June Blackjack Tournaments at Omni Casino

June 8th, 2011  |  Published in Inrodution

There are three exciting online blackjack tournaments schedule for June 2011 at Omni Casino. The first began on Monday, June 6th and will end Sunday, June 12th. The second competition will begin on Monday June 13th and end Sunday, June 19th. The third weekly tournament will commence on Monday, June 20th and end June 26th. Therefore, there will be 21 straight days of competitive Blackjack tournaments.

Easy to Enter

Luckily, there are no entry fees for participating in these weekly tournaments. Also, players are not required to register to participate. To play, simply wager on Blackjack at the casino. Players are able to join the tournament at any time during the week. However, those that access the competition earlier will have much better chances of winning.

Rules for Earning Tournament Points

For each wager of $3 or higher on a Blackjack hand, players will earn a single tournament point. Those who accumulate the highest number of tournament points will share a prize pool of $1,000 which is divided amongst three leader boards. Each of which has a different average bet per hands. Therefore, at the end of each week, players average hand bets will be calculated and they will be placed in the accompanying bracket.

The Levels of Competition

The lowest level ranges from $3 to $5 with a total prize pool of $190 which will be shared with the leading five players.  The $190 prize pool will be distributed in order: $75, $45, $30, $25 and $15.  The next range is from $5.01 to $10 of which the players will split $320 with the winner receiving $125. The highest level is over $10.01 with a prize pool of $490 and the winner receiving $200. None of the winnings require any wagering requirements for withdrawal.

Other Omni Casino June Events

There are several other events offered by the Omni Casino for the month of June. The Money Storm Slot Tournament and the Hot Seat promotion are two additional ways to earn money through excellent competition.

Omni Casino consistently has some of the best online tournaments available in the industry. Tournament enthusiasts and regular players are welcome to try their hand weekly these free, easy to play competition against some of the best in the industry. Although they did not have many in May, June is gearing up to be chalk full of exciting events and potential money-makers for many participants.

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A Review of the World Series of Blackjack

December 9th, 2010  |  Published in Inrodution

Created and organized by the Game Show Network (GSN), the World Series of Blackjack (WSOB) was a series of blackjack tournaments on television. Between 2004 and 2007 there were four competitions held annually. Unfortunately the event was discontinued after the 2007 season. The WSOB became a closed event where players could win entry through a satellite tournament or were invited to play.

The first season in 2004 had a starting pool of 25 players with the winner being Mike Aponte, former MIT Team member that made millions scamming the casinos during the 1990’s. Aponte won a prize of $100,000 during this season. In the second season Mike Aponte returned to defend his title but did not make it past the preliminary rounds. Instead the $250,000 purse was won by Ken Einiger among 40 players.

In the third season the prize amount doubled to $500,000 and was won by Dr. Jeff Bernstein. The fourth and final season added some celebrity participants including Shannon Elizabeth and Tiffany Michelle, both of whom are avid poker players. Other celebrities included:

  • Caroline Rhea
  • Penn Jillette
  • Orel Hershiser

The winner was Alice Walked who received a prize of $500,000 out of the total million dollar prize pool. Alice had a background of being the Game Show Network’s winner of the three card poker championship.

There were three special rules of the World Series of Blackjack that made the tournament interesting. The first was a Knockout Card which was shuffled into the deck. Once distributed, the player with the lowest total chip value was eliminated from the round. The second rule was a Power Chip that was given to each player at the beginning of each round. This allowed players to exchange one of their cards for the next in the deck.

Finally, the Second Chance rule which gave the fifth place finishers each one ticket, fourth place finishers two tickets and third place finishers three tickets to draw for a fifth seat. This allow those that have already been eliminated a “second chance” to reenter the tournament.

The World Series of Blackjack never reached the popularity of the World Series of Poker but the competition still exists. Gambling tournaments continue to increase due to exposure by the media. Perhaps in the future, this exciting but skillful tournament will return to television to complement the numerous Hold’em Poker series’.

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How to Approach Blackjack Tournaments

December 7th, 2009  |  Published in Inrodution

By now, almost everyone realizes the popularity of poker tournaments.  A similar structure for another popular card game has recently been adopted in the casinos of Las Vegas, Atlantic City and the Caribbean – blackjack.  Tournaments for blackjack are arising everywhere and proving to be just as competitive as their poker counterparts.  Many industry executives have taken notice, and to capitalize on the demand, blackjack tournaments are starting to become a common phenomenon in online casinos.

Why Blackjack Tournaments?

The thrill of competing against other players, instead of the house, is an attractive lure that brings players into blackjack tournaments.  While blackjack tournaments have certainly grown in popularity, especially due to the number of mainstream celebrities who partake in these events, they are still not as prevalent as slots tournament.  Casinos tend to have far more slot machines than they do blackjack tables, which make it difficult for them to close off slot areas for the purpose of hosting tournaments.  For this reason, you will typically find smaller tournaments hosted on weekdays, while the more prominent invitational tournaments run for several days during the weekends.

Blackjack tournaments certainly help casinos reel in additional traffic.  These tournaments typically carry a very nominal entrance fee, making the entire experience quite attractive to interested players.  It is possible to find free blackjack tournaments, but they are a rarity in comparison to free slots tournaments.

Casinos often hold invitational tournaments to reward loyal customers, giving them free rooms during the tournament.  Hence the name, these multi-day tournaments run on an invitation only basis and not available to general public.

What to Consider Before You Enter a Blackjack Tournament

Blackjack tournaments are right on the dime for the true blackjack fanatic.  However, they are still relatively new, and therefore, there are several factors you should keep in mind before you register.

Entry Fee

The first thing you must ascertain is the entry fee and the method of payment required to enter the blackjack tournament.  For example, will you playing with your own money or provided with tournament chips?  Tournaments that provide chips usually have a fixed cost and give players a certain amount with which to begin.  Also take note that some tournaments require that you play with your own money, and chips may not be an option.

The Prizes

Especially if you are paying a tournament entrance fee, then you certainly want to weigh the rewards of your potential tournament prizes. A good tournament will give players back their entry fee as prizes, which in turn, gives them all the incentive to play.

Even if the tournament is free to enter, the prize should still justify the time and effort you put into participating.  Because most casinos list the prizes, you should view this information to ascertain how much players stand to win.  Just because a tournament requires a fee doesn’t necessarily mean it is worthwhile for you.

The Rules

Before entering a blackjack tournament, it is important to fully understand all the rules that apply, particularly the number of rounds and their duration.  As we mentioned earlier, some tournaments last several days, and thus, it is advisable to learn all the rules before making your travel arrangements.  If the company promoting the tournament seems hesitant about providing the rules beforehand, you should consider looking for another event.

Registration Process

Some blackjack tournaments allow you to register the day before the events start.  However, most of the smaller events only require for you to turn in your registration several hours prior to the start of the tournament.

Whether you are playing on or offline, you should make sure that you are already familiar with the rules before playing.  If you have not read the rules up to this point, now would be a good time to review them, as they should be easily accessible to you.  If you have any questions, ask them at this time – and not once the event is underway.


Blackjack tournaments take the excitement and suspense of the traditional game to new heights.  These tournaments often boast huge purses, and if you are on top of your game, you can profit quite nicely.  By knowing how to approach the event, you can learn what to expect and better assure a positive experience whether you win, lose or draw even.

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