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April 27th, 2011  |  Published in Casino Tips

The Omni Times for the week of April 4th, 2011 highlighted the release of several new slot games at Omni Casino, one of which is Top Trumps Celebs which features some of the biggest names in Hollywood. To celebrate the release of this long-anticipated game, Omni Casino announced bonuses based on some of the celebrities in the game.

The Red Carpet Bonus

The red carpet can be found at many Hollywood events. Therefore, the first bonuses released by Omni Casino were known as the Red Carpet bonuses which entailed all members of the casino being invited to collect one of three bonuses. These were claimed on the first deposit made on Saturday, April 16th, 2011.

Bonus Award Amounts

The terms of the bonus were solely dependent upon the amount deposited. For a deposit between $10 and $30, players were given a match of 150 percent. For a deposit between $31 and $80, players were awarded a match of 125 percent. Finally, for a deposit between $81 and $900, Omni Casino matched 100 percent.

Three Bonuses, Three Days

Players are able to collect the Madonna Wild Celeb bonus which equates to a lump sum of $30 on the first deposit made on this day. The minimum eligible deposit bonus is $50. The following day Omni Casino will be offering the Brad Pitt Wild Celeb bonus which awards $60 for a deposit of $100 or more. The final bonus is entitled, the Elvis Wild Celeb bonus in which players must deposit at least $250 to receive a match of $100.

$10 Free Play Bonus

The game actually allows players to select any of these celebrities to use as a wild symbol which is the naming convention of the three bonuses. Additionally, Omni Casino has a $10 Free Play trivia question which allows players who have deposited at least $150 for the month to answer a question on varying topics. With the release of Top Trumps Celebs, the question is, “Who is the father of each of the following wild celebs – Madonna, Brad Pitt and Elvis?

The wagering requirement for the release of the $10 Free Play is only 10 times the bonus. However, there is a $500 cap on the amount that can be won with the Free Play.

The celebrity bonus offered by Omni Casino is an excellent way to celebrate the release of Top Trumps Celebs slot game. The combination of the two is sure to entice new players to join the casino and participate.

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