New Changes at Sloto’ Cash

August 9th, 2011  |  Published in Inrodution

Sloto Cash online casino recently announced that there will be some upcoming changes. The changes are a requirement due to the decision of Rival Gaming to stop accepting United States-based players. Associated affiliate marketing management programs of the software developer have had to make adjustments based on this decision. For instance, Affiliate Wide online casinos have completely switched providers to collaborate with Top Game software.

Members will Remain Active

Sloto Cash has reassured existing American players that their affiliate members will remain active without change and the casino will continue to provide Rival Gaming games. The email distributed to affiliates declaimed, “We invite you to subscribe to our revamped weekly newsletters so you can stay tuned to all retention and conversion campaigns we are running for your active players and new potential customers.”

Information from the Deck Media

The weekly newsletters titled, “The Deck Media”, have always provided affiliates and players with a valuable source of information during volatile times. Currently Sloto’ Cash has not yet detailed the upcoming changes. The only indication from the casino is that its new live support will soon be available. The newsletter did indicate that the changes will be extremely exciting and take effect in September 2011.

Bad News for Deck Media

On the other hand, there was bad news from the affiliate program Deck Media in early 2011. The affiliate management company lost GATM eCheck processor which processed all financial transactions for the company. Unfortunately when the eCheck company went under, Deck Media lost a significant amount of affiliate’s money. When affiliate programs lost eWalletXpress and MasterCard, the program absorbed the costs.

In the situation with eCheck, Deck Media was unable to absorb the losses. Therefore, those affiliates who generated earning from eCheck deposits had to surrender their earnings to the payment processor. Players and affiliates are hoping that the changes next month will settle down the activity at the casino and brands of Deck Media.

Sloto’ Cash Company Information

Licensed in the reputed gambling jurisdiction of Curacao, Sloto’ Cash online casino permits customers from the United Kingdom, South Africa, Australia, Japan and many other European countries.

Black Friday has played a significant toll on the online gambling industry. Almost every provider, affiliate or affiliate management company has been affected by the actions taken by the U.S. Department of Justice almost four months ago. Hopefully all online entities will be able to recover from this incident.

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Popular Banking Company Withdraws from U.S. Market

February 23rd, 2011  |  Published in Casino News

Gold-Pay is an online banking company that allows for financial transactions between online gamblers and casinos. Over the past year, they had built a reputation in the American online gaming market as being reliable and trustworthy. This reputation was a double-edged sword. The company grew but it became so well-known, the United States Government noticed and sent authorities of financial services after them.

The Well-Known Email

At the end of the week of February 7th, 2011, customers began receiving emails regarding the pending legal matters Gold-Pay was facing. Therefore, the company was forced to suspend all online gaming-related transactions which made up most of their business. The email also stated there was no timeline for resolution and proceeded to apologize for the service disruption.

Lack of Communication

Furthermore, it was reported by players in various forums that those who attempted to communicate with the company were unsuccessful. Representatives of the company were not willing to divulge any further information into the case. It is likely the Department of Justice began clamping down on their transactions. Shortly following the emails, the website stated, “Effective February 14th, 2011, Gold-Pay will no longer be processing gaming transactions.”

Innovative Thinking

The company created an innovative idea that allowed customers to purchase gold and use it as a method of making financial transactions. This concept was implemented to circumvent the U.S. ban on depositing money at online gaming sites. Unfortunately this did not work.

eWalletXpress Legal Matters

This is the second online banking company to be recently shut down by the United States Government. Toward the end of 2010, eWalletXpress suffered the safe fate. The primary difference was that eWalletXpress had been in business money longer and supported a larger customer base.

After several weeks without an official statement, eWalletXpress released a statement similar to that of Gold-Pay which read; “We regret to inform you that we are no longer able to continue service at this time due to a federal warrant issued to seize our funds.” Luckily all customers were able to transfer any remaining balances back into their bank accounts.

With continuous enforcement of all aspects of online gambling in the United States, it does not seem as if the government wishes to legalize online gaming. Every few months to a year, the United States Government is shutting down a casino or blocking an online gaming site.

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