Important Tips on Reading the Dealer

May 31st, 2010  |  Published in Gambling Games

In a game of poker, or a round of blackjack, or a spin of the roulette wheel the dealer is important. The dealer has a direct effect on the outcome of your game, whether you realize it or not. For example, a bad dealer can cause you to lose your focus, costing you the win. It is important to learn to read the dealers, so to speak, so that you choose the best dealer for you when picking a table.

How to Read the Dealer

Notice How They Interact With Other Players

Before sliding up to a new table take a moment to observe how the dealer is interacting with the players already at the table. If the dealer seems friendly and sure of themselves, chances are you will have a positive gaming experience. If the dealer seems silent or too stern, it is probably best to move on to another table. Many professional players will attest that the mood and or experience of a dealer can be a critical factor in the outcome of the game.

Ask the Dealer Questions

When you first start playing, do not hesitate to engage the dealer. While you do not need to quiz every dealer you come across, it does not hurt to test your dealer knowledge. After all, you want a knowledgeable dealer. Especially if a round of the game comes into question or another player’s actions are not entirely honest.

Learn When to Move to Another Table

If you do not enjoy the dealer you are playing with, get up and move to another table. Playing at a table you do not like can lead to bad plays and missed hands. However, chances are you are not going to love every call every dealer makes and eventually you will run out of new tables to move.

Learn to strike a balance between your feelings on the dealer and what is actually fair practice. If the dealer is behaving honestly, try and let a few things slide before you move on. Especially if the game is going well for you.

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The Importance of the Dealer at the Casino

May 5th, 2010  |  Published in Inrodution

The dealer is the king of the mountain at the poker table, the roulette wheel, blackjack tables, and the craps table. While the importance of the dealer may seem obvious at first, after all the dealer is the one who hands out the cards and calls the game, why you need the dealer goes well beyond the simple mechanics.

The Dealer Controls the Game

It may be stating the obvious, but without a dealer their would be no game. The dealer changes in your chips, deals the cards, passes out the winnings, and collects the losses. We need a dealer to play the game.

The Dealer Controls the Table

Beyond simply handing out cards, the dealer is in control of the table. The dealer keeps the game play moving, and keeps an eye on the players. If a player is struggling, often it is left to the dealer to help them along. If the game is stalled due to a player, the dealer gets it moving again. Casino games go smoothly because of the dealer.

The Dealer Looks for Cheating

Cheating not only hurts the casino, it can hurt you. Dealers are trained to spot cheaters and notify the proper authorities. While another player can point out a cheater to the dealer, it is more likely that the dealer will notice them first. Catching and removing a cheater as quickly as possible protects both you and the casino.

The Dealer Influences the Game

If you have ever played against a bad dealer or a good dealer having a bad day, then you know the importance of the dealer’s mood to the overall game. The personality of the dealer can add a lot to the overall play of the game, good or bad.

The Dealer can Teach Us

Not every dealer will do it, but most dealers are happy to offer insight and tips into the game they deal. If you listen, you can learn a lot from a dealer. After all, the game is their job and it is likely they play it well.

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