Important Decisions on Caribbean Stud Poker

August 4th, 2010  |  Published in Gambling Games

There are many decisions to make in Caribbean Stud Poker with the most important whether to call or fold. There are many hands which require specific actions to be successful. The process begins with the player placing an ante bet. Then, they are dealt five cards while the dealer receives one face-up. This is the most critical decision in the game. The player can fold and relinquish the ante bet or call and risk twice the ante.

In many circumstances, the decision is simple and obvious. If the player holds a high ranking hand, they must call regardless of the dealer’s face-up card. High ranking hands include:

  • Two pairs
  • Three of a kind
  • Straight
  • Flush
  • Full house
  • Four of a kind
  • Straight flush
  • Royal flush

On the other hand, there are some hands that can be immediately folded. For instance, if the player’s hand doesn’t qualify with the dealer’s (contain an Ace or King). In this circumstance, the player would lose both their ante and bet if the dealer’s hand qualified for play.

The most common hand in poker is a pair which is dealt approximately 40 percent of the time. Over the long term, when the rank of the player’s pair is greater than that of the dealer’s open card, the player will win more times than they lose. As a result, calling and risking a single bet is the most logical action to take.

Over the long term, when the pair is less than the dealer’s open card the player will lose more times than they win. If no ante was wagered, the correct move is to fold the pair. When an ante bet is present, instead of folding it’s correct to call so as to not lose the bet.

The subjective hands are those that contain an Ace or King but with no poker hand ranking. In these instances, the third highest card in their hand becomes vital to correct game play. If the third highest card is a Queen or Jack, the correct move is to call. If the dealer’s hand qualifies but isn’t ranked, the player’s AKQ will beat AKJ or less.

If the player’s third card is less than a Jack, the dealer’s open card is the deciding factor. The play here is to call only if the dealer’s face card matches any one of the player’s cards as it reduces the probability of the dealer having a pair.

Once these ideas are mastered, you’ll have an edge in Caribbean Poker. The most difficult part of poker games is the subjectivity involved. Whether to call or fold is a difficult decision in many cases and requires a systematic approach.

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