A New Type of Poker: Tequila Poker

October 6th, 2010  |  Published in Gambling Games

To stay competitive in the highly aggressive online gambling industry, casinos must develop new and appealing games. This attracts new players to the site and retains the regulars that may become bored of the standard gaming options. One of these exciting new games created by Playtech is Tequila Poker.

The Excitement of Tequila Poker

The excitement in this game derives from the decision given to the player as to whether or they should match their hand to a poker ranking payout table or against a hand total of the five cards. This choice must be made after seeing only four cards dealt to them.

The Rules

An ante bet is first placed by the player followed by four cards being dealt face up. At this point the player has the option to fold and lose the ante or play Tequila Poker or High Tequila. If they decide to play one of the two games, another ante is placed into the pot and two more cards are dealt.

Tequila Poker

If the player has decided to play Tequila Poker then the best five card hand out of the total six cards is played against the house. A pair of aces is the lowest possible playing hand and thus the lowest paying. If the hand ranking is lower than this, the player automatically loses both ante bets. A pair of aces pays out at even money. Better hands payout at different levels according to the Tequila Poker payout table.

High Tequila

If High Tequila is selected each card has a specific value, similar to blackjack, with ace being worth 11 points. The hand value is equal to the five highest cards with a minimum total of 46 being required to win. In the case of a win, the ante is paid out at even money and the main bet pays out according to the High Tequila payout table.

Tequila Poker is an exciting and innovative game developed as an alternative to the standard casino games. Since it offers the choice of two games in one, it is a cutting edge addition to any casino. One advantage of playing at an online casino compared to land-based is the flexibility of games. Tequila Poker is one of many new games featured at online casinos to attract new, younger players to the site as well as retain regular players.

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