An Introduction to Outer Space Slots

January 6th, 2011  |  Published in Gambling Games

Now that the holiday season has passed taking exciting bonuses and promotions along with it, online gaming software providers are looking for ways to entice new players to join their casino while retaining the regulars. One way to accomplish this task is by introducing exciting new games. In 2010, a plethora of themed-slot games were introduced. In 2011, online slot players expect even more exciting games with popular and recognizable themes.

Due to the popularity of science fiction movies and video games, one way to keep the attention of players is the introduction of slot games with an outer space theme. This allows online gaming developers to be tremendously creative by providing exquisite visuals and crisp audio. Add a unique bonus game and you have a winner. There have been many outer space-themed slot games produced by reputable software developers including:

  • Cosmic Quest 1 & 2
  • The Great Galaxy Grab
  • Outta Space Adventure
  • Outta this World

The first game was developed by Rival Gaming and is entitled Cosmic Quest 1 & 2 which is a popular outer space-theme slot game that features rockets, astronauts, ray-guns, space food, satellites and animals with space suits. The highlight of this game is the bonus round aptly named Asteroid-Blasteroid which includes five levels of destroying asteroids.

The second outer space game is the Great Galaxy Grab released by Microgaming in April 2009. As their 400th release, this was one of the first slot games to feature 3D styling. The best aspect is each time a bonus game is activated; the player is transported to a different location in space to complete the challenge. The six locations include a saloon, diner, mall, casino, bank and gas station.

The third game is Outta Space Adventure and was developed by Cryptologic. This is one of many themed games from the Movie Mayhem series that relates to the science fiction genre. The symbols on the reels include, an attractive female pilot, a male hero, a scientist, an asteroid, a spaceship and an alien. The sound and graphics are quite the spectacle.

Finally, Outta this World is an outer space-theme game produced by Realtime Gaming. The symbols on the reels showcase a spacecraft, telescope, laser gun, one-eyed green alien and an image of earth from space. The bonus game allows players to select from ten planets to discover prizes including bonus credits and free spins.

The four previously discussed outer space-theme slot games are all exciting and present different features. Each bonus game is a marvel in itself. Look for each of these games at a casino that using the various developers that create them.

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The Foundation and History of Online Gaming

July 16th, 2010  |  Published in Inrodution

Believe it or not online casinos have been developed for over three decades. However, only in the past ten years have they become popular and mainstream. Online gaming has a short but rich history of processes that have built upon one another with the output being the results we see today.

In the Beginning

During the mid 1970’s gaming software was making its presence on land-based casinos. Around this time, computer software-based slot machines began replacing electromechanical slots. Concurrently software for blackjack strategy was also being developed by professional card counters. This was one of three primary building blocks.

Now that the software had been developed, casinos needed a method of connecting different computers together and running the gaming applications from a stored location. Unfortunately it wasn’t until the availability of the Internet in the early 1990’s that this could idea could become a reality.

The final factor contributing to the creation of online gaming was the regulatory aspect. This came to fruition in 1994 when Antigua and Barbuda enacted The Free Trade and Processing Zone Act that allowed gambling licenses. This was the first online gambling jurisdiction. These two countries continue to be a well-respected and popular jurisdiction.


Since all three aspects of online gaming were implemented, Microgaming stepped in to string them together. The company recognized it had all pieces except one; an internet security company that could protect financial transactions across the Internet in a safe manner. Microgaming hired Cryptologic to ensure secure transactions. Cryptologic developed an eCash system for these transfers and also developed the first casino, Intercasino, in 1996.

Since this initial development, the industry has been booming. It’s estimated there are over 2,300 online gaming sites that include casinos, poker rooms and sports books. The online gambling industry has combined revenue of over $15 billion annually.

Although graphics have improved, more games have been added, focus has changed and larger bonuses offered, the games remain the same. Online gaming has come a long way from the initial software development to server storage and gambling regulations. It’s gone from lawless to heavily regulated or even illegal in many countries like the United States. Many online gambling businesses are listed as public companies on various stock exchanges.

As internet gaming continues to grow and newer, more improved technology is implemented, the revenue will skyrocket. Many online casinos are continuing to profit even during this tough economic struggle. In the end, the history of online gaming has built a strong foundation so it’s here to stay and prosper.

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