A Review of Chests of Plenty

July 14th, 2011  |  Published in Inrodution

Virgin Casino recently released a new pirate-themed online slot game entitled, “Chests of Plenty.” Developed by Ash Gaming and supplied through the Gaming Technology Solutions (GTS) platform, the game is filled with highly-detailed, thematic pirate features. For instance, the sound of waves breaking against the boat and the squawking of a parrot in the background of the game adds to the enjoyment.

The Symbols

One of the most important icons in the game is the girl which represents the wild symbol. When part of winning combinations, the girl becomes animated by firing her pistol and blowing the smoke from the barrel. Her character offers the highest jackpot valued at 10,000 coins. Another vital symbol is the pirate which also acts as a wild icon when appearing next to the girl.

The Chest Bonus Game

The Chest bonus game is activated when three chest icons appear anywhere on the reels. Unfortunately there are not scatter payouts related to these characters. In the bonus game three chests move to the center of the screen and automatically open to reveal the prize of three gems. If they are identical the player will receive a bonus award which will continue until the gems are different.

If the gems are not identical, the chest will not open. If all nine gems from the three chests are diamonds, the player will automatically win the progressive jackpot amount which is typically the highest payout in the game.

The Treasure Map Bonus Round

Another exciting and profitable bonus round is the Treasure Map bonus which simulates a treasure hunt. The bonus will begin when three, four or five map symbols appear on any of the reels. Unlike the Chest bonus game, these symbols will award scattered payouts. Three map icons will transport players to Booty Island while four move players to the Isle of Plenty and five equates to a trip to Jackpot Island.

The islands have higher prize amounts depending on the number of maps icons. Each map on each island displays a trail which has different prizes along the way. Also on the map is a number from one to seven and a “Skull and Crossbones.” The number acquired is the number of spaces moved along the trail. Movement continues until the Skull and Crossbones are drawn.

Chests of Plenty is an exciting game that features a variety of ways to win. Virgin Casino is also currently running an event entitled, the “Pirate Treasure Promotion” to draw players to the new game.

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Skill-based Slots Bonus Games

October 26th, 2010  |  Published in Gambling Games

The standard in online slots games has become the addition of a slots bonus game on the second screen. Almost every single slots bonus game is based on luck; however there are a few skill-based games. The simplest game being the selection of objects on the screen and more complicated games involving symbol matching. Bonus games are typically cloaked in the game to keep it exciting. Most players do not mind the games are based on luck.

There are two types of skills incorporated into bonus games include:

  • Mechanical dexterity
  • Logical reasoning

Mechanical dexterity is needed for controlling most video games and requires a lower level of skill. These types of games are commonly found in i-slots released by Rival Gaming. One of the most popular skill-based games is Asteroid Blasteroid. This game requires the player to steer a spaceship through an asteroid belt. The primary objective is to avoid being hit by asteroids or else the player will lose a life.

The second goal is to destroy as many asteroids as possible. The bonus game ends when the player successfully navigates the asteroid belt or loses all lives. The number of credits is based on the number of asteroids destroyed.

Another skill-based bonus game offered by Rival Gaming is Hole in Won. This golf-based game involves a nine-hole golf course with the player trying a different hole each time the bonus game is triggered. The skill required for this game is aiming the mouse pointer and adjusting the distance to put the ball in the hole. With each hole is a different obstacle so various strategies are required.

Logical reasoning is the second type of skill incorporated into bonus games. Battleship is a good example of the logical reasoning needed to sink the opponent’s ships. WagerWorks converted this board game into Battleship Search and Destroy, a bonus slot game. The object is to destroy enemy ships in fewer than 8 moves. There are five ships across 17 squares that are randomly generated on an 8 by 8 matrix.

The player must destroy each ship based on previous hits or misses. Bonus credits are awarded for consecutive hits. Players often have a better chance of acquiring bonus credit during the skill-based games as opposed to leaving their fate to luck. Overall, bonus games add extra excitement and a chance to play for free. Due to this popularity, most online gaming software developers are incorporating them into their slots games.

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