WagerWorks Releases a New Version of Roulette

March 8th, 2011  |  Published in Casino News

WagerWorks recently release a new variant of online roulette entitled, “Player’s Suite Triple Bonus Spin Roulette.” The game boasts a variety of advanced features found the Expert Roulette, another version released by WagerWorks in late 2010, as well as an intriguing bonus game. To activate the game, the ball must land in the yellow bonus well and players will have the opportunity to earn three free spins. If any of the free spins are hit, the player is awarded 12,000 times the original betting amount.

There are a few differences in this game compared to the standard variant. The first is the large yellow well that triggers the bonus game. The well is one and one third times as wide as all other wells. This gives the player a remarkable advantage so the software provider has adjusted the game accordingly by adding another “0” to the board. Therefore, the game has 0, 00 and 000 wells. Inside and outside bets do not payout if any zero is hit.

As a result, the net effect equates to an average return of 98.11 percent, according to WagerWorks. The good news is this is a greater average return than single zero European Roulette which typically features the highest winning percentage among roulette variants.

Another nice feature is if the player has a bet on the yellow well when it hits, they are awarded a bonus payout in addition to the free spins round. In the basic game, there are four bonus bets permitted including:

  • Straight Bonus Bet
  • Split Bonus Bet
  • Trio Bonus
  • Quad Bonus Bet

The Straight Bonus Bet pays 12 times the original amount and is available for only the yellow well. The Split Bonus Bet is available for the yellow well and a zero number. This pays out at 6 times the amount wagered. The Trio Bonus Bet is available for the yellow well in addition to two of the zeros and pays 4 times the bet. Finally, the Quad Bonus Bet covers the yellow well and all zeros. This bonus bet pays out at 3 times the wager.

Triple Bonus Spin Roulette is an exciting new game that takes the standard version of online roulette and adds a few new twists. This is sure to be a hit will veteran and novice roulette enthusiasts alike and increase the amount of traffic flowing to the many WagerWorks online casinos.

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