Movie Slots Tournament from InterCasino

August 23rd, 2011  |  Published in Casino Tips

Conan the Barbarian returns to the big screen in summer 2011. Therefore, to celebrate the reemergence of the superhero, InterCasino has decided to add a new event during its InterHero promotion. This event is a $30,000 slots competition that began on August 11th and will end August 23rd. There are several special benefits to players who wager on the Cryptologic movie-themed online slot games at the casino.

How to Earn Points

To be eligible for the competition, players must enter the code CONAN and deposit at least $25. Then, players must earn points by wagering on one of several Hollywood-based movie slot games throughout the promotion time period. Those who wager on these games will acquire double points toward the leaderboard in the competition.

Eligible Online Slot Games

These InterHero games include, Braveheart, Conan, Forrest Gump and Ferris Bueller. The Conan slot game is the latest installment of the popular Crazy Jackpots series in which each payline has its own jackpot. Also, the game features a bonus game which requires players to select skulls which uncover prizes and multipliers.

The Braveheart game is feature on the blockbuster hit with the same name. The bonus game recreates the battle and features original clips from the movie. The Forest Gump slot game boasts a large payout or one of three bonus features of the 5-level jackpots. Furthermore, Ferris Bueller has plenty of genuine clips from the movie with bonus features such as Kick the Car and Fake the Parents.

Distribution of Prizes

All points will be calculated on August 24th to determine the final ranking. The top 100 participants will share the $30,000 prize pool. The first place winner will receive $5,000, second place will be awarded $3,000, and third and fourth place will be given $2,500 and $2,000 respectively. Additionally, 100th place will win $40 in casino credits.

Wagering Requirements

Like most promotions, there are withdrawal requirements. First, the top three players must wager with their credits at least one time. However, all remaining winners will be required to wager their credits 15 times. These requirements are significantly less than most online tournaments.

This is a major tournament with easy release requirements for the winners. InterCasino always creates grand promotional events which contribute to their success. With so many InterHero online slot games to choose from, the number of contestants will be astonishing and the competition will be fierce.

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An Overview of the Flash Velocity

July 15th, 2011  |  Published in Inrodution

Cryptologic recently released a new online slot game entitled “The Flash Velocity.” The game is the fifth release in the branded DC Comics super hero slot series. The Flash possesses the power of speed that can be found in the game. For instance, the Speedster Wilds function shows The Flash darting across the reels, randomly changing the icons to wild which enhances the payouts. The game is a 50 payline slot game with four rows of characters.

The Flash Symbol

The characters on the reels are from series with The Flash representing the wild symbol which pays out the highest jackpot of 10,000 coins. The animation of hero involves tripled payouts. The scatter and bonus symbol are represented by a flash of lightning. If five of these icons appear on the reels, the player is awarded a scatter payout of 100 coins.

Three Villains

The game also features three Villains: Captain Cold, Mirror Master and Gorilla Grodd. Each villain exhibits super powers through the animations. Captain Cold freezes opponents, Mirror Master generates many mirror images of himself and Gorilla Grodd ferociously taunts his opponents. Other important symbols include a stopwatch, The Flash logo and his shoes. Additionally, high value symbols appear and are crafted to appear as if they are moving quickly.

Bonus Bet Feature

Since the game is a Cryptologic DC Comics branded game, the Bonus Bet feature is available. To activate this function, the player must enable all 50 paylines while wagering an extra 10 coins. This increases the payout multiplier to five times and gives players’ access to the Rogues Feature.

Rogues Feature

Depending on the selected rogue, players can be awarded up to 12 free spins based on the villain’s specific super powers. For instance, Captain Cold will freeze a specific reel creating a wild reel for a single respin if The Flash icon appears. Mirror Master replays the previous four spins by transporting the player into the past. Finally, Gorilla Grodd transfers the Flash symbol to a randomized position in each of the free spins.

The game is currently available at all Cryptologic-powered gaming sites with the most popular being InterCasino and VIP Casino. InterCasino is currently hosting a super hero promotion. The Flash Velocity is a well-crafted game right down to the smallest detail. Stop by one of the many excellent Cryptologic casinos to wager on the game.

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Valentine’s Day Promotion at InterCasino

February 11th, 2011  |  Published in Casino Tips

InterCasino recently announced they are giving away a romantic Valentine’s Day trip on the Orient Express. The casino will award two players two tickets for an adventure on this epic train ride. There will be other prizes in this promotion as well for a total amount equaling $18,000. Two separate promotions are scheduled in February. The first began on February 1st and will end on February 14th, Valentine’s Day. The second will begin February 15th and end February 28th.

To Qualify for the Promotion

Each time a player makes a deposit of $25 or more and wagers that amount during one of the promotional periods they will be awarded a ticket for the prize drawings. Prior to making the deposit, players must input the bonus code ORIENT to be eligible for the promotion. Players can earn an unlimited number of tickets.

The First Place Prize

The first prize for each promotional period is the expedition for two on the Orient Express from London to Venice with three nights stay in 4-star hotel in Venice and airfare (if living in Europe). Those living outside of Europe will be given $500 toward flights to London. The trip must be taken between May and November 2011. The total value of the reward is $5,000.

Other Prizes

Each promotional period offers many other prizes as well. Those lucky enough to win second and third place will receive a Sony Full-HD Camcorder valued at $1,000. The fourth to tenth place prizes are casino credits worth $200 and the eleventh thru twentieth place prizes is $100. The drawing for the first promotion will occur on February 15th and the second promotion on March 1st.

Winning Options

Players have the option of cash prizes at 70 percent of the prize value as a substitute. Unfortunately the cash prize must be wagered at 15 times the amount prior to withdrawal. All winners will be immediately notified via telephone and email. Furthermore, the winning player’s usernames will be displayed within promotional emails and on the InterCasino website. If the winner cannot claim the prize within 10 days, a new drawing will occur.

2011 marks the 15th anniversary of InterCasino so players should expect many exciting promotions throughout the year. The casino powered by Cryptologic gaming software and is licensed and regulated by the Lotteries and Gaming Authority of Malta. This is a large promotion that is sure to draw in new players and retain the old at InterCasino.

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Largest Scratch Card Payout Announced

December 28th, 2010  |  Published in Inrodution

InterCasino recently announced it had paid out 100,000 Euro’s to a player that wagered on a scratch card at their casino. This player won that amount in a game entitled, “Money Farm.” This is one excellent Christmas present for that player. InterCasino further explained this was one of the highest jackpots ever won from an online scratch card by one player. Therefore, this showcases their dedication to providing players with the best games, jackpot payouts and experience.

Money farm is an instant online scratch game that is bundled with industry-leading audio and visual effects. To play, the customer must place their bet and activate the digital card. Three of the same animal equates to a multiplied payout for that specific animal. Overall, there are nine farm animals on the card including:

  • Pig
  • Cow
  • Horse
  • Rooster
  • Dog

The animal offering the largest payout is the horse at 5,000 times the wagered amount. This amount ranges from 0.25 Euros to 20 Euros. Therefore, by wagering 20 Euros and uncovering three horses, the player can win a maximum of 100,000 Euros.

This payout is tremendously rare, especially at online casino scratch card games. At InterCasino, their large payouts are typically on jackpot slot games. InterCasino typically has Marvel Superhero and DC Comic-themed games like The Green Lantern, Spiderman, Batman and the Hulk. In addition to this wonderful plethora of themes, InterCasino is the oldest online casino in existence, 2011 will mark their 15th birthday.

InterCasino even sent out a personal email to all players indicating they will be going “promotion crazy” during 2011. Furthermore they urge customers to constantly check out the website for updates. Full details have not yet been revealed but will be available soon. InterCasino has a propensity for large give-aways and promotions. This past year they sent a promotional winner onto a space trip.

The email also contained a Christmas gift in the form of a free $10 credit for slot play at the casino. Players must simply enter XMAS10 at the cashier screen to have the money credited to their account.

This massive payout is such a common occurrence with InterCasino, although has never occurred on a scratch card. Given their lengthy history, they have become one of the best casinos for prizes and promotions in the industry. Be ready to ring in the New Year at InterCasino with their huge upcoming promotions and prizes.

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The Foundation and History of Online Gaming

July 16th, 2010  |  Published in Inrodution

Believe it or not online casinos have been developed for over three decades. However, only in the past ten years have they become popular and mainstream. Online gaming has a short but rich history of processes that have built upon one another with the output being the results we see today.

In the Beginning

During the mid 1970’s gaming software was making its presence on land-based casinos. Around this time, computer software-based slot machines began replacing electromechanical slots. Concurrently software for blackjack strategy was also being developed by professional card counters. This was one of three primary building blocks.

Now that the software had been developed, casinos needed a method of connecting different computers together and running the gaming applications from a stored location. Unfortunately it wasn’t until the availability of the Internet in the early 1990’s that this could idea could become a reality.

The final factor contributing to the creation of online gaming was the regulatory aspect. This came to fruition in 1994 when Antigua and Barbuda enacted The Free Trade and Processing Zone Act that allowed gambling licenses. This was the first online gambling jurisdiction. These two countries continue to be a well-respected and popular jurisdiction.


Since all three aspects of online gaming were implemented, Microgaming stepped in to string them together. The company recognized it had all pieces except one; an internet security company that could protect financial transactions across the Internet in a safe manner. Microgaming hired Cryptologic to ensure secure transactions. Cryptologic developed an eCash system for these transfers and also developed the first casino, Intercasino, in 1996.

Since this initial development, the industry has been booming. It’s estimated there are over 2,300 online gaming sites that include casinos, poker rooms and sports books. The online gambling industry has combined revenue of over $15 billion annually.

Although graphics have improved, more games have been added, focus has changed and larger bonuses offered, the games remain the same. Online gaming has come a long way from the initial software development to server storage and gambling regulations. It’s gone from lawless to heavily regulated or even illegal in many countries like the United States. Many online gambling businesses are listed as public companies on various stock exchanges.

As internet gaming continues to grow and newer, more improved technology is implemented, the revenue will skyrocket. Many online casinos are continuing to profit even during this tough economic struggle. In the end, the history of online gaming has built a strong foundation so it’s here to stay and prosper.

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