Closure Notice from the English Harbour Group

July 20th, 2011  |  Published in Casino News

Over its many years in business, the English Harbour Group has provided players with many popular games from Vegas Technology. Unfortunately the first sign of an issue occurred in May 2011 when the group was found to be directly linked to the Black Friday events in the United States. Following the incident, an announcement was released, “E.H. Gaming Ventures closed all of its casinos to new player registrations on May 16, 2011. The casinos remain open to existing players.”

Casino Settling

However, all brands of the group including, Millionaire Casino, Caribbean Gold Casino, VIP Slots Casino and Silver Dollar Casino continued providing regular promotions and events. At this point online gambling experts believed that the casino had settled down despite the minor inconvenience. Apparently this was not the case.

Finding Alternative Payment Options

In a post given by an English Harbour representative on July 8th, 2011 at a public online casino forum, the casino was said to be operating as planned for the customer. As a result of the events that have occurred in the United States the past several months, many online gaming sites are facing the challenges of offering reliable deposit options. Therefore, the group was attempting to function normally during this time with the hope of finding alternative payment options.

Closure of Brands

It comes as a complete surprise that all English Harbour online casinos are announcing a closure on their homepages. The notice at each brand states, “We recommend that you play out your balance or request a payout prior to August 1st. In the event that you have any questions please contact customer support. We would like to thank you for your loyalty through the years.”

Continued Operation

At this moment, the United Kingdom version of the English Harbour Group is functioning normally without this announcement. Similar UK domains are functional but others are not. It almost appears as if the English Harbour Group is eliminating .com domains which are controlled by the United States but is trying to keep all other domains functioning. Hopefully the operator will issue a statement to its players informing them of their intentions.

The English Harbour Group and subsequent casino brands have been around for a long time. Therefore, it would be a shame to see them close down. However, since the United Kingdom versions are still functional, perhaps there is hope for their continued operation after all.

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New Tournament Series at Caribbean Gold

March 11th, 2011  |  Published in Casino Tips

Caribbean Gold online casino recently began its weekly series of slot games entitled, “Slottery.” The currently running tournament features the slot game “City of Gold” which is not typically used in online tournament play. Therefore, this forbidden slot game makes the competition that much more exciting.

The City of Gold online slot game presents an Aztec-theme. The game is spot on from a historical point-of-view. The Aztecs were known as a wealthy tribe which is appropriately reflected by the high payouts. The most important symbols in the game include:

  • Aztec pyramid
  • Gold statue
  • Necklace
  • Golden archway

The Aztec pyramid logo grants players the highest payout of 6,000 coins. The golden statue and necklace follow with payouts of 3,000 coins and 1,000 coins respectively. The golden archway is representative of the scatter symbol which offers scattered payouts. The City of Gold game delivers an excellent free spins game which is a humongous advantage during tournament play. Once triggered, the player is given 15 free spins at triple payouts.

The tournament began on Monday, March 7th, 2011 and will end Thursday, March 10th, 2011. The prize pool is based on the amount collected by entry fees. The top 40 winners receive cash prizes with the leader accepting 15 percent of the pool. The entrance and rebuy fees are only $5 giving each player a starting balance of $200. Note that there is a maximum of 500 rebuys allowed.

The Slottery tournament will be immediately followed by the Weekend competition which runs from Friday, March 11th, 2011 to Sunday, March 13th, 2011. Therefore, a tournament will be held every day of the week. The upcoming Weekender tournament will feature the Love Bugs slot game which is one of the most popular games at the casino for online tournaments.

Caribbean Gold online casino is the top brand in the English Harbour group. Powered by Vegas Technology software, the casino is regulated by the Directorate of Offshore Gaming of Antigua and Barbuda, two reputable licensures.

With a guaranteed competition every day of the week, tournament enthusiasts will be in heaven during the month of March. With such low entrance fees and the potential for such a high prize, more traffic will frequent this online gaming site. The Slottery tournament will allow novice and veteran players to engage in friendly competition to showcase their skills to the online gambling world.

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