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March 9th, 2011  |  Published in Gambling Games

Many gaming sites release online newsletters to inform players of the latest news and promotions at a casino. The Omni Times, the newsletter published by Omni Casino, does an excellent job of informing their customers to the latest happenings. The most recent edition announced two major events in March 2011 that will please all Omni Casino players.

First was the announcement of a new slot game. The publication read, “Universal Studios’ King Kong 8th Wonder of the World is coming EXCLUSIVELY to Omni Casino in March! You’ll only find it at Omni Casino first! Stay tuned in coming issues of the Omni Times for all of the BIG skyscraping details!” This new game is based on the Universal Studios theme park attraction, King Kong 360 3D.

The ride was created by Peter Jackson and awarded the “Outstanding Visual Effects in a Special Venue Project” at the Visual Effects Society Awards in February. It has been claimed that this attraction is currently the world’s most intense 3D experience. Visitors are moved to Skull Island during a battle between a T-rex and King Kong. As a result, Playtech has struck a deal with Universal Studios to turn this exciting adventure into a popular online slot game.

The second announcement is regarding a promotional event for Saint Patrick’s Day. Surprisingly, this day is one of the biggest for online gaming sites since Saint Patrick is representative of good luck. Omni Casino will be offering an online slot contest of the game Irish Luck which is a 30 payline game with the highest possible payout being 10,000 coins. Symbols in the game are all representative of lucky items and icons such as:

  • Clover leafs
  • Horseshoes
  • Rainbows
  • Pots of Gold

As previously mention, the Omni newsletter outlines the current events at the casino in order to drive additional traffic to a specific slot game. For instance, when Iron Man 2, the Marvel-branded slot game, was released, there was hype in the newsletter far in advance. Omni casino ranks its games highlighting the top games of the month. Saint Patrick’s Day Irish Luck is now one of the most popular games at the casino.

The publication of a newsletter is an excellent advertising and promotional tool that is used to increase the number of players frequenting a casino simply by announcing a new promotion. Omni Casino has recognized this positive effect and continues to produce a high quality, informative newsletter. These two slot games will be an excellent addition to the Omni Casino portfolio.

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