Back Nine Looks to Capitalize on Prior Success of Hole in Won

July 11th, 2011  |  Published in Gambling Games

Developed by Rival Gaming, Back Nine is a golf-themed online slot game that is the sequel to the popular Hole in Won. The progress of software technology between the two installments of games is quite apparent. The symbols crafted in the Back nine are larger, more detailed and attractive. When the reels spin the symbols become translucent revealing a sand trap on a golf course in the background.

The introductory clip features a golfer hitting a hole-in-one which proceeds to introduce many of the symbols. All symbols boast some type of animation throughout the game.

As expected, the symbols are all representative of various aspects of golf. These include:

  • Trophy
  • Flag
  • Male golfer
  • Female golfer
  • Golf cart
  • Golf bag
  • Golf clubs
  • Back Nine logo

The symbol for the jackpot is a trophy which pays out 750 coins when five are aligned on an active payline. The flag represents the wild symbols which only appears on the second, third and fourth reels. The symbol then expands to fill an entire reel. After the expansion, the animation is depicted by a golfer driving the ball across a fairway.

The bonus symbol is represented by the male golfer. When three or more appear on the reels, the bonus game is activated. Unlike many other bonus rounds, this is a skill-based game. The first time the bonus game is activated the player is transported to the first hole. After, the software automatically takes the player to the next hole until nine are completed.

Also, a score sheet is maintained for all completed holes. The sheet displays the hole number, par, number of strokes taken and the amount above or below par. For every hole completed, players receive bonus credits based on the number of strokes taken to complete the hole. If the player hits a hole-in-one, the top payout is awarded. The amount of payouts is also reflected by the number of scatter symbols acquired in the spin.

Back Nine is a 15 payline i-slot game that allows players to wager a maximum of five coins per payline. The coin designation ranges from $0.01 to $1.00 for a total bet of $45. Back Nine is one of the best golf-themed online slot games currently available. Rival Gaming did not spare any detail to give players the golfing experience of their dreams.

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Skill-based Slots Bonus Games

October 26th, 2010  |  Published in Gambling Games

The standard in online slots games has become the addition of a slots bonus game on the second screen. Almost every single slots bonus game is based on luck; however there are a few skill-based games. The simplest game being the selection of objects on the screen and more complicated games involving symbol matching. Bonus games are typically cloaked in the game to keep it exciting. Most players do not mind the games are based on luck.

There are two types of skills incorporated into bonus games include:

  • Mechanical dexterity
  • Logical reasoning

Mechanical dexterity is needed for controlling most video games and requires a lower level of skill. These types of games are commonly found in i-slots released by Rival Gaming. One of the most popular skill-based games is Asteroid Blasteroid. This game requires the player to steer a spaceship through an asteroid belt. The primary objective is to avoid being hit by asteroids or else the player will lose a life.

The second goal is to destroy as many asteroids as possible. The bonus game ends when the player successfully navigates the asteroid belt or loses all lives. The number of credits is based on the number of asteroids destroyed.

Another skill-based bonus game offered by Rival Gaming is Hole in Won. This golf-based game involves a nine-hole golf course with the player trying a different hole each time the bonus game is triggered. The skill required for this game is aiming the mouse pointer and adjusting the distance to put the ball in the hole. With each hole is a different obstacle so various strategies are required.

Logical reasoning is the second type of skill incorporated into bonus games. Battleship is a good example of the logical reasoning needed to sink the opponent’s ships. WagerWorks converted this board game into Battleship Search and Destroy, a bonus slot game. The object is to destroy enemy ships in fewer than 8 moves. There are five ships across 17 squares that are randomly generated on an 8 by 8 matrix.

The player must destroy each ship based on previous hits or misses. Bonus credits are awarded for consecutive hits. Players often have a better chance of acquiring bonus credit during the skill-based games as opposed to leaving their fate to luck. Overall, bonus games add extra excitement and a chance to play for free. Due to this popularity, most online gaming software developers are incorporating them into their slots games.

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