April Promotions from Slots Galore

April 7th, 2011  |  Published in Casino Tips

Slots Galore is providing players with a number of promotions throughout the month of April. The most exciting of the bunch is the Ultimate 3D Package. Other promotions include, the Slots Galore coupon book and the Game of the Month. Therefore, players will be plenty business at Slots Galore throughout April.

The Ultimate 3D Theater Package

The Ultimate 3D Theater package allows the winner to view the latest Hollywood blockbuster or favorite movies in a 3-dimensional setting from the comfort of their own couch. The package includes a Samsung 55” 3D HTDV with a 3D Blu Ray Disc Player and two pairs of 3D viewing glasses. To participate, players must enter April’s featured sweepstakes at Slots Galore.

The cost of entry to the sweepstakes is only 500 Reward Points. Players are allowed to enter the giveaway as many times as they want but it will cost 500 Reward Points for each entry. The winner will be drawn and announced on April 30th, 2011. If a player in the United States wins, they will receive the prize at the address registered with the casino at no shipping cost. Those outside the U.S. will be given the cash equivalent of the prize.

The Game of the Month Promotion

Players who have not made a deposit to Slots Galore in the past 90 days will are not eligible for this promotion. Those who do not have enough Rewards Points to enter the sweepstakes could earn by playing at the Game of the Month. This game awards double the Reward Points on real money wagers. The designated game for the month of April is The Reel Deal which is the gaming version of Deal or no Deal.

The Coupon Book Promotion

For players short on cash, they have the opportunity to redeem up to $750 in bonuses from the coupon book. The available coupons and subsequent bonuses include, SG100APR11, which offers five 100 percent matching bonuses up to $100 each and SG50APR11 which awards five 50 percent coupons up to $100 each. To release, the deposits and bonuses must be wagered 20 times the amount.

Slot galore online gaming casino is the most popular brand in the English Harbour Group. Powered by Vegas Technology software, Slots Galore is licensed and regulated by the Directorate of Offshore Gaming of Antigua and Barbuda making them a reliable and trustworthy online casino.

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How to Find the Best Online Casinos

January 21st, 2011  |  Published in Casino Tips

Some people shy away from online casinos because they are scared about putting their money into something that they know nothing about. If you follow the guidelines below and know what to look for and what not to do, you will find a good, reputable online casino that will fit your needs. There is an online casino for every type of gambler. Here’s how to find yours and make sure you don’t end up signing on to a “fake” online casino.


Before you sign up for the first online casino you run across, there are a few things to remember to look for. Some of the casinos you find may seem to have everything you want and be perfect for you. Just keep in mind that some of these might be great, however, some aren’t reliable and may be unethical. To determine which ones to stay away from, do some research. Find out what company runs the casino, read some online reviews about it from other members and read up on their policies, how they pay and their rules. Just make sure you are careful. Just like everything else on the internet, there are some online casinos that are scams.

Be Smart

If a casino advertises a deal that sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Don’t let this scare you. Online casinos are businesses that need to have promotions to get their names out there and to make more money. Promotions and good deals lure in new customers. Unfortunately, scammers know this too. Just make sure to do your research before you jump on the first deal you come across.

Read the Fine Print

I know, all of those little words in fine print that tell the rules and how the casino operates seems like such a hassle to read. Most people will just skim the first few lines and accept the terms. This is not a good idea, especially when you are gambling your hard earned money.  Sometimes the fine print will tell rules about payouts. Some online casinos require a pretty high minimum in your account before you can request a payout. This is good information to know before you make a deposit and start playing.


To sum this up, just remember to do your research on whichever online casino you choose to play in. Make sure the company that owns it is legit and the reviews on it are in good standing. Know when a deal is too good to be true so you won’t fall into a scammer’s trap. There are many good, reputable online casinos out there.

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Time to Play Roulette

January 17th, 2011  |  Published in Gambling Games

You’ve made it into a highly recommended and reputable online casino.  The graphics and visuals are very pleasing.  The account set up was relatively pain free and smooth.  They have even given you a handsome bonus for your patronage.  Now it’s time to play!  So where do you start?  Roulette is a game that has consistently been very popular and fun to play!

And Round and Round She Goes

The classic roulette wheel.  It’s hard not to think of a sharp looking, tuxedo dressed James Bond type rubbing elbows with the World’s wealthy in a plush casino in Monaco.   He steps up to the table, puts his gold chips down, and as the white ball falls into the RED 27 slot he smirks and walks away with villain’s money.  So whether you have your tux on or not, don’t be afraid to step up to the roulette wheel and feel the excitement.  The game is based on your choice of where you think the ball is going to land when it finally comes to rest.

It’s All in the Numbers

The American Roulette wheel has 36 numbers, a zero, and a double zero.  Of the 36 numbers, 18 are red and 18 are black, and the zeros are green.  As with most games the house of course has the edge, but if you place your bets strategically, that is, where the odds are better, you can play very a long time.  Now, there are several ways to lay down your money.  For example, you can bet your money straight up which means you are betting that the ball will land on one specific number.  This bet has the smallest odds but the biggest payout.  If you’re like agent 007 and you place your bet on RED 27 and the ball actually lands on RED 27 you get paid 35 times the amount of your bet!  You can bet on a group of four numbers called a square bet, you can bet simply that the ball will land in a red or black slot, and you can also bet whether the result will be odd or even, just to name a few.   Don’t forget about the two green slots, zero and double zero. These two have a tendency to pop up when you least expect it, one of the reasons the house holds the edge in this game!

Spread the Offense

Now remember you don’t have to bet just one of the previous examples at a time.  You can combine all types of bets for each spin if you want.  For example you can bet the ball will land on one of a group of four numbers and that it will be a red number and that that number is even.  This is where the excitement and anticipation build up as that ball spins around.  If your number, color, type of number, or group comes up, you’re a winner!  It is a game that can provide long periods of fun and excitement.

So go ahead and give the roulette wheel a try and remember when you are registering for the online casino be sure to spell your name correctly – Bond, James Bond!

reputable online casino!
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An Overview of Millionaire Online Casino

August 20th, 2010  |  Published in Inrodution

Millionaire Online Casino maintains a brand image of elegance and VIP treatment to its players. The software provides cutting edge technology mixed with an extensive selection of casino games. Backing up its name, Millionaire Online Casino features high limit tables to attract those with large bankrolls but also plenty of low limit and free games for all classes of players.

There are a several notable advantages to playing at Millionaire Online Casino. These include:

  • The signup bonus
  • Accepts U.S. players
  • Regular software updates
  • Excellent customer support
  • Extensive game offerings

As always, the bonus is what initially attracts a player to an online casino. Millionaire Online Casino features an excellent tiered bonus of $5000 on your first three deposits. This is a 100 percent matching bonus. Also, players are eligible to receive further bonuses when making future deposits.

With so many casinos not allowing players from the United States, it can be difficult to find those casinos that do. Luckily, Millionaire Online Casino accepts U.S. players. Additionally, there are little issues with depositing via credit card which is attractive to U.S.-based players.

Another advantage is that the casino regularly updates their software to provide new games to their players. In general, the casino adds a few new games each month, mostly in the slots category. Additionally, the customer support is unmatched in the industry. They are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Finally, Millionaire Online Casino features over 100 games; many of which are 3-reel and progressive slots and video slots. There are also several table games and video poker variants.

On the other hand, there are only a few disadvantages including:

  • No multi-player casino games
  • Only English
  • Average graphics and sound

One of the biggest drawbacks of Millionaire Online Casino is the lack of multi-player casino games. Every game is single-player including table games. Also, customer support and software packages are only available in English. Finally, the graphics and sound are nothing impressive, average at best.

Millionaire Online Casino is a great place to play slots and video slots. Those looking to play slots or in slot tournaments will be in their prime setting. Also, the benefits greatly outweigh the limitations. However if you are looking for a place to play something other than slots, this may not be the casino for you.

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