Online Gambling in the Czech Republic

May 24th, 2011  |  Published in Casino Tips

With recent seizure of domain names in the United States comes a response from five legally licensed Czech gambling operators which include, Sazaka, Synot Tip, Fortuna, Chance and Tipsort. Each of these online casinos are only permitted to offer fixed-odds games. As a result, these online entities are at an immediate disadvantage in comparison to the many offshore online gaming sites.

A Statement from the CEO of Chance

The CEO of Chance noted that the government should expand the online gambling market to include casino games and poker through regulatory measures. Several local online operators are ready to go live with these products as soon as it is legalized. Spokespeople for the other operators agree and observed that the government is not taking any action toward expanding the system.

Comments from the Public Relations Manager of Tipsport

The Public Relations Manager of Tipsport commented that the situation was completely unfair and that these operators have had to fight for a license while offshore owners are allowed to simply Waltz in to the country and sign new players. Tipsport is not ready to roll out additional online gaming products like Chance and Fortuna. The PR Manager further stated that they are unsure as to whether these products will be legalized in the next several years so they do not want to invest.

Synot’s Plan

On the other hand Synot has other gambling products prepared with some of the largest names in the industry such as, Lottomatica, G-Tech G2 and Boss Meida. Each of these companies continues to venture into regions of the world where online gambling is legalized or will soon be legalized. However, the software developers would not provide products to operators that are not yet in a legalized jurisdiction. These companies believe the Czech Republic will legalize new products soon.

No Cooperation from Overseas

The government has stated that foreign police are unwilling to take any action against websites that are located in other countries and target Czech citizens. This is due to the lack of legal clarity and the many powerful lobbyists that are in favor of freedom across the Internet.

It appears as if the Czech Republic is on the cusp on implementing a new online gambling system. The five operators are a small stepping stone toward a large, efficient system of regulations. In the next few months, the world will see the emergence of online gambling in the Czech Republic.

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