An Introduction to the Gambling Goes Mobile Report

August 12th, 2011  |  Published in Inrodution

Well-known research organization H2 Gambling Capital specializes in different sections of the gambling industry. For the past year, the company has been developing an in-depth analysis of the mobile gaming market. H2 Gambling Capital recently announced the release of the report titled, “Gambling Goes Mobile.” This research is viewed by experts as being comprehensive and authoritative.

Factors of the Analysis

The analysis reviews every aspect of mobile gambling with such topics as historical roadblocks, network technologies, software delivery, devices, operating systems, mobile and smart phone penetration across all markers, social platforms, operators, forecasts and market size. The report also provides conclusions and recommendations.

Assigning a Monetary Value

The report also places the mobile gambling market value at 2.22 Euros from 2010. The company forecasts that by 2015 the figure will double, which equates to an annual growth rate of 19.3 percent which shows considerable growth. Furthermore, when compared to other forms of gambling, the mobile gaming market was 9.8 percent of the entire interactive gambling market and 0.6 percent of the total global market.

Percentage Figures

The company has made a conservative prediction that the share of mobile gambling within the interactive market will grow to 12.9 percent and its share of the total global gambling market will increase to 0.9 percent by 2013. This is clear evidence that mobile gaming is growing faster than all other forms of gambling.

Betting on Races

Gambling Goes Mobile also reviews the market by sectors. For instance, the report found that wagering on racing significantly contributes to the overall gambling market. This proportion is around 77 percent. The Japanese Racing Association accounted for approximately 57 percent in 2010.

Major Shift

Additionally, the report is predicting a major shift to mobile gaming and mobile lottery over the next five years. The primary reasons for this are the development of player-friendly technology like improved networks, connections and innovative equipment such as tablets and smart phones. Furthermore, by 2015 physical betting’s share of the market will drop to 50 percent while mobile casino gambling will increase to 40 percent with mobile lottery equaling 10 percent.

H2 Gambling Capital Company Information

Based out of the United Kingdom, H2 Gambling Capital has developed proprietary software to monitor all online gambling information that crosses the web. The company then reviews and supplies this information while acting as a consultant to eh gambling industry.

This report shows significant growth for the mobile gambling industry in the coming years. As technology continues to improve, it is likely this number will skyrocket. Soon, laptops and desktops will be technology of the past when wagering online.

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