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A Look at the New Games at Rome Online Casino

August 18th, 2011  |  Published in Gambling Games

Rome Casino recently released a list of the hottest new games to its customers. The list can be accessed via the lobby once logging in. Within this release there are two surprises. The casino has a variety of classic slot games and at least two usually make the list. Surprisingly, all four games on the list are video slots. The second surprise is that Daytona Gold is now back on the list. This proves that players continue to be interested in the game.

Ocean Fantasy

One of the online slot games is Ocean Fantasy which features 25 lines. To welcome players, the cool blue ocean is displayed. The symbols are represented by comically crafted sea creatures which add to the appeal. However, the most popular aspect of the game is the payout potential. The top fixed jackpot distributed 3,500 coins when five symbols appear on a payline. Also, players are able to win up to 15 free spins during the free spins bonus round.

Voyager’s Quest

Another video slot game on the list is Voyager’s Quest which boasts 20 paylines. Since the summer holiday season is in full effect, Voyager’s Quest transports players to Pisa, London and Paris. The highlight of the game is the bonus round which pays up to 3,600 coins and is structured across four levels, each of which is a leg of the journey. The different adventures must be conducted by car, train, boat and plane. Players receive credits as they choose different paths.

Sweet Surprise

The final slot game on the list is Sweet Surprise which features 25 paylines. The game is based on mouth watering desserts which appear on the reels. Tropical fruit salad pays a maximum of 1,000 coins while sundaes topped with hot chocolate distributes 500 coins. The raspberry pie symbol pays out 2,500 coins. Additionally, there is a million dollar progressive jackpot

Rome Casino Company Information

Powered by software developed by Top Game, Rome Casino currently boasts the Monster Madness progressive jackpot which is current over $2 million. Simultaneously, the Bingo Jackpot is hovering around $1.5 million and growing.

Slots are usually the most popular games at any online casino. However, it is rare that all four on the list are slots. However, for each of the games the graphics are beautiful, the payouts are large and the audio is soothing. It is no wonder these are the most popular games at the casino.

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Monopoly Slot game from WagerWorks

August 11th, 2011  |  Published in Gambling Games

Industry-leading online gaming software developer, WagerWorks, recently released another Monopoly slot game. This is the fifth installment of the brand entitled, “You’re in the Money or Monopoly.” The previous versions of the game include:

  • Monopoly with Pass GO Bonus
  • Monopoly Multiplier
  • Monopoly Here and Now
  • MegaJackpots Monopoly

With each new Monopoly variant comes innovative features and the newest version is no exception. For instance, the Mystery Wild Bonus can be randomly triggered following each spin. Also, Mr. Monopoly awards players with fully wild reels which can be maxed out at all five. Once the reels fully wild reels are activated, payouts will be given.

Any fan of Monopoly will enjoy the Board Bonus because it allows them to partake in the actual board game. When the game is activated, players are first given three chances to roll the dice. The coin begins at “Go” and moves based on the number of spaces per dice roll. The type of square will determine the payout. Landing on property will award the player a single spin on a mini slot machine.

The payouts on the mini slot machines increase with the value of the property on the board. Landing on a utility property grants the player another roll of the dice. Participants are paid based on the sum of the dice. Additionally, landing on Community Chest or Chance gives players the option to draw a random card from that deck, similar to the actual game.

Within each corresponding deck there are different benefits. For instance, the railroad advances the player to the next railroad square and gives him an additional roll of the dice. This allows for the opportunity to land on higher valued property and be given larger payouts. Those who pass GO are automatically given 200 times the original bet.

The graphics in the game are much improved over the previous versions. The wild symbol is represented by Mr. Monopoly. Other symbols include the green houses, red hotels, railroad icons, waterworks, electric company, hat, car and dog. The Board Bonus game can be triggered by the dice character.

The game is 30 paylines of pure fun. Those who are avid monopoly players or who grew up loving the game, you will thoroughly enjoy the newest version of Monopoly from WagerWorks who has really brought the game to life in this latest installment.

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An Overview of Summer Ease Slot Game

August 4th, 2011  |  Published in Gambling Games

Rival Gaming has developed a new slot game to capture the summer season and celebrate all the associated activities during those months. “Summer Ease” is an online slot game that features all summer vacationing activities during the introductory clip. These same activities are then presented in the game as symbols on the reels which include:

  • Grill
  • Picnic basket
  • Snorkel
  • Balls
  • Camp
  • Flowers Fishing reel
  • Sandcastle

Accompanying the well-crafted icons are plenty of animation with peppy music. For instance, a fish can be caught in the fishing reel and the grill is lifted to show that fish. Meanwhile the flower dance in the wind. The best animation in the game is the sandcastle which is demolished by ball.

In addition to the standard symbols are four special icons including the deck chair, bicycle, car and boat. The deck chair is the jackpot symbol awarding 8,888 coins. Typically jackpots offered by Rival Gaming slot games pay 5,000 coins. However, since the game celebrates the summer season, the company has decided to up the ante.

The bicycle is the scatter symbol which boasts two advantages. The first is the scatter payouts which are multiplied by the total bet which converts them to credits. If five bicycle icons appear on any of the reels, the player is awarded 100 coins. The other benefit is the scatter symbol activates the free spins round. Three bicycle symbols award 10 free spins, four equates to 20 free spins and five equals 75 free spins.

The car character represents the wild symbol which automatically replaces all other icons with the exception of the scatter and bonus figures. This character is only available on the first, third and fifth reels as a wild icon. When it appears, the entire reel is converted to help the player win.

Finally, the boat acts as the bonus symbol. Three or more triggers the bonus game which takes place in the high seas where the player must race the boat and avoid buoys. All bonus credits are awarded at the end of the round.

Summer Ease allows players to wager up to 10 coins per payline and features a total of 20 paylines. The betting denomination spans from $0.01 to $0.25. Summer Ease recently went live at all Rival Gaming-powered online casinos. This game is an excellent way to celebrate the activities summer has to offer while making a little extra money.

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A Review of Bee Land Online Slot Game

July 27th, 2011  |  Published in Gambling Games

Top Game recently released “Bee Land”, an online slot game that takes a look at the various activities of bees. The graphics are comically crafted with the reels being set in a garden and operating buttons set in flowers. Bee Land is highly-detailed with a comical spin on bee life.

Wild Symbol

The symbols are appropriate for the game type with the queen bee’s crown acting as the wild icon. When substituted for other symbols during a winning combination, the queen bee sits on her thrown with two worker bees fluttering around. This symbol also delivers the highest jackpot of 5,000 coins when five appear on a single payline. The next highest payout is awarded by the hive symbol which equates to 1,000 coins.

Other High Paying Symbols

Other high paying symbols include the lamp, traffic signal and sunflower. Furthermore, instead of using high value card symbols like most other slot games, Bee Land utilizes several bees performing various jobs including, a guitarist, dancer, policeman, artist and janitor.

Honey Maker Symbol

The free spins symbol is represented by the honey maker. Therefore, when three or more of these icons appear anywhere on the reels, the free spins round is triggered. During this bonus round, players are given 12 free spins with a payout multiplied that is dependent on the number of honey maker symbols that have appeared. Three symbols equate to a 3x multiplier, four equals a 5x multiplier and five offers a 10x multiplier.

The Honey Queen Bonus Game

The most exciting aspect of Bee Land is the Honey Queen Bonus Game which is activated by at least three wild flower symbols on a single payline. The game features three rounds with incredible animations. The first stage requires the player to select a flower from a garden and the bee collects pollen from it. During this round, random bonus credits are given.

Next, the bee takes the pollen to convert it to honey by one of the three honey makers selected by the player. Once again, random bonus credits are awarded. The player finally selects one of the hives and the bee transports the honey to the queen where it receives a kiss and the player is awarded a bonus. However, the honey makers in the second level and hives in the third can contain a booby trap. The sum of the three rounds is added to the player’s account.

Bee Land is a well-crafted online slot game with plenty of chances to succeed. Also, the game boasts a theme that has not yet been presented to the online gambling industry. As a result of the creativity and excitement, this game is likely to become extremely popular

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Video Poker Variants at Virgin Casino

July 21st, 2011  |  Published in Gambling Games

Virgin Casino has not released any video poker variants in quite some time. The casino currently offers few versions of the game so the recent launch of new video poker variants is a welcomed surprise. The new video poker games were developed by Microgaming and can be accessed directly through the QuickFire platform.

Aces and Eights

The first new video poker variant is Aces and Eights which is characterized by a high payout for four-of-a-kind (aces or eights) which equates to more than a straight-flush. The payout is 80 times the original wager. Also, four-of-a-kind sevens features a special payout of 50 times the original bet. To compensate for the unusually high payouts, all other four-of-a-kind combinations only pay out 20 times the bet. The payout table has been enhanced to provide players with a 99.09 percent return.

Microgaming Features

Aces and Eights also offers players the typical Microgaming features such as the ability to wager up to five coins per hand. The advantage of this bet is the payout for a royal flush equals 4,000 coins. This is significantly more than the usual payout of 250 coins at 4 coins wagered. Also, the video poker gamble game is available which allows players to double their payouts.

Aces and Eights Specifics

The game offers a coin denomination between 0.25 credits and 5.00 credits. The minimum wager, which equates to 0.25 credits, is 1 coin. The maximum bet of five coins is equal to 25.00 credits. The maximum payout for the jackpot is set at 20,000 credits.

Bonus Deuces Wild

The second video poker variant is Bonus Deuces Wild which is similar to Jacks or Better. The two primary differences are the twos act as wild card and special payouts can be acquired for specific poker hand rankings. The natural royal flush pays at 800 coins for each coin wagered. However, when the maximum of five coins are bet, the payout for the jackpot is 5,000 coins. The payouts decrease from this point to five-of-a-kind sixes through kings. The player return at Bonus Deuces Wild is 99.15 percent.

Licensed by the Alderney Gambling Control Commission, Virgin Casino offers a variety of online casino games through several software developers utilizing their GTS platform. The two new video poker variants are a welcomed change to the casino as there are currently only a few versions of the popular competition.

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The Hottest Games at Vegas Palms

July 13th, 2011  |  Published in Gambling Games

Vegas Palms online casino recently released its list of the hottest games for June 2011. Blackjack variants significantly grew in popularity during the month which is not surprising since the game has the lowest house edge. The two hottest blackjack variants are European Blackjack and Classic Blackjack Gold.

European Blackjack and Classic Blackjack Gold

The dealer in both versions of the game does not check for blackjack until after all cards are dealt. This is a disadvantage because if a player doubles or splits and the dealer acquires blackjack, the player will lose more than just their original wager. Classic Blackjack Gold is also popular due to being the only variant in the industry played with a single deck. This gives the player a significant advantage.

Live Dealer Roulette

The casino offers live dealer games where casino operations are conducted and streamed across the Internet. Since Roulette is one of the most popular games at land casinos, Live Dealer Roulette is also one of the hottest games in June at the casino.

Popular Online Slot Games

The remaining game types on the list are online slots. The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring and Thunderstruck II are two of the most popular games at all Microgaming-powered casinos. Released in the summer of 2010, both games have drawn a significant amount of traffic since. Another popular game on the list is Gold Factory which was only released last month by has become an instant classic due to the multi-level bonus game.

Surprising Games

Whenever the list is released, there is always a game that surprises the casino and public. In this instance, Burning Desire and Big Top are the two surprises. Burning Desire is a Valentine’s Day-theme game. However, since the list is for June, it is unexpected. However, the game is historically important as it was the first to introduce the 243 ways to win concept which defined the online slot game industry.

Big Top is also a major surprise because it is an early release from Microgaming with only nine paylines and no bonus round or free spins game. The only redeeming feature that has confirmed its popularity is the circus theme.

As part of the Fortune Lounge group, Vegas Palms is offers players a variety of games. Many of the most popular games on the list for June 2011 came as no surprise while others were shocking. However, the list proves that Vegas Palms continues to be a flourishing online gaming entity.

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New Games at Rome Online Casino

July 11th, 2011  |  Published in Gambling Games

Rome Casino occasionally releases a list of its most popular games. The details of the games can be accessed from the Hot Game button at the top of the casino screen. This feature was added to the casino to help players branch out to try new games. The current hot list at Rome casino features four slot games which include:

  • Daytona Gold
  • Fruit Slot
  • Kings and Queens
  • Viking and Striking

The first most played game is Daytona Gold which boasts a 15 line, motor racing-themed online slot game. The symbols in the game include car keys, mirror, steering wheel, shift gear and a variety of other car accessories. The racetrack represents the wild symbol which offers a jackpot of 12,000 coins. Other interesting features are the Speedway Bonus Game and Free Turbo Spins competition.

Fruit Slot is the second featured game which boasts 25 lines. The symbols are crafted like appetizing fruit in a sketch format. The icons include kiwis, grapes, apples, peaches, plums, pears and bananas. The cherries symbol acts as the scatter icon which awards a maximum of 30 free spins. Also, the pineapple represents the bonus which awards up to 2,920 bonus points. Finally, the lemon character is the wild symbol.

The third most popular game is Kings and Queens which only feature 3 lines due to the classic 3-reel slot format. The wild symbol is represented by the king which provides a payout of 6,000 coins when three king icons appear on the reels. Other important symbols include the queen and four aces which equates to a large payout. Additional symbols include single, double and triple bars.

The final game is Viking and Striking which possesses a massive 25 paylines. The icons include five Viking warriors (one of which is female), helmet, axe, sword, mace and hammer. The shield represents the wild symbols which features the Viking warrior jumping onto the screen when part of an active payline. The rune is the bonus icon requiring the player to find hidden runes.

Each game has many benefits which is why they are so popular. The detailed list of games has successfully advertised other slot games at the casino which has significantly increased traffic and allowed players to try a variety of competitions. Stop by Rome online casino today to try your luck at one of the many popular (and less popular) online slot games.

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Back Nine Looks to Capitalize on Prior Success of Hole in Won

July 11th, 2011  |  Published in Gambling Games

Developed by Rival Gaming, Back Nine is a golf-themed online slot game that is the sequel to the popular Hole in Won. The progress of software technology between the two installments of games is quite apparent. The symbols crafted in the Back nine are larger, more detailed and attractive. When the reels spin the symbols become translucent revealing a sand trap on a golf course in the background.

The introductory clip features a golfer hitting a hole-in-one which proceeds to introduce many of the symbols. All symbols boast some type of animation throughout the game.

As expected, the symbols are all representative of various aspects of golf. These include:

  • Trophy
  • Flag
  • Male golfer
  • Female golfer
  • Golf cart
  • Golf bag
  • Golf clubs
  • Back Nine logo

The symbol for the jackpot is a trophy which pays out 750 coins when five are aligned on an active payline. The flag represents the wild symbols which only appears on the second, third and fourth reels. The symbol then expands to fill an entire reel. After the expansion, the animation is depicted by a golfer driving the ball across a fairway.

The bonus symbol is represented by the male golfer. When three or more appear on the reels, the bonus game is activated. Unlike many other bonus rounds, this is a skill-based game. The first time the bonus game is activated the player is transported to the first hole. After, the software automatically takes the player to the next hole until nine are completed.

Also, a score sheet is maintained for all completed holes. The sheet displays the hole number, par, number of strokes taken and the amount above or below par. For every hole completed, players receive bonus credits based on the number of strokes taken to complete the hole. If the player hits a hole-in-one, the top payout is awarded. The amount of payouts is also reflected by the number of scatter symbols acquired in the spin.

Back Nine is a 15 payline i-slot game that allows players to wager a maximum of five coins per payline. The coin designation ranges from $0.01 to $1.00 for a total bet of $45. Back Nine is one of the best golf-themed online slot games currently available. Rival Gaming did not spare any detail to give players the golfing experience of their dreams.

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An Introduction to the Survivor Blackjack Tournament

July 5th, 2011  |  Published in Gambling Games

Powered by Microgaming software, Jackpot City is an online casino that provides a variety of slot games and tournaments. One of the most popular is the upcoming blackjack tournament entitled “Survivor.” The first 250 players to register will receive a seat to participate. Although unlikely, if less than 14 players enroll, the tournament will be canceled.

Prize Pool

The tournament will be playing six deck European Blackjack with an entry fee of $20 and a guaranteed prize pool of $280 which will be shared by the top three winners. The first place prize is $130, second place will receive $90 and third place will be awarded $60. Although there are not large prizes, the competition is only 249 other players.

Survivor Blackjack Tournament Structure

The event is played over three rounds with only ten players surviving the first round. Each player will begin with 2,500 chips with a minimum wager of 10 chips and a maximum of 250 chips. The first round consists of only eight hands. In the second round, the top six players will advance. Each player begins with 3,500 chips with a minimum wager of 50 chips and a maximum of 500 chips. The second round is also comprised of only eight hands.

As expected, the final round has the most fierce competition among players. Only six hands are played throughout the entire round. Players begin with 5,000 chips and the minimum wager is 100 chips with a maximum wager of 1,000 chips. The top three players in this round will share the entire prize pool.

Double Exposure

For those blackjack players that do no like tournaments, there are a variety of other blackjack variants available at Jackpot City Casino. For instance, Double Exposure is a version that is easy for newcomers because both of the dealer’s cards are face-up. This makes for a much easier decision. However, to compensate for this edge, blackjack only pays even money.


A more challenging blackjack variant is Pontoon. This version is the exact opposite of Double Exposure in that both of the dealer’s cards are face-down. However, the player is compensated with blackjack that pays 2-to-1.

The Survivor Blackjack Tournament at Jackpot City online casino always draws the maximum 250 people due to the chances of winning. Stop by the casino today to try your luck at the tournament or one of the many other blackjack variants.

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An Overview of Midas Millions

June 29th, 2011  |  Published in Gambling Games

In the typical fashion of the launch of a new slot game at Virgin Casino, Midas Millions was accompanied by a bonus. Developed by Ash Gaming, Midas Millions is a uniquely structured game that does not have the usual reels and paylines. Instead, the game features 18 cells which spin separately and are together in a honeycomb structure. The payouts are based on the grouping of symbols that fall next to one another. Each group must have at least four of the same icon.

Wild Symbols

Wild symbols have a drastic effect on the game. King Midas is set directly behind the transparent reels and turns the symbols into gold when touched. Groups that contain more at least one gold wild icon will all transform to a gold color with the winnings doubled. There are many mechanisms to convert icons into wilds.

Converting Icons into Wild Symbols

The first has been appropriately named, the “Connecting Wild.” When two Midas Millions game logos appear in the same diagonal line, all symbols become gold wilds. When two game icons touch, they do not turn to gold because there are no characters between them. The Super Midas Millions icon is a super wild symbol that appears only in the middle row. It is super because it does not connect with other wild symbols and turns up to six icons around it into gold wilds.

Free Spins Feature

Furthermore, Midas Millions boasts an intriguing free spins feature. When three Free Spin icons appear on the reels, the free spin bonus is activated. This awards players ten free spins. Also, during the round, connecting wilds and super wilds are removed. Therefore, the free spins round cannot be retriggered.

Locked Wilds

Additionally, the free spins game Locked Wilds randomly selects 0, 1 or 2 symbols to change the icon to Locked Wild which will remain as a wild character for the entire free spins. Therefore, larger wins will accumulate as the free spins continue. Unfortunately the Locked Wild symbols do not double any payouts. If the total payout in the free spins is less than 10 times the bet, the player is awarded a mystery prize.

Midas Millions is an exciting slot-type game that is innovative and different from the standard online slot games. Virgin Casino is a large, easy-to-navigate online gaming site that provides players with a variety of games from numerous software developers. Stop by to try your luck at Midas Millions.

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