News from Casino Rewards

August 24th, 2011  |  Published in Casino News

Casino Rewards is currently the largest network of online casinos and continues to grow. Over the past several months, the group has been acquiring a variety of brands for a total number of 30 online casinos. All brands are powered by Microgaming and licensed by the Kahnawake Gaming Commission. Each week a newsletter is released which announces promotions and other news. The most recent newsletter discussed the latest Casino Rewards mega promotion.

$10 Million Giveaway

The newsletter specifically states, “Week one of the $10 Million Giveaway has come and gone and we managed to give out an incredible $1.2 Million! We hope you were happy with your share from the weekly progressive draw.” This means for every $50 deposited between Friday, August 19th and October 12th, player’s share of winnings will increase. Therefore, players can control the amount of money they receive from this gigantic promotion.

Fighting Fish Online Slot Game

Another promotion that recently ran was based on the Fighting Fish online slot game. The symbols are comically crafted to feature an underwater boxing match and feature free spins and gamble games. Also, the jackpot is fixed at $5,000 coins. The promotional period began on Saturday, August 20th and ended the following day. On each of the two days, ten players were randomly selected to win $100.

Silver Fang Online Slot Game

The third major promotion offered by the casino is being played on the Silver Fang online slot game which features 1,000 coin jackpot and betting denominations of $0.01 to $0.05. The graphics and sounds give an eerie feeling which adds to the excitement. The promotion began Saturday, August 20th and will end Thursday, August 25th. The top five bettors each day during that period will receive $100 into their account.

Biggest Recent Wins

On a side note, during the last week the biggest wins at the casino have been on Multihand Spanish Blackjack and on Aces and Faces video poker. One player won 80,000 Euros at Spanish Blackjack at the UK Casino Club while two other players at the Golden Tiger Casino won 60,000 Euros and 30,000 Euros respectively.

There are many major promotions being conducted during the month of August at all Casino Rewards brands. The best aspect is they do not require a major financial commitment to win. These promotions have certainly increased the amount of traffic at all participating online casinos.

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Movie Slots Tournament from InterCasino

August 23rd, 2011  |  Published in Casino Tips

Conan the Barbarian returns to the big screen in summer 2011. Therefore, to celebrate the reemergence of the superhero, InterCasino has decided to add a new event during its InterHero promotion. This event is a $30,000 slots competition that began on August 11th and will end August 23rd. There are several special benefits to players who wager on the Cryptologic movie-themed online slot games at the casino.

How to Earn Points

To be eligible for the competition, players must enter the code CONAN and deposit at least $25. Then, players must earn points by wagering on one of several Hollywood-based movie slot games throughout the promotion time period. Those who wager on these games will acquire double points toward the leaderboard in the competition.

Eligible Online Slot Games

These InterHero games include, Braveheart, Conan, Forrest Gump and Ferris Bueller. The Conan slot game is the latest installment of the popular Crazy Jackpots series in which each payline has its own jackpot. Also, the game features a bonus game which requires players to select skulls which uncover prizes and multipliers.

The Braveheart game is feature on the blockbuster hit with the same name. The bonus game recreates the battle and features original clips from the movie. The Forest Gump slot game boasts a large payout or one of three bonus features of the 5-level jackpots. Furthermore, Ferris Bueller has plenty of genuine clips from the movie with bonus features such as Kick the Car and Fake the Parents.

Distribution of Prizes

All points will be calculated on August 24th to determine the final ranking. The top 100 participants will share the $30,000 prize pool. The first place winner will receive $5,000, second place will be awarded $3,000, and third and fourth place will be given $2,500 and $2,000 respectively. Additionally, 100th place will win $40 in casino credits.

Wagering Requirements

Like most promotions, there are withdrawal requirements. First, the top three players must wager with their credits at least one time. However, all remaining winners will be required to wager their credits 15 times. These requirements are significantly less than most online tournaments.

This is a major tournament with easy release requirements for the winners. InterCasino always creates grand promotional events which contribute to their success. With so many InterHero online slot games to choose from, the number of contestants will be astonishing and the competition will be fierce.

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News from the Italian Gaming Market

August 22nd, 2011  |  Published in Casino News

Several years back Italy opted for limited regulated online gambling regulations which focused specifically on online poker tournaments. In the middle of July 2011, the operators licensed by the Italian Regulatory Authority started delivering online casino games. Furthermore, November 2011 is the date for online poker cash games.

Turnover Tax

In the European Continent, regulatory authorities are levying a tax on the turnover of online gambling. The Italian regulatory body accepted the recommendation from the online gaming industry and enacted the 20 percent to gross profits. Analysts are closely monitoring the taxation policy to see if it generates the predicted revenue. If the revenues are not close to the predicted number, the regulatory body will switch to turnover taxation.

Rise in Gaming Volumes

Since the enactment of online gambling, Italian players have flocked to the activity in droves. Gaming volumes continue to increase between three and ten times higher per week than the past. Turnover estimates for the Italian gambling market for 2011 surpassed 10 billion Euros. For 2012, the estimates are at over 20 billion Euros. There are two contributing factors for the predicted success: launch of online slot games and entry of foreign operators.

Advertisements Boosting Participation

Immediately following the launch of online casino games, television and online advertising campaigns were released. This contributed to the significant growth of online gambling in Italy. Those operators who have already applied for the license are attempting to enter the market and immediately grab a large share prior to the competition.

Playtech’s Involvement

Leading online gambling software developer, Playtech, is now one of the largest companies in the Italian market. Playtech was the first online casino to complete the testing process for the online casino while complying with regulatory bodies. There are also several Playtech licensees operating in the Italian market including Buoniorno, Sisal, WHO and SNAI. Each casino delivers a variety of Playtech games to its players.

Additionally, Playtech has been offering online poker tournaments at these casinos since 2008. The success of these tournaments is attributed to the iPoker Poker Network. Beginning in November 2011, Playtech will be providing cash games.

The Italian online gambling market appears to be running smoothly with several important dates coming in the near future that will expand the activity. Also, with the entrance of foreign operators, taxation levels will rise for the country. Given the current financial landscape of Europe, this will significantly help the country.

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An Overview of Shockwave Poker Video Poker Variant

August 19th, 2011  |  Published in Inrodution

Shockwave Poker is the newest video poker variant created by CTXM, an online casino software developer. It is now only available through the instant play mode at Bodog Casino. The video poker variant can be played in real money games or practice mode.

Visual Differences from Other Variants

The game differs from standard video poker variants in several ways. First, it is visually different as the arena is set to a futuristic background with different cards. All picture cards such as Kings, Queens and Jacks are crafted like alien robots. Also, the regular card pictures are arranged differently to attract new players.

Payout Table

Also, the payout table for the game begins at Jacks or Better, but not the regular Jacks or Better most players are accustomed too. Instead, Shockwave Poker offers the 8/5 variant where a full house pays 8-to-1 while the standard versions offer 9/6 Jacks or Better with a 9-to-1 full house payout and 6-to-1 flush payout.  Additionally, the payout for two pairs has been reduced to even money from 2-to-1.

Directions for Playing the Game

The game begins similar to any other video poker variant. Players are first required to select the number of coins and denomination from $0.10 to $5.00. The first hand is dealt and players must select which cards to hold. All remaining cards are replaced and the final hand is tallied. Gameplay can be controlled through the usual buttons in other variants. Also, a doubling bonus is available after each win which allows players to stake their entire win to double up.

Shockwave Mode Bonus Round

Shockwave mode is triggered when the player acquires a four-of-a-kind hand. During this mode, the player receives ten free hands immediately beginning with the next hand following the four-of-a-kind. If the player receives a second four-of-a-kind during the Shockwave mode, the player is paid at a bonus rate.

Final Determination of the Game

The greatest limitation of the game is that the bonus rate is never displayed or is not present in the help files. Therefore, players are completely unable to conduct a cost-benefit analysis and decide whether the lower payouts are adequately compensated. Unfortunately, to acquire two four-of-a-kind hands within only ten or less hands is extremely rare. Therefore, based on the little information provided, it is best to play Shockwave Poker in the practice mode only.

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A Look at the New Games at Rome Online Casino

August 18th, 2011  |  Published in Gambling Games

Rome Casino recently released a list of the hottest new games to its customers. The list can be accessed via the lobby once logging in. Within this release there are two surprises. The casino has a variety of classic slot games and at least two usually make the list. Surprisingly, all four games on the list are video slots. The second surprise is that Daytona Gold is now back on the list. This proves that players continue to be interested in the game.

Ocean Fantasy

One of the online slot games is Ocean Fantasy which features 25 lines. To welcome players, the cool blue ocean is displayed. The symbols are represented by comically crafted sea creatures which add to the appeal. However, the most popular aspect of the game is the payout potential. The top fixed jackpot distributed 3,500 coins when five symbols appear on a payline. Also, players are able to win up to 15 free spins during the free spins bonus round.

Voyager’s Quest

Another video slot game on the list is Voyager’s Quest which boasts 20 paylines. Since the summer holiday season is in full effect, Voyager’s Quest transports players to Pisa, London and Paris. The highlight of the game is the bonus round which pays up to 3,600 coins and is structured across four levels, each of which is a leg of the journey. The different adventures must be conducted by car, train, boat and plane. Players receive credits as they choose different paths.

Sweet Surprise

The final slot game on the list is Sweet Surprise which features 25 paylines. The game is based on mouth watering desserts which appear on the reels. Tropical fruit salad pays a maximum of 1,000 coins while sundaes topped with hot chocolate distributes 500 coins. The raspberry pie symbol pays out 2,500 coins. Additionally, there is a million dollar progressive jackpot

Rome Casino Company Information

Powered by software developed by Top Game, Rome Casino currently boasts the Monster Madness progressive jackpot which is current over $2 million. Simultaneously, the Bingo Jackpot is hovering around $1.5 million and growing.

Slots are usually the most popular games at any online casino. However, it is rare that all four on the list are slots. However, for each of the games the graphics are beautiful, the payouts are large and the audio is soothing. It is no wonder these are the most popular games at the casino.

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The Happenings at Casino Tropez

August 17th, 2011  |  Published in Casino News

Casino Tropez recently released a statement suggesting to its players to wager on new and old blockbuster games. To motivate players to do so, the casino offered an attractive set of bonuses. Simultaneously there is the Elite Challenge tournament in progress to add more excitement to the casino.

Mr. Cashback Online

There have been several new games released at Casino Tropez for the summer vacation. One of the most popular is Mr. Cashback online slot game. A unique feature of the game is if a payline does not win over 50 consecutive spins, the player will automatically receive cashback of 50 times the wager.

Scratch Card Games

Another popular item at the casino is scratch cards. Casino Tropez recently release three new cards, two of which are based on the popular branded slot games Iron Man 2 and Kong. The third new scratch card is 3 Clowns. Additionally, there is a new blackjack variant titled, “Perfect Blackjack” which delivers several exciting side bets to increase the summer fun and winnings.

Golden Tour Slot Game

One recommended older game from the casino is the Golden Tour slot game. The game features excellent graphics, an exciting golf theme and five reels. Line payouts are made from winning to the left and right on the reels. The bonus game requires the player to select the correct golfing equipment and take a drive on the green. Additionally, there is a Dollar Ball progressive jackpot that can accumulate to a high amount.


The bonuses were as exciting as the games. On Sunday, August 14th, Casino Tropez offered 30 percent matching on all deposits with no maximum. Therefore, each player had the option of depositing an amount they can afford while reaping the entire benefits of the promotion. However, there were wagering requirements that players found at the Casino Tropez website.

Elite Slots Challenge

Additionally, the Elite Slots Challenge offered players a chance at an $8,000 prize with no entry fee. Players were added to the leader board as a result of the amount of money they wagered on slots games throughout the promotional period. The first place player received $2,000. All prizes were distributed the following day.

Casino Tropez often has a variety of challenges and promotions running simultaneously. However, the 30 percent matching bonus with no cap is extremely generous. Stop by the Casino Tropez website in the future to take advantage of the numerous bonuses and tournaments that regularly occur.

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Online Gambling Bill Passed in Greece

August 16th, 2011  |  Published in Inrodution

In the recent months, the Greek government was racing against the clock to implement financial reforms which included online gambling. These alterations had to be in place prior to the next round of auditing by the IMF which is scheduled for the end of August 2011. Luckily the Financial Minister was able to get the bill passed by a voice vote following three straight days of debate.

Complete Change of Heart

Surprisingly, the Greek parliament did a complete U-turn on many of the controversial features from the draft proposal that was originally rejected by the European Commission. One proposal that was missing from the final legislation is the six month blackout period required before legislation and regulation are implemented. This is designed to protect the state-owned gambling monopoly OPAP. Also, the section that eliminates the number of licenses granted is also absent.

Blackout Period Proposal

The blackout period proposal has changed to allow European Union-licensed operators to function freely in Greece. Also, these operators will be permitted to advertise via the Internet and offline media outlets. Another favorable change from the government is that private online operators will be allowed to target Greek customers from servers located overseas during the initial six month transitional period. Once licenses have been awarded, companies may be required to relocate.

Tax Requirements

All European Union-licensed online gambling operators will be required to pay 30 percent GPT while players will pay only 10 percent tax on winnings. The transitional period will soon be established by the Control Committee. Online gambling industry experts expect to begin seeing an advertising war between operators for the Greek market once licenses are granted.

The Future of OPAP

Currently the Greek government has a 34 percent stake in OPAP. In this legislation there are articles to enhance the value of OPAP. For instance, in a new section OPAP will receive a license to operate all 35,000 video lottery machines set up across the country. Since the Greek government is considering selling OPAP to private operators, perhaps this is an effort to raise the valuation of the online casino to negotiate a better price.

This is a major step in the right direction for Greece. Just a few months ago it looked as if the country would never legalize online gambling due to the rigid government requirements in the bill. Apparently authorities have turned over a new leaf and become more flexible.

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New Lobbying for Online Gambling in the U.S.

August 15th, 2011  |  Published in Casino News

The current structures lobbying for a regulated online gambling environment in the United States have not yet been successful. Therefore it comes as no surprise that a new initiative has been released. This initiative is a combination of many existing ideas for the activity. However, only time will reveal whether or not the proposal is successful.

Advisory Board

Aptly named, “FairPlayUSA”, the new initiative is described as an advisory board based out of Washington, D.C. The objective of the group is to educate policymakers on the need to change the current federal gambling laws. There are three primary areas that will be targeted by FairPlayUSA; strong law enforcement and strict regulation, rights of adults to engage in online gambling and consumer and child protection. This will focus solely on online poker.

The Board

The board of the advocacy group includes some of the best-known personalities. For instance, American lawyer, Parry Aftab, is well-known for his knowledge with regards to Internet privacy and security law. Also, former Secretary of Homeland Security and Governor of Pennsylvania, Tom Ride is on the board. Professional poker player Greg Raymer will represent the poker community. Finally, the Executive Director of the board is Marisa McNee.

Educating the Risks of Illegal Gambling

To achieve its primary objectives, FairPlayUSA is planning to incorporate poker players, law enforcement officials, Internet consumer protection advocates and many others involved with the risks of illegal online gambling that occurs around the country. The funding for the group was provided by Caesars and MGM. Caesars has been a major voice for advocating a federal online gambling environment compared with intrastate legislation.

First Step

The initial step taken by the group has been through a petition from its website which calls Congress to focus on the many problems associated with offshore online gambling. Also, the petition calls for giving law enforcement officials the tools to eradicate the activity on illegal sites and then establish a regulatory infrastructure to ensure the highest integrity and safety are followed.

Laying the Foundation

There are currently several bills working toward establishing an online gambling environment. However, FairPlayUSA does not support any specific legislation but aims to lay the foundation from which future legislation should be based. This will include the formal definition of what is illegal, who can prohibit the activity and how the player’s deposits will be maintained. Although there is much work to be done, it looks as if the U.S. is headed in the right direction.

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An Introduction to the Gambling Goes Mobile Report

August 12th, 2011  |  Published in Inrodution

Well-known research organization H2 Gambling Capital specializes in different sections of the gambling industry. For the past year, the company has been developing an in-depth analysis of the mobile gaming market. H2 Gambling Capital recently announced the release of the report titled, “Gambling Goes Mobile.” This research is viewed by experts as being comprehensive and authoritative.

Factors of the Analysis

The analysis reviews every aspect of mobile gambling with such topics as historical roadblocks, network technologies, software delivery, devices, operating systems, mobile and smart phone penetration across all markers, social platforms, operators, forecasts and market size. The report also provides conclusions and recommendations.

Assigning a Monetary Value

The report also places the mobile gambling market value at 2.22 Euros from 2010. The company forecasts that by 2015 the figure will double, which equates to an annual growth rate of 19.3 percent which shows considerable growth. Furthermore, when compared to other forms of gambling, the mobile gaming market was 9.8 percent of the entire interactive gambling market and 0.6 percent of the total global market.

Percentage Figures

The company has made a conservative prediction that the share of mobile gambling within the interactive market will grow to 12.9 percent and its share of the total global gambling market will increase to 0.9 percent by 2013. This is clear evidence that mobile gaming is growing faster than all other forms of gambling.

Betting on Races

Gambling Goes Mobile also reviews the market by sectors. For instance, the report found that wagering on racing significantly contributes to the overall gambling market. This proportion is around 77 percent. The Japanese Racing Association accounted for approximately 57 percent in 2010.

Major Shift

Additionally, the report is predicting a major shift to mobile gaming and mobile lottery over the next five years. The primary reasons for this are the development of player-friendly technology like improved networks, connections and innovative equipment such as tablets and smart phones. Furthermore, by 2015 physical betting’s share of the market will drop to 50 percent while mobile casino gambling will increase to 40 percent with mobile lottery equaling 10 percent.

H2 Gambling Capital Company Information

Based out of the United Kingdom, H2 Gambling Capital has developed proprietary software to monitor all online gambling information that crosses the web. The company then reviews and supplies this information while acting as a consultant to eh gambling industry.

This report shows significant growth for the mobile gambling industry in the coming years. As technology continues to improve, it is likely this number will skyrocket. Soon, laptops and desktops will be technology of the past when wagering online.

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Monopoly Slot game from WagerWorks

August 11th, 2011  |  Published in Gambling Games

Industry-leading online gaming software developer, WagerWorks, recently released another Monopoly slot game. This is the fifth installment of the brand entitled, “You’re in the Money or Monopoly.” The previous versions of the game include:

  • Monopoly with Pass GO Bonus
  • Monopoly Multiplier
  • Monopoly Here and Now
  • MegaJackpots Monopoly

With each new Monopoly variant comes innovative features and the newest version is no exception. For instance, the Mystery Wild Bonus can be randomly triggered following each spin. Also, Mr. Monopoly awards players with fully wild reels which can be maxed out at all five. Once the reels fully wild reels are activated, payouts will be given.

Any fan of Monopoly will enjoy the Board Bonus because it allows them to partake in the actual board game. When the game is activated, players are first given three chances to roll the dice. The coin begins at “Go” and moves based on the number of spaces per dice roll. The type of square will determine the payout. Landing on property will award the player a single spin on a mini slot machine.

The payouts on the mini slot machines increase with the value of the property on the board. Landing on a utility property grants the player another roll of the dice. Participants are paid based on the sum of the dice. Additionally, landing on Community Chest or Chance gives players the option to draw a random card from that deck, similar to the actual game.

Within each corresponding deck there are different benefits. For instance, the railroad advances the player to the next railroad square and gives him an additional roll of the dice. This allows for the opportunity to land on higher valued property and be given larger payouts. Those who pass GO are automatically given 200 times the original bet.

The graphics in the game are much improved over the previous versions. The wild symbol is represented by Mr. Monopoly. Other symbols include the green houses, red hotels, railroad icons, waterworks, electric company, hat, car and dog. The Board Bonus game can be triggered by the dice character.

The game is 30 paylines of pure fun. Those who are avid monopoly players or who grew up loving the game, you will thoroughly enjoy the newest version of Monopoly from WagerWorks who has really brought the game to life in this latest installment.

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