A Review of Chests of Plenty

July 14th, 2011  |  Published in Inrodution

Virgin Casino recently released a new pirate-themed online slot game entitled, “Chests of Plenty.” Developed by Ash Gaming and supplied through the Gaming Technology Solutions (GTS) platform, the game is filled with highly-detailed, thematic pirate features. For instance, the sound of waves breaking against the boat and the squawking of a parrot in the background of the game adds to the enjoyment.

The Symbols

One of the most important icons in the game is the girl which represents the wild symbol. When part of winning combinations, the girl becomes animated by firing her pistol and blowing the smoke from the barrel. Her character offers the highest jackpot valued at 10,000 coins. Another vital symbol is the pirate which also acts as a wild icon when appearing next to the girl.

The Chest Bonus Game

The Chest bonus game is activated when three chest icons appear anywhere on the reels. Unfortunately there are not scatter payouts related to these characters. In the bonus game three chests move to the center of the screen and automatically open to reveal the prize of three gems. If they are identical the player will receive a bonus award which will continue until the gems are different.

If the gems are not identical, the chest will not open. If all nine gems from the three chests are diamonds, the player will automatically win the progressive jackpot amount which is typically the highest payout in the game.

The Treasure Map Bonus Round

Another exciting and profitable bonus round is the Treasure Map bonus which simulates a treasure hunt. The bonus will begin when three, four or five map symbols appear on any of the reels. Unlike the Chest bonus game, these symbols will award scattered payouts. Three map icons will transport players to Booty Island while four move players to the Isle of Plenty and five equates to a trip to Jackpot Island.

The islands have higher prize amounts depending on the number of maps icons. Each map on each island displays a trail which has different prizes along the way. Also on the map is a number from one to seven and a “Skull and Crossbones.” The number acquired is the number of spaces moved along the trail. Movement continues until the Skull and Crossbones are drawn.

Chests of Plenty is an exciting game that features a variety of ways to win. Virgin Casino is also currently running an event entitled, the “Pirate Treasure Promotion” to draw players to the new game.

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An Overview of Midas Millions

June 29th, 2011  |  Published in Gambling Games

In the typical fashion of the launch of a new slot game at Virgin Casino, Midas Millions was accompanied by a bonus. Developed by Ash Gaming, Midas Millions is a uniquely structured game that does not have the usual reels and paylines. Instead, the game features 18 cells which spin separately and are together in a honeycomb structure. The payouts are based on the grouping of symbols that fall next to one another. Each group must have at least four of the same icon.

Wild Symbols

Wild symbols have a drastic effect on the game. King Midas is set directly behind the transparent reels and turns the symbols into gold when touched. Groups that contain more at least one gold wild icon will all transform to a gold color with the winnings doubled. There are many mechanisms to convert icons into wilds.

Converting Icons into Wild Symbols

The first has been appropriately named, the “Connecting Wild.” When two Midas Millions game logos appear in the same diagonal line, all symbols become gold wilds. When two game icons touch, they do not turn to gold because there are no characters between them. The Super Midas Millions icon is a super wild symbol that appears only in the middle row. It is super because it does not connect with other wild symbols and turns up to six icons around it into gold wilds.

Free Spins Feature

Furthermore, Midas Millions boasts an intriguing free spins feature. When three Free Spin icons appear on the reels, the free spin bonus is activated. This awards players ten free spins. Also, during the round, connecting wilds and super wilds are removed. Therefore, the free spins round cannot be retriggered.

Locked Wilds

Additionally, the free spins game Locked Wilds randomly selects 0, 1 or 2 symbols to change the icon to Locked Wild which will remain as a wild character for the entire free spins. Therefore, larger wins will accumulate as the free spins continue. Unfortunately the Locked Wild symbols do not double any payouts. If the total payout in the free spins is less than 10 times the bet, the player is awarded a mystery prize.

Midas Millions is an exciting slot-type game that is innovative and different from the standard online slot games. Virgin Casino is a large, easy-to-navigate online gaming site that provides players with a variety of games from numerous software developers. Stop by to try your luck at Midas Millions.

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