Tips for Playing Goal Three 2-Win

December 22nd, 2010  |  Published in Gambling Games

Goal Three 2-Win, created by WagerWorks, is an instant play game introduced by Virgin Casino. Instant play games respectively have their advantages and disadvantages. Instant play games offered at online gaming sites greatly differ from the regular games like blackjack or slots. These games tend to be simple with higher house edges.

Goal Three 2-Win is a soccer-themed instant play game. Although the 2010 World Cup has ended, soccer is constantly in international news; therefore, soccer-themed online gambling games continue to enjoy success.

The betting in the game has been simplified to only 1 credit wagering. When the play button is clicked, the credit is automatically deducted and displayed on the screen. 30 soccer balls are then displayed in a 5 by 6 matrix. The players are then required to select the balls one at a time until a payout is granted. One popular method is to select the balls either from left to right or top to bottom. Other players:

• Select randomly
• Select backwards
• Alternate ball selection
• Trace shapes
• Trace numbers

Another nice feature is the auto play function which allows those players that do not wish to select the balls to have the system choose them. Keep in mind, the auto play button must be clicked prior to the game beginning.

There are two ways to win in the regular game. First, each football reveals a color or number when clicked. Therefore, the game ends when three balls of the same color or same number are selected. If the correct three numbers are selected, then the payout is that number. If the correct colors are selected then a bonus game entitled, Cash Ladder, is activated.

In this game, the player must place a new bet and match three of the same colored balls again. If the player does this correctly, they move up the ladder and select again. After five steps, the player can cash out of risk the money and play again. The top prize on the ladder is 200 credits.

Although Goal Three 2-Win is a soccer-themed game, it does not have to be played during soccer season. It is a fun and exciting new instant play game that you should try if at any WagerWorks powered casinos. Although the house does have a tremendous edge, it is still an interesting game to check out.

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