New Video Poker Game Released by Vegas Technology

March 3rd, 2011  |  Published in Gambling Games

Vegas Technology, one of the leaders in online gaming developed, recently released a new video poker game. This is the first time the company has gone live with a game that is not a variant of slots.  Known as, Bump-It-Up, the game places an innovative twist on video poker. The chosen video poker variant is Jacks or Better.

Multi-hand Video Poker

The players have the option of playing four hands at the same time. However, Bump-It-Up pays out in double multiples which differ from most multi-hand video poker games. For instance, the second hand pays 2x, the third hand pays 4x and the fourth hand pays out 8x the normal winnings. The catch is the player must beat each level to advance to the next multiplier. The coin size varies between $0.01 and $5.00 with players selecting up to four wagers.

Therefore, if a player chooses to bet on all hands with four $5.00 coins per bet, the maximum wager is $80 which will be immediately deducted from the player’s casino balance. The payout table is available at all video poker games and is displayed in coins as per the number of coins wagered. There is a direct correlation between the number of coins wagered and the payout.

Winning the Game

After the betting denomination is placed, the player clocks the Deal button followed by the distribution of cards. Like most other video poker games, the player can hold specific cards and eliminate those that do not help their hand. If no winning hand combination is determined in the first round, the game is over and the player loses all wagers (even those placed for four hands).

On the other hand, if there is a win in the first round, the player will advance to the second and automatically keep the initial winnings. At this point, the payouts are doubled, based on the payout chart. As the player progresses, the winnings are multiplied for that level. If the player loses at any level, they cannot progress to the next round be do keep their accumulated winnings.

Doubling Up

Another option is to double the accumulated winnings. On the winners screen, there is a button titled Double. This is a bonus game of sorts in which the player is dealt four cards, three down, one up. The player must select any of the face down cards and will win if that card is of higher value than the face up card. A loss results in the player losing all bets.

This game puts an innovative spin on a classic betting game. The addition of multipliers makes this game extremely fun and can be highly profitable. Look for this game at all Vegas Technology casinos.

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