Rival Gaming Fuses New Concept to Create a Bingo-Themed Slot Game

May 30th, 2011  |  Published in Gambling Games

Rival Gaming has developed a new concept of fusing two different gambling games into one; a bingo-themed online slot game. Although players are unable to actually play a competitive game of bingo, they will still be able to enjoy the atmosphere of a bingo hall in new slot game, Five Reel Bingo.

The introductory clip takes players through the experiences found at a bingo hall such as the casual chatter. The announcer then calls a number at which the clip shows an old man holding a bingo marker, anxiously awaiting the next number announcement. The announcer calls the next number prompting an elderly woman to stand up and yell “Bingo.”

The symbols on the reels in the slot game stem from the game of Bingo itself. These icons include:

  • Bingo market
  • Ball dispenser
  • Announcer
  • Squeak rubber doll
  • Bingo cards
  • The old lady
  • The old man
  • Star

The old lady from the introductory clip is representative of the jackpot symbol since she won. The highest paying jackpot in the game is 2,500 coins. The old man, also from the clip, acts as the scatter symbol. Three of these icons and the player is awarded five free spins, four and the player is given ten free spins and five will grant the player twenty free spins. Also, payouts during this round are tripled. The star is the wild symbol which only appears on reels 1, 3 and 5.

Five Reel Bingo also offers an unusual bonus game in which each reel is designated with a specific scatter symbol letter that spells BINGO. If the word BINGO appears across all five reels, the player can engage in a regular game of Bingo. In the bonus game version, numbers are called and marked off a standard bingo card. There are a variety of Bingo patterns, each with a different payout. The player will receive the payout of the pattern that initially forms.

All horizontal and vertical lines pay 3,000 coins while a diagonal line pays 5,000 coins, four corners equates to 7,000 coins and a horizontal/vertical combination equals 10,000 coins. The game is available for play at regular and accelerated speeds.

Five Reel Bingo is currently available at all Rival Gaming casinos like RubyRoyal and Sloto’ Cash. This game is an exciting and innovative take on the standard, popular game of Bingo. All aspects of the normal game are present to improve the experience.

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The Growth of Online Gambling in 2010

January 24th, 2011  |  Published in Casino News

Recent figures reported by H2 Gambling Capital reveal online gaming has increased by 12.5 percent in 2010. This indicates the global recession has completely bypassed online gambling. Furthermore, the gross winnings in 2010 totaled $29.95 billion. However, a large portion of this is attributed to World Cup sports betting. Therefore, when removing those bets, the growth amount was still 11.4 percent.

Vertical Product Tracking

To acquire these figures, H2 tracks seven product verticals and reports various sector results. The largest growth rate was in the online bingo sector in which win revenues improved by 28.4 percent up to $2.67 billion. The segment with the second highest growth rate was online casinos at 13.3 percent for a total of $2.67 billion. The most successful area of online gambling was sports betting which generated $12.06 billion (10.8 percent increase).

Slowest Growth Rate

Surprisingly, poker has the slowest growth rate of 7.1 percent for a total revenue of $5.06 billion. Had it not been for the newly developed French and Italian online gaming markets, the revenue figure would have been less than previous years.

A Decrease in Online Casinos

Despite a decrease in the number of real-money online gambling sites the growth was higher than many expected. 2010 ended with 2,400 gambling websites, a 160 site decrease from last year. The decrease was to be expected as a result of intensifying competition leading to mergers and consolidations of companies which are expected to continue through 2011.

Double Digit Growth

H2 Gambling Capital is predicting the continuance of double digit growth for 2011. This is due to the enactment of many European bills with regards to online gambling. There are also plenty of countries considering the legalization of online gambling including, Spain, Denmark, Greece and Belgium. Also, the use of mobile devices for gaming increased in 2010 and is forecasted to explode in 2011.

H2 Gambling Capital is located in the United Kingdom and supplies data and consulting to the gambling industry. The company was founded in 2000 and has supplied pertinent information to over 500 clients since. H2 has created its own proprietary software for tracking online gambling information.

These are excellent numbers for global online gaming sites. As more countries adopt the legalization of internet gambling, this number will continue to significantly increase. Perhaps the United States will jump on board once they realize the profit potential for companies and the tax potential for the government.

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Learning How to Maximize Your Bingo Potential

June 3rd, 2010  |  Published in Gambling Games

Bingo is a much beloved from of gambling for many players. Most people see Bingo as a simple game, and at is basic level this is true. All you really need to play Bingo well is a good attention span and quick hand and eye coordination. The dealer calls out the numbers and you mark them down. When you get a Bingo, act quickly and you win. However, you can add skill to the game of Bingo, and strategies to help you win more rounds. To this end, let us look at several tips for Increasing Your Bingo Game.

Use More Then One Card

It is simple, by playing more then one Bingo card a game, you increase your chances of winning. However, be sure not to play more cards then you can handle. The caller moves quickly, and if you are working with too many cards you can easily miss a number. Try adding one card a game at a time until you find your comfort level, and as your speed increases, up your number of cards. It is important that you do not get ahead of yourself, as this could be counterproductive. For example, if you are managing too many cards, and one in fact is a winner, yet you were unable to derive this in a timely fashion, your winning card may become a losing  Bingo card.

Use the Machines

Some casinos and Bingo halls offer computerized games. Avid Bingo enthusiasts often avoid these machines, feeling they take the fun out of the game. In reality, the machine is just as fast paced and exciting as the cards, and the machine greatly reduces your odds of missing a number or even missing a Bingo.

Know the Games

Bingo is often played in different ways. For example, in four square Bingo the player must get four numbers in a square on their card to win. Be sure you understand the game being played or you might miss your chance to win. If you do not understand the game, try sitting out for a round and observing. Most Bingo styles are incredibly easy to catch on too and you’ll be playing in no time.

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Online Keno – The Ultimate Numbers Game

May 26th, 2010  |  Published in Gambling Games

Online casinos have put many games that were once side diversions front and center. As lotteries around the world continue to draw a huge following, so too do lottery-style games like bingo, online scratch tickets, and keno. People love the element of luck, the superstition, the suspense, and the opportunity to bet small and still win big. If you’re a fan of such games but have never tried keno then you’re missing out!

One of the reasons that keno is the most underrated lottery-style game is that up until it was offered online it had very limited accessibility. Most of the casinos at major gambling destinations like Las Vegas and Atlantic City offered keno as a side game – something you’d play at the bar or while waiting for friends – but few of the smaller local casinos had the space or resources necessary to host the game. The internet has changed that, and now keno is finally getting the recognition and appreciation it deserves.

What Is Keno

At first glance, keno looks pretty similar to bingo. Players choose their numbers, get a card, and then watch a series of numbered balls get drawn to see if they win. There are actually some very notable differences between bingo and keno, though. For one, winning at bingo requires the construction of a certain combination. With keno, there are no lines to be filled or shapes to be made. It’s all about how many of your numbers are or are not drawn.

Each round of keno uses the same 80 numbered balls. At a live keno game these balls are drawn using a vacuum system attached to a viewing bubble. In an online keno game, this process may be mimicked using real-time animation, but in actuality randomization software picks the numbers. Twenty numbers are drawn every round. In live keno, players must manually check their tickets against the results of every round, but in online keno wins are awarded automatically.

How to Play Keno

Playing online keno is easy. To get instant access to a keno game, simply log into your casino account and then select keno from their game menu. Choose how much you want to wager per ticket. Then you must decide how many numbers you want to pick (from 1 to 10), and what those numbers are. If you don’t want to change your numbers between rounds, then you can buy a book of tickets with the same numbers. The site will announce when bets are closed and when the next round of keno is ready to begin. You can then watch the drawing of the numbers. Wins are awarded depending on how many of your numbers are drawn.

It’s the objective of keno that makes it really unique. In most lottery-style games players only win if their numbers are drawn, but in keno players can also win by getting fewer matches.

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Why Some Casino Side Games Deserve Your Full Attention

May 6th, 2010  |  Published in Casino Tips

Multi-tasking is nothing new at the casino – for years poker players have swung by the sportsbook while waiting for a table or slots players have bought a keno ticket while having a coffee in the cafe – but online casinos have taken the concept of side games to a whole new level. These days you can play any number of games at once with one featured center screen and another minimized in the corner or with up to a dozen or more poker tables resized and going at once. Many games – like bingo and keno, for example – have consistently been side games at the casino, but these days their growing popularity is seeing them increasingly played front and center. Here are a few traditional casino side games that we believe deserve your full attention.

Lottery-style Games

Keno was first popularized in live American casinos as a diversion for players sitting in their rooms or killing time at the cafe. Alternately bingo has always had its own crowd of casual players outside the casino. These preconceived perceptions of the games are slowly changing thanks to the new exposure they’re receiving from online casinos. All the fun of bingo and keno is in seeing your numbers get drawn, plus these lottery-style games tend to attract a large and active crowd of live players, so why not get a bit more involved with your lottery-style game the next time you play?


The term “side bet” was probably coined at a sportsbook, and yet for some casino players all sportsbook bets are side bets. Half-hearted sports bettors are missing all the fun (not to mention losing lots of bets). What’s great about sportsbooks is that they give sports fanatics a new way to interact with the game. The next time you’re logging in to make a quick bet at your preferred sportsbook, take a little extra time to read about the odds, browse forum postings or peruse expert advice on your selected event – we guarantee the added knowledge will make your participation more exciting.


Any serious blackjack player would scoff at its being labeled as a side game, but the truth is that blackjack has become an increasingly popular diversion for slots and poker players. The irony of playing blackjack as a side game is that with the right strategy and the right blackjack table you could probably earn more at this game than any other offered in the casino. For this reason alone blackjack deserves your undivided attention. The game’s potentially high payback percentage relies entirely on your use of a perfect strategy, and that requires concentration.

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Enter the World of Bingo

December 4th, 2009  |  Published in Inrodution

Bingo is no longer restricted to the hall on Saturday nights, as the game is widely played online.   If you are not familiar with the game, this article will serve as the guide that reveals all the basics, along with the differences between playing on and offline.

Basic Bingo Rules

Bingo is a simple game and relatively easy to play.  Random numbers are drawn and called while players match the numbers on the cards they selected.  The first player to form the predetermined pattern from the numbers on their card calls out “bingo” and wins the game.

The Bingo game can be played by dozens or even hundreds of people.  Each card is unique to ensure that players have different numbers.  The typical card has 24 numbered spaces in addition to a “free” space that can be checked off right away.  While the winning patterns can vary significantly, the most common are as follows:

One line/Two lines – One or two lines on the card marked when the player’s numbers are called.

Cover all (Blackout) – This occurs when all numbers on the card are covered.

Bingo organizers have been known to get very creative when it comes to winning patterns.   For example, some implement patterns that form the shape of a certain letter or particular design.  Players can also play with a number of different cards, which makes them eligible for prizes that range from material objects to large cash jackpots.

Playing Bingo Online

Online bingo is quite similar to its counterpart played in the brick-and-mortar hall setting.  In fact, it is basically the same game with the exception of some new and improved rules you typically will not find in your local hall.  However, there are some notable differences between playing on and offline.  In many instances, these games can actually make the internet versions even more exciting.

Unlike the mechanisms that spin the balls and randomly select numbers in land-based halls, bingo games in online casinos use random number generators, which are also used for craps, poker and other web-based casino games.   So what’s the big difference?  Well, when playing at a reputable site, online bingo pretty much guarantees that the numbers will be randomly drawn.  This gives you the assurance of fair play and an equal opportunity to win.

Another notable difference is the “auto-daub” feature available in online games, which allows players to have their numbers marked automatically without manually having to do so themselves.  It’s an on-demand world and while this feature seems to cater to the lazy player, it can actually speed of the game and ensure that you don’t sleep on bingo.

Bingo Variants

There are mainly two types of bingo you can choose from: 75-ball and 90-ball games.  75-ball games are common in North America while the 90-ball variant is popular in the United Kingdom and other parts of the world.

Rules aside, the primary goal of a 75-ball game is always to mark off the numbers according to the predetermined patterns.  In 90-ball games, each bingo card has nine vertical lines and three horizontal lines.  Each line contains five numbers, making a total of 15 for each card.  The average 90-ball bingo game is played in three stages: one line, two lines and Full House, which is simply a different name for cover-all or blackout.

In a one line game, you are required to mark off numbers in a full horizontal line across the card.  A two card game is the same, with the exception that you must have two full horizontal lines.  In a full house game, you must mark all 15 numbers on the card, which is the same objective of a cover all 75-ball game.  Because the prizes increase with each phase, full house tends to offer the biggest reward.


People from all over the world are hopping online to play bingo right from their computer.   While it can be just as exciting as playing in your local hall, the sheer convenience alone makes the internet version worthwhile for the true fan.  Online bingo still has a long way to go before it reaches the popularity of poker, but right now, this game seems to be drawing tremendous crowds who return regularly to play.

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Pokeno: Poker and Keno with a Bingo Twist

November 21st, 2009  |  Published in Inrodution

What happens when you merge the popular games of poker and keno together?  You come out with an exciting and addictive hybrid game known as pokeno.  Often referred to as poker keno and spelled po-ke-no, pokeno is a board game that can be just as exciting whether it is played for money or just for fun.

While pokeno wraps the thrill of poker and suspense of keno into a single package, it actuality mimics bingo the most.  Although pokeno is currently only played sparingly online, pokeno is a big hit in the homes of families throughout the United States and beyond.

Important Game Elements

Whether the game is played online or offline, pokeno generally involves the following elements:

A variety of different game boards to accommodate 2 to 13 players

200 game (pokeno) game chips

A standard 52-deck of playing cards.

The Buy-in and Side Pots

Just like poker, the game of pokeno usually requires a predetermined buy-in.  Some players like to include additional side pots to enhance the intrigue of the game.  Two of the most common side pots are designated for 3-across and 4-corners.

In most cases, players are required to put up antes for these side pots in addition to the main buy-in in order to enter the game and qualify to win them.  After putting up your bets, you are provided with a certain amount of pokeno chips and can select the boards you want to play with.

Pokeno Rules

The game boards in pokeno feature pictures of various cards.  In the typical game, there are five squares across and five squares down, making a total of 25 squares per board.  A designated player acts as the dealer and flips the cards over one at a time, calling them out while doing so.

Each player with cards on their board that match the number places a pokeno chip over the appropriate square.  The first player with five squares in a row, either horizontal, vertical or diagonally wins the game, signaling their victory by chanting “pokeno!”  In a standard game, the winner is designated as the dealer for the next round.

Similar to bingo and poker, pokeno has its variants, with 4-corner and cover-all being among the most popular.  Another common element the game borrows from bingo is the implementation of rules that declare the winner as being the first player to forum a certain letter on the board or cover all 25 available squares.

Many groups of players choose to play other variations to add to the intrigue and excitement.  One of the most common involves incorporating poker rules into the game.  Therefore, instead of trying to cover five squares in a row to win the game, it can be played where all players wait until everyone have covered five squares and whoever has the best hand wins the round.

Likewise, players can also hide their cards on the board and then bet on the poker hands assembled by those cards.  Just like in a game of poker, players have the option to gamble with real money and can check, fold, call, and raise.

Online Pokeno

Although pokeno is a popular hybrid game mainly played in the home setting, there are also electronic versions that can be played online in a select few virtual casinos.  These variants allow you to play against computer generated hands and a larger number of players as well.  Some online casinos offer games that offer 12 additional boards that allows up to 24 players to play at one time.


Contrary to popular belief, pokeno is not a new game.  It has simply ascended into the mainstream like most things that revolve around poker these days.  Despite its fast growing popularity, you probably will not see this game being played in nationally televised tournaments any time soon.

While pokeno is incredibly fun to play, just like bingo, it is not exciting to watch other people compete.  This minor drawback aside, it would nice to see pokeno become more widespread in online casinos and even better if you could one day grab a few boards at a land-based facility.  Time will tell.

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