher jackpot currently at $146,849.

Jackpot Darts

Additionally, Jackpot Darts progressive games are two other major contributors to the Playtech pool. Jackpot Darts $3 is currently paying out $312,062 while Jackpot Darts $2 is set at $204,090. With both games, if the player wagers on all darts hitting the bull’s eye, they will win the jackpot. If only one or two hits the bull’s eye, a fixed payout of 20 times and 2,000 times the bet are awarded to the player.

Queen of the Pyramids 25c

Queen of the Pyramids 25c is the last largest contributor in the Playtech portfolio. The game is a nine payline online video slot game featuring a coin size of 25c. The jackpot has accrued to $166,382. Queen of the Pyramids 25c is a QuickFire progressive slot game that hits on average twice per week.

Based on historical trends, it appears as if each of these games is on the cusp of hitting, making one player a very happy individual. Playtech has always offered a variety of excellent games and large, fun progressive jackpots to match.

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Progressive Jackpots: The More You Pay, the More They Play

December 3rd, 2009  |  Published in Inrodution

Progressive jackpot games have become extremely popular in recent times.  You may wonder; what are they?  In simple terms, a progressive jackpot is a jackpot for a game such as slots, whereby the value of the payout increases by a certain amount each time the game is played.

Networks of casinos are often involved in progressive jackpots, with each of their players contributing to the jackpot.  So, while they are all competing from the same jackpot, different players from different casinos increase the value of the jackpot each time they play.

Progressive Jackpot System

In most cases, progressive jackpots for online casino games have a certain value that can only be won with a combination of the highest payout.  This could be getting a payline of four cherries in a row with a slots game, or a Royal Flush on a video poker machine.

Once somebody hits, the progressive game is reset to a predetermined minimum and builds back up all over again.  The major difference with these jackpots is that each time a game is played in a participating casino, the final payout increases by a certain amount.  Therefore, rather than playing to win a $1,000 or even $5,000 at a regular game, you play to win a considerably larger sum that gets bigger with each bet.

The house determines the amount the progressive jackpot reaches and will often contribute to it because these games attract such a large number of players.  In other words, some casinos are willing to limit their potential profits initially since they could end up making more by attracting so many players.

While these games are appealing for obvious reasons, there are strict qualifications for securing the jackpot.  The most common is being required to play the highest amount in order to be eligible for the big payout.

Qualifying for a Progressive Jackpot

In most instances, a progressive jackpot can only be won by playing the maximum credit, which means all players are making the maximum contribution to the game.  Therefore, a game that requires more credits to be played will usually progress faster than one that calls for less.

If one game requires 10 credits and another only requires five, most players tend go for the latter, believing that is presents less risks.  Some players would prefer to play with only three credits, but feel that an additional five isn’t a significant increase in risk.

Taking the low road is definitely worth it when considering that there is a real possibility of winning a tremendous jackpot.  It is important to know what it takes to qualify because if the game requires 10 credits and you are playing five, then you are really doing nothing but contributing to the jackpot despite the fact that you will never be eligible to actually win it.

The Progressive Advantage

The advantage of progressive jackpot games is pretty obvious.  By participating, you have the opportunity to win a huge sum of money, should you qualify and strike the winning combination.  While you have to bet more money than is required in typical casino games, the more players who join in, the greater the reward for one lucky person.

Should the lucky player be you, the extra money you wagered to play will be more than worth it.  In addition, different casinos have different payout procedures, and thus different credit requirements.  Therefore, it is advisable to look into different casinos to learn more about what each progressive jackpot has to offer.  You just may find one with credit requirements that fall in line with your bankroll.


When it comes down to it, choosing to play progressive jackpot games over their normal counterparts is ultimately a matter of preference.  The truth is that the odds are pretty much the same and you could end up a loser in either scenario.  And while there are rules that can improve your chances of winning, most of these are actually prohibited and shady at best.

Any casino offering a progressive jackpot that allows team-play or other unbelievable advantages is one you should probably stay away from.  In the end, progressive games carry the same, and sometimes even more risks than others.  It is simply a more exciting form of gambling with a greater reward should lady luck be riding on your side.

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