New Multiway Slots from WagerWorks

May 20th, 2011  |  Published in Gambling Games

Almost all slot games (land-based and online) function with a single payout table. As a result, some slot games are more attractive to players than others. Leading online gaming software developer, WagerWorks, recently released several slot games which utilize two different payout tables for every spin. The name of this innovative feature is Multiway. Two popular slot games that have integrated this feature are Treasures of Troy and White Orchid.

Independent Spinning on the Reels

These games are uniquely structured in that they are five reel slot games with only four rows across each reel which spins as independent reels. In normal slot games, the reels spin simultaneously. Independent spinning allows for the same symbol to appear in many positions across the reel which results in frequent payouts.

The 40 Payline Payout table

The default setting in the game is a 40 payline payout table. Therefore, participants are able to wager up to 40 paylines and five coins per payline. WagerWorks has referred to this as the Bet Multiplier. When players wager in this mode, they are only able to use the default payout table which pays when three or more of the same symbols appear from left to right on the reels.

The Special Multiway Payout Table

Those who have activated all 40 paylines can double the bet which will trigger the special Multiway payout table. The game pays when 4 or 5 of the same symbols appear on any position on the reels. For instance, if, according to the payout table, 5 of the same symbols pays 100 and the same symbol appears twice on the first reel, three times on the third reel and once on all other reels, the Multiway payout would be 600 (2x3x100).

Seeing the Details

Payouts from the default and special tables are independent of one other then added together. For more complicated payouts, WagerWorks has added an area where the details are presented line-by-line. Furthermore, all Multiway slot games feature a free spins bonus round which uses the default table.

Multiway slot games are currently only available at Virgin Casino. However, due to the popularity of this feature, it is likely WagerWorks will expand and share the wealth. This is an extremely innovative idea that is sure to catch on at other online gamine software developers. Stop by Virgin Casino today to try your luck at multiple payout tables.

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